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2  10 Schools Total: Arts & Sciences (graduate and undergraduate); Engineering; Fletcher; Cummings Veterinary Medicine, Medicine/Sackler, Dental Medicine, Friedman School of Nutrition, Tisch College of Citizenship & Public Service  4 Main Campuses:  Medford, MA  Grafton, MA  Boston, MA  Talloires, France  Boston Biomedical Campus consists of the schools of:  Medicine/Sackler  Dental Medicine  Friedman School of Nutrition  USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) Tufts University

3  4700+ medical school faculty total  ~200 FT and PT University-employed in BS, PHCM, FM  4500+ affiliated/clinical  Basic Science Depts (4):  Developmental, Molecular and Chemical Biology;  Integrative Physiology and Pathobiology;  Molecular Biology & Microbiology;  Neuroscience  Clinical Depts (20): Anatomic and Clinical Pathology; Anesthesiology; Dermatology; Emergency Medicine; Family Medicine; Medicine; Neurology; Neurosurgery; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Ophthalmology; Orthopaedic Surgery; Otolaryngology; Pediatrics; Physical Medicine & Rehab; Psychiatry; Public Health and Community Medicine; Radiology; Radiation Oncology; Surgery; Urology Medical School Faculty

4  EXCELLENCE IN:  Education  Research  Clinical Care  Service: Local, regional, global Tufts Medical School Mission

5 Faculty Appointments  TUSM Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA)  Manages faculty and house staff appointments* and promotions process  Provides consultation for promotion process & dossier compilation  Conducts faculty orientations  Resource for A&P and other faculty-related issues  Faculty Appointments:  Initiated by TUSM chair (or affiliated chair or chief of service and affiliated dean)  “Junior” appts (Instructor, Asst. Prof & Adjuncts, Lecturers, Visiting) reviewed/approved by OFA and Dean**  “Senior” appts (Assoc. Prof. & Prof.) reviewed/recommended by subcommittee, then full CLINPAC, final approval by Dean**, and University Trustees (certain cases)** *Faculty and Hospital Appointments/Credentialing are separate processes **All FT University- employed faculty appointments go to Provost, and tenure cases continue to Trustees for final approval

6 Faculty Appointments, continued  Teaching Contribution Expectation- 50+ hours per year  Faculty appointments are co-terminous with your hospital employment/staff appt, and active affiliation and teaching.  Tufts appointment letter confirms and provides important information: 1.University log-in to your Tufts account to access library resources, TUSK, etc. 2.Return your verification form [For future updates, email] 3.TUSM ID provides Boston campus and library access 4.Complete your institutional COI disclosure when prompted annually

7 1.Clinical (modified): Clinical Instructor, Asst Clinical Prof, Assoc Clinical Prof, Clinical Prof 2.Research (modified): Research Instructor, Asst Research Prof, Assoc Research Prof, Research Prof 3.Unmodified: Instructor, Asst Prof, Assoc Prof, Professor Four (4) prototypes 1.Clinician/Educator 2.Clinician/Investigator 3.Clinician/Scholar 4.Investigator/Educator  Faculty Handbook with Appointment and Promotion Guidelines Affairs/Appointments-and-Promotions TUSM Clinical Faculty Appointment Tracks

8  Tracks:  Tenure-track/Tenured  Non-tenure:  Research  Coming soon: Educator Faculty Handbook with Appointment and Promotion Guidelines Faculty-Affairs/Appointments-and-Promotions TUSM-Employed Basic Science Faculty Appointment Tracks

9 Promotion and Career Development  DOCUMENT AS YOU GO:  Keep your Tufts CV up to date & develop your teaching portfolio  Include teaching, research, scholarly publications, presentations, committees and service, awards, etc.!  Tufts CV Format  Teaching Portfolio Instructions  Teaching Portfolio of-Faculty-Affairs/Appointments-and-Promotions/Criteria-for- Appointment-and-Promotion

10  AT TUSM:  Course and clerkship directors  Course lecturers  Small group leaders  Research collaboration/mentors/preceptors  TUSM Standing Committees  Faculty development  CME  BEYOND TUSM:  Professional societies (state, regional, national, international)  Editorial boards for professional journals  NIH study sections  AAMC, ACGME, ACCME, etc. Opportunities to Get Involved

11  Offices/Office-of-Faculty-Affairs/Policies-and-Procedures Offices/Office-of-Faculty-Affairs/Policies-and-Procedures  TUSM Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy, Forms, etc.  Offices/Conflict-of-Interest Offices/Conflict-of-Interest  Research (including Research COI and IRB)   Copyright and Scholarly Communications   Using Tufts Name/Insignias   Information Technology Responsible Use Policy  Medical School/University Policies

12 Key Resources  Hirsh Health Sciences Library (HHSL) & Learning Resource Center (LRC)     Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK)   Email for  Office of Educational Affairs (OEA)    Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes, Values and Behavior, Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Professionalism, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Systems-based Practice.

13 Resources continued…  Office of Faculty Affairs for appointment issues at  617-636-6631   Office of Educational Affairs & Faculty Development at  617-636-2400   Office of Student Affairs at  617-636-6534   Office of Continuing Education at  617-636-6579   Office of Multicultural Affairs and Global Health  Affairs Affairs

14 Privileges & Benefits  Academic community with access to Tufts University resources  Library access and electronic resources  Tufts University Sciences Knowledgebase (TUSK)  FREE Faculty Development programs and resources through the Office of Educational Affairs  FREE OR DISCOUNTED CME programs for Tufts faculty  DISCOUNTS for personal computer purchases; cell phone plans; University arts and athletic events, wellness and exercise facilities, etc.

15  TUSM OFFICE OF FACULTY AFFAIRS  Sandra Abramson, Business Analyst  Marsha Armando, Faculty Appointment Manager  April Davies, Administrative Coordinator  Kathleen Lowney, Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs   Tel: 617-636-6631  Fax: 617-636-6879 Office Location: 200 Harrison Avenue, Posner Hall- 4 th floor Overnight Mailings: 136 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA, 02111 For Faculty-Related Questions & Assistance

16 Welcome to Tufts & Thank You!

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