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BOE Meeting Highlights FY10 Budget Hearing Dr. Halloran presented the FY10 budget. The budget includes the use of working cash bonds. Introduction of New.

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1 BOE Meeting Highlights FY10 Budget Hearing Dr. Halloran presented the FY10 budget. The budget includes the use of working cash bonds. Introduction of New Faculty Principal Kelly Hussey introduced new teachers including: Jennifer Bamonte English Robert Johnson Industrial Arts Robert Wallon Science Administrative Salary/Benefit Report Gov. Quinn recently signed into law a new school code provision that requires school districts to annually prepare an itemized salary compensation report for every employee holding an administrative certificate and working in that capacity. This report must be presented to the school board and posted on the district website. The board approved the report. District Report Dr. Halloran presented the financial plan indicating the need to issue working cash bonds in an amount not to exceed $1,400,000 and the capital improvement plan addressing future anticipated expenditures and the utilization of TIF monies to augment the O & M and Capital Projects funds. The FY09 School Report Card was discussed. ARRA money for the Grundy County Special Education Cooperative was touched upon and a new contract with Integrys was introduced with approximately $20,000 savings in electric costs to be realized annually. Donation of Architecture Textbooks Dean Arnold’s donation of 20 editions of “The Architecture Handbook: A Student Guide to Understanding Buildings” was approved.

2 BOE Meeting Highlights GAVC Capital Project GAVC Director Lance Copes and representatives from Healy/Bender an architectural firm made a presentation summarizing potential capital project ideas and needs at GAVC. District Report Dr. Halloran presented the tentative tax levy reporting an increase in the EAV of $39 million over 2008 and an overall total tax rate of 1.78. The School Improvement Plan was reviewed. MCHS is adopting a research based instructional training model and is utilizing joint articulated staff development with feeder districts. A three year financial projection for the district indicated conservative growth then a projected declining EAV. With salaries the largest expense in the Education Fund, it is hopeful upcoming instructional staff retirements will help offset the expected decline in the EAV. School Improvement Plan The School Improvement Plan was approved as presented by Dr. Halloran. Tentative Tax Levy The board approved the tentative tax levy for tax year 2009, payable in 2010/2011.

3 Theme: Teaching and Learning Goal: Provide quality curriculum and instruction that engages and meets the needs of all students in a diverse learning community. Objectives: Review and purchase a data analysis software system in order to more effectively use student achievement information. Implement the District Technology Plan including the transition to PowerSchool. Provide on-going staff development in the areas of student assessment, research based instructional strategies, and effective teaching in a Block schedule. Theme: Human/Student Resources Goal: Provide students and teachers with quality academic and extra-curricular programs to enhance teacher effectiveness and student achievement. Objectives: Develop an effective staff recruitment and replacement process Use the student/staff/parent advisory committee to review student handbook and extra- curricular policies including the investigation of a random drug-testing policy for students involved in IHSA activities. Provide professional development for all faculty in order to successfully implement the RTi (response-to-intervention) plan. Theme: Communication Goal: Engage District #101 stakeholders by effectively communicating the successes and challenges faced by MCHS. Objectives: Increase the modeling of Web 2.0 technologies to further enhance dialogue among district stakeholders. Conduct various interactive opportunities to draw parents and the community into the school (coffee time, tours, breakfast) Explore options and opportunities through the local media to publish school related articles from the leadership team. Theme: Finance Goal: Demonstrate fiscal responsibility to the community while promoting effective and innovative educational programs. Objectives: Maintain continued collaboration with local and county officials in order to explore possible areas of revenue generation. Implement the capital development plan that assists in prioritizing facility improvements, estimated costs, and anticipated time lines. Create a long-range plan that anticipates potential growth and possible expansion of MCHS. Morris Community High School District #101 Strategic Goals 2009-2010

4 Systemic Framework for School Improvement District #101 Financial Projections FY 2011 Tax Levy


6 This year Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, FCCLA, from MCHS had 31 members attend the Fall Leadership Meeting in Bloomington, IL. " I was thrilled with the number of kids that attended the leadership conference. We doubled the numbers from last year. I am so proud that the kids made it happen!" said Mrs. Zan Higgins. The theme this fall was Don't Stop Believin'. The keynote speaker was Dr. Pat Halloran, Superintend of District #101. His speech entitled "How Far will your CAR take you?" highlighted character, attitude and relationships. The students spent the morning attending two of the following workshops: "A Good Neighbor is a Green Neighbor" The Ultimate Leadership Experience Open Adoptions Your Primary Sex Organs Project Runway ISU Exploration About FCCLA-- Family, Career and Community Leaders of America(formerly Future Homemakers of America) is the Career and Technical Student Organization for Family and Consumer Science students. FCCLA is a national student organization that helps young men and women become better leaders in their families, careers and communities. Students learn skills for life: planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal communication. FCCLA is the only student organization with the family as its focus. Members have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills through participating in proficiency events, showcasing community service projects, exploring careers, attending educational sessions and electing officers.

7 The Morris Community High School Drama Club presented their fall play production, The Diary of Anne Frank written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, and adapted by Wendy Kesselman. The play is an impassioned drama about the lives of eight people hiding from the Nazis in a concealed storage attic. The story captures the claustrophobic realities of their daily existence --- their fears, their hopes, their laughter, their grief as told from the transcendently powerful diary entries of teenager Anne Frank. Anne emerges from history a living, lyrical, intensely gifted young girl, who confronts her rapidly changing life and the increasing horror of her time with astonishing wit and determination. The MCHS production stared senior Jessica Galang, as Anne Frank. Other members of the Frank family were portrayed by senior Andrew Bennett (Otto Frank), senior Grace Harrington (Edith Frank), and junior Sam Courter (Margot Frank). The Frank family shared the secret annex with four others; Mr. And Mrs. Van Daan played by juniors Josh Runchey and Jorie Struck, Peter Van Dann, portrayed by junior Sam Bennett, and Mr. Dussel, played by sophomore, Joey Leasure. Others in the ensemble included Hayley Briggs (Miep Gies), Alora Carlson (Miss Kraler), Jeremy Murphy and Trent Zelko as Nazi soldiers and Hillary Johansen and Carly Mickelson as informants. The role of Anne Frank was understudied by freshman Grace Kumor, while Peter Van Daan was understudied by freshman Sean Phillips. Speech/English teacher Andrea Gustafson directed the play, with technical direction by English teacher, Jen Bamonte. Student directors were Kori Beck and Brooke Smith.

8 MCHS’s Cooperative Work Training Program From a very early age, we talk about what we want to be when we grow up. We usually change our minds many times as we age. Sometimes, we attend years of school, study how to work in a specific field, and after accepting jobs, find we do not like our chosen career. Twenty MCHS seniors are getting a jumpstart on this process. They are working in the field they have been dreaming about for years through the Cooperative Work Training Program. Last year’s juniors had the opportunity to sign up for the Cooperative Work Training Program. Mrs. Rath, program coordinator, reviewed the list of those 37 interested students. The students’ attendance and tardy records were reviewed. The students who missed 10 or more days a year were not accepted. The remaining 22 students then went through an interview process with Mrs. Rath. Twenty students were accepted into the program. Next, Mrs. Rath began to contact local businesses to secure positions for the students. During this process, Mrs. Rath talked to many of her past students. “Almost everyone I spoke to was very open to the experience. They were excited to give the students the opportunity to work in an intern/ apprentice capacity,” said Mrs. Rath. The students are currently placed with the following businesses/individuals: Morris Police Department Grundy County Sheriff Department State’s Attorney Sheldon Sobol Brian Zabel & Associates, PC Mack, Echols & Associates, PC Holsinger & Associates Morris Hospital Morris Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center The Fabric Center Dr. Bob Engle Ortiz Eye and Hearing Associates Dr. Mark Conrod Rezin Orthopedics and Sports Medicine That Perennial Place Culver’s Pam’s Academy of Dance Morris Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center Paul Jung, Student Activities Director for MCHS JD Morrison, Director of Technology @ MCHS/GAVC The students are dismissed from class at 1:40 p.m. each day so they can be to work by 2:00 p.m. Each student will work an average of 15 hours a week from August through May. In addition, they are required to journalize weekly about problems on the job, likes/dislikes of their job, interaction with coworkers, and additional job-specific situations. The employers will be completing grade sheets to determine their grade each term. The students are genuinely enjoying their jobs. Jennifer Hayes, who is working at the Morris Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, says, “I know I want to continue in the medical field, but not necessarily at a nursing home. The coop work experience has been much different than the experience I had at GAVC. I am able to work on my own and interact with the people daily.” “The coop work program has reinforced my decision to enter physical therapy. It is so much better than job shadowing. There is always something different each day. Besides my daily job duties, I’ve enjoyed interacting with my coworkers. I get to talk to them about past experiences and how they have gotten where they are today.” said Kara Morrall of her experiences at Morris Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center. Employers are also having a positive experience with the cooperative work training program. Nene Swartz, from the Fabric Center, said “It has been great to have Dina here. She is bilingual and does not hesitate to jump in to assist customers.” Dina Ochoa has the opportunity to do different tasks each day. Nene is hoping this will give Dina the chance to experience all aspects of the business. Mrs. Rath is pleased with the high number of students that were interested and about the positive response from the students in the program. She looks forward to the long-term impact it will have on the lives of the students. Tamra Kren said, “I really enjoy it. I would recommend it to all seniors. I am getting prepared for my career, not just working at a job.” The student’s interests will determine the employer needs from year to year. However, to ensure the growth of this program, MCHS will need the continued support of our local businesses. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Mrs. Barb Rath with Morris Community High School at 815-942- 1294.

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