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1 Biomedical Informatics at UConn & UCHC Prof. Steven A. Demurjian Professor, Director of Graduate Studies Co-Director for Research, Biomedical Informatics.

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1 1 Biomedical Informatics at UConn & UCHC Prof. Steven A. Demurjian Professor, Director of Graduate Studies Co-Director for Research, Biomedical Informatics Division Computer Science & Engineering Department The University of Connecticut 371 Fairfield Road, Box U-255 Storrs, CT 06269-2155 (860) 486 - 4818

2 2 Biomedical Informatics  Created as a Entity Across both Campuses to Promote Research Related to:  Medical and Clinical Informatics  Bio and Genome Informatics  Support of Application to NIH’s Clinical and Translational Science Award Program  Composed of:  Faculty and Staff Across both Campuses  New Faculty Hires: 3 in CS&E, 3 at UCHC  Infrastructure Includes:  HIT Test Bed with EMRs (Vista and Centricity)  Harvard Profiles Research Software Installation  Support for CICATS (

3 3 Biomedical Informatics Faculty  UConn Storrs  Steven Demurjian, PhD, Prof. of CS&E & BMI co- Director  S. Rajasekaran, PhD., Prof. and UTC Chair, CS&E  Jinbo Bi, PhD: Assoc. Prof. of CS&E  Maifi Khan, PhD : Asst. Prof. of CS&E  Nasos Bamis, PhD : Asst. Prof. of CS&E  UCHC  Thomas Agresta, MD: Prof. of Family Medicine and BMI co-Director  Michael Blechner, MD, Assoc. Prof. of Pathology  Xiaoyan Wang, PhD, Asst. Prof. of Family Medicine  Minakshi Tikoo, PhD, Asst. Prof. of Comm. Medicine

4 4 S. Demurjian BMI Research Interests  Collaborative Extensions to NIST RBAC  Model When and How Interactions Occur  Support PCMH and Collaborative Care  Security for XML  Medical Standards (HL7 CDA, CCR, etc.)  Customize XML Instances Delivered to Users  Health Information Exchange  Architectural Solutions for Interoperability  NIST Prop. on Secure and Privacy Enhanced Identification  Medication Management & Reconciliation  Android/IOS Apps Linked to MS Health Vault  Reconciliation via Harvard’s Smart Platform  Working with

5 5 S. Rajasekaran BMI Research Interests  Data Integration from Multiple Datasets  Integration of data from multiple datasets is vital in many areas of BMI.  For example, there could be multiple records for the same individual with many providers. Integrating these could result in great cost savings.  Prior algorithms can handle only two datasets at a time. We have developed an efficient algorithm that can integrate data from any number of sources.  Responsible Data Releases  Data releases to the public should ensure the privacy of individuals.  Several privacy mechanisms, such as anonymization, have been proposed in the literature. Synthetic datasets are an example.  We have introduced a natural notion of privacy and employed it in the analysis of synthetic datasets.

6 6  Phenotypical subtyping of complex disease for association studies  Intelligent online counseling systems to monitor and regulate problematic human behaviors (eg. college drinking)  Clinical decision support systems  Asthma – Computerizing previously paper-based asthma management program ( )  Perinatal care – nursing informatics platform ( ) J. Bi BMI Research Efforts Disease phenotypical subtyping subtyping association Diagnosis Treatment Problematic behavior Survey OUR SYSTEM More accurate diagnosis standard Personalized treatment

7 7 M. Khan BMI Research Interests  Real-time Monitoring and Preventative Healthcare  Real-time Access of Patients’ Sensor Data  Cloud-based Storage Architecture  Identification of “Early” Symptoms  Reliability and Troubleshooting of Edge Clients  Troubleshooting Low-power Sensor Devices  Real-time Failure Diagnosis  Software Architecture for Self-powered Devices  Fail-safe Energy Management Algorithms  Energy Harvesting Algorithms

8 8 A. Bamis BMI Research Interests  Assisted Living and Smart Environments  Human sensing  Asset tracking and environmental condition monitoring using active RFID and Zigbee sensors  High-level languages and user interfaces for event detection, and data-driven actuation  Modeling Human Biological Rhythms  Modeling and detection of deviations in human biological rhythms  Android platform for physiological data collection from wearable Bluetooth sensors  Human Activity Recognition  Rule-based human activity detection  Unsupervised detection of deviations and anomalies in human behavior

9 9 9 Thomas Agresta, MD, MBI - Research Interests  Optimal HIT Solutions for Primary Care  Clinical Decision Support, Patient engagement, medication reconciliation.  Health Information Exchange for Care Transitions  Organizational structures for supporting Primary Care Informatics  Clinical Informatics Education  Informatics Educational Methods and Strategies  Use of Simulation in Primary Care Education  Virtual patients, families & EMR use in clinical care  High- Tech, High-Touch Primary Care  Informatics Tools for Collaboration in Clinical Research Informatics  Secondary Use of Healthcare data for analysis and research 9

10 10 M. Blechner BMI Research Interests  Health Information Exchange  “Leveraging An HIE Infrastructure To Build A Clinical Research Data Warehouse”  CICATS pilot grant for system development to capture clinical data from a Health Information Exchange (HIE) into a research data warehouse.  Intelligent Tutoring System Development  Collaborative e-learning environment leveraging natural language processing and medical ontologies (UMLS) to facilitate concept relationship discovery  Clinical Pathology  Data warehousing for business and clinical intelligence in the clinical laboratory 10

11 11 X. Wang BMI Research Interests  Patient Safety  Medication safety  Monitoring adverse drug events from electronic health records(EHRs)  Fall predication  i.e. identifying predicators for falls among seniors  Quality control  Evaluating new and existing therapies in clinical settings  i.e. Cost-effective analysis of hepatic resection among patients with colorectal liver metastasis  Knowledge discovery using EHRs  Drug repurposing  Diabetes medications (i.e. Metformin) for cancer prevention and therapy

12 12 M. Tikoo BMI Research Interests  Evaluation  HIE Evaluation studies  EHR Implementation studies  Surveys research  Qualitative research  Performance Metrics and Quality improvement  Developing middleware to calculate and display performance measures  Use of analytics to assist in the implementation of quality improvement programs  Newly Appointed Position at Dept. Public Health  Health Information Technology (HIT) Coordinator for Health Information Exchange (HIE) agreement between the Dept. of Public Health and the Office of the National Coordinator

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