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Concept – “Baby Energy” Good Design Functional Advancement Good Design Award ``` Baby Label series has won the 2003 Good Design award. SHAPE COLOR.

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2 Concept – “Baby Energy” Good Design Functional Advancement Good Design Award ``` Baby Label series has won the 2003 Good Design award. SHAPE COLOR

3 Various & Attractive Product line up Tableware Care Goods Bath Support goods Toilet Training goods

4 Toilet training goods === Toilet Training set === Toilet trainer Asst.Toilet with handle + Step Set up the training according to different growing stages. Asst.Toilet w/o handle + Step Getting used to Toilet Trainer Using Asst. ToiletUsing Toilet alone Train the child to use toilet with adult’s helpStep and asst. toilet with handleStep and asst. toilet without handle Using Toilet Trainer Sit Stand & Walk Walk SmoothlyChase & Follow 6 months ~10 months ~18 months ~24 months ~

5 Toilet training goods === Toilet training set === 1 Handle 1 Shape and angle are designed such that baby can grip easily. 2 3 Asst. Toilet 2 Smaller opening allows the child to position his/her legs forward for easier usage. Main Body 3 Hollow shape allows better positioning. Baby Label Current Model Legs can be secured tightly to the middle hollow portion for easy positioning. Legs are outward bound and hence difficult to secure the position Features & Advantages

6 Toilet training goods Line Up Toilet training setAsst. ToiletPile cover Label Orange Label Yellow Label Orange Label Ivory Label White

7 Bath support goods === Baby Bath === Baby Back Support Soap Stand “No need for the bath net!” Similar to support net for supporting the bathing baby from its back. Even first- mother can handle easily. Soap and small things can be stored easily. Mother’s Armrest To support and protect mother’s arm by the soft rubber. Sucking disc design can be attached to different places. Shape of Main Body Streamlined main body to best fit the baby’s back. Water Volume Scale Water volume scale according to different baby weight are marked on the inner side Using period Newborn ~ 3 months

8 Bath support goods === Baby Bath Chair === Open Guard Detachable with only one hand for easy seating of a baby. Wide Seat Base Designed according to baby’s body shape and protects the baby from slipping forward. Toy Baby plays with fun. 115º 150º One-hand Operation Angle Adjuster Backrest angle can be adjusted and locked with only one hand. *Reclining reference 150º: 3 ~ 6 months 115º: 6 months onward Using period 3 ~ 24 months Features & Advantages

9 Bath support goods === Pail ====== Water bowl === Capacity: 0.7 Litre Handle designed for easy holding in different way. Capacity : 1.9 Litre Compact size and child can holds this basin by both hands. Water into the pail Pouring water to baby Features & Advantages

10 Growth of Baby VS Usage Flow of Tableware Wearing stage (feeding by adult) swallowing mumbling chewingeating Eating stage (able to eat alone) 5 months~9 months~ 12 months~ BL tableware step 1 BL tableware step 2 BL tableware step-up set Hold feeding bottle to drink Use hands to pick up foods Use spoon to scoop food Use cup to drink

11 Tableware === Step 1 set === 1. Easy-to-scoop front end shape 2. Safety stopper Flat angle and best angle for grinding use 1. Easy gripping shape 2. Curved side for easy piling up of food Just-fit size to fit the baby’s mouth Cap can be used in microwave oven or as a small plate as well. Just-fit size for carrying of weaning food and for easy scooping. Small granule on the bottom for easy grinding of food. Features & Advantages

12 Tableware === Step 2 set === Specially designed curve and angle according to baby’s hand for easy gripping Just-fit depth for easy scooping of food without spilling Easy-to-grip handle and colorful design to stimulate baby to lean how to get and hold. Features & Advantages

13 Tableware === Step up set === Step Up Set = Step 1 set + Step 2 set + *Individual items are available Features & Advantages

14 Tableware === Chopsticks Training set === Handle + Revolving controller + chopstick Revolving controller + chopstick Chopstick Step-1 handle trains how to HOLD and OPEN chopsticks properly Revolving controller trains how to LEAVE PROPER SPACE in between chopsticks Use chopsticks in NORMAL holding way as adults Slip Stopper Slip stopper can make baby to carry food easily without dropping. Handle (supporter) Soft rubber just fit baby’s hand Features & Advantages

15 Tableware === Noodle Cutter & Spoon set === Curved Edge Flat Bottom Can cut off noodle easily and completely. Can grind food for easy eating. Easy cleaning Plastic Case Convenient for carrying out and keeping clean. Features & Advantages Streamline Design

16 Tableware === Portable Handy Nib === Soft resin is used for easy cleaning and hygiene. Pocket & Storage cover Soft Collar Length Adjustment Pocket can be used as storage cover, and can carry spoon or fork and so on. Soft material and design is fit to the baby’s neck. Can be adjusted to 3 different lengths. Easy cleaning Features & Advantages

17 == Cautions: Maintenance, Cleaning, Sterilization) == ● Wash before first use. ● Wash the utensils immediately after use. ● Do not use scrubbing brush or polishing powder for cleaning, which may damage the surface of the utensils. ● Recommended sterilizing methods are boiling, steaming, or medicated sterilization only. Please check the instruction manual of the apparatuses for the details. *For boiling sterilization, boil 2 to 3 minutes in plenty of water. Long-time boiling may shorten the product life. ● When using dish washer and dish dryer, make sure the washing temperature and drying temperature must be under the temperature limit of the utensils. Please check the instruction manual of the apparatuses for the details. ● If cooking the foods with deep color or artificial colorant, colors may remain on the utensils even after washing and sterilization. Tableware

18 Care goods === Hair Cut Set & Combing Scissors === V-shape edge Easy adjustment for hair volume Round edge Ensure easy and safe cutting. Arch-shape comb fit the baby head. Round end protect the baby head’s skin from hurt. Just-fit Handle Large handle to fit adult’s finger. Arch-Shape & Round edge Features & Advantages

19 Care goods === Nail cutter === Curved Edge Ensure easy and safe cutting of baby’s nail. Plastic Cap with Nail Rasp Safe storage when no use. Nail rasp can smoothen the nail after cut Round Edge Ensure easy and safe cutting. Features & Advantages

20 Care goods === 2 in 1 indicator === (Temperature & Humidity) Blue color area show you the optimum temperature and humidity 1 2 2-way Set Up 2 Can be self standing or attach on wall Checkable at sight 1 Features & Advantages

21 To attract consumer Tableware & Care goods Tableware, Bath & Toilet trainer The counter become colorful, and can catch consumer EYES!!!, when display Baby Label items TOGETHER. Tableware with samples

22 To attract consumer Display around pillar

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