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2 Weightlifting  Weightlifting generally refers to activities in which people lift weights, either for the purpose of competing to determine which competitor can lift the most, or for the purpose of promoting health, fitness, or development of a muscular physique. The strength-based sport of lifting weights is also referred to as powerlifting. A version of this sport, Olympic weightlifting, is a regular part of the summer Olympic Games. weights powerliftingOlympic weightliftingOlympic Games weights powerliftingOlympic weightliftingOlympic Games  While the goal of powerlifting competitions is the lifting of weights themselves, weightlifting is used as an end to achieve different goals in weight training, a type of exercise using weights to increase muscle strength, and specifically in bodybuilding, a form of body modification for aesthetic reasons. Although bodybuilding has been closely associated with weightlifting, it is possible to engage in a bodybuilding training regimen using exercises or equipment other than weights. Conversely, because the goal of bodybuilding is often to generate a particular appearance, a person who engages in weightlifting only to increase strength may not achieve the physical appearance sought in bodybuilding weight trainingbodybuildingweight trainingbodybuilding

3 History  In the 19th century is emerging competitive weightlifting. One of the pioneers of American sports is Uindship George, who is nicknamed "the American Samson" because of its enormous size and muscle. The first official race was held in February 1861 and represents a challenge from Uindship to every man. Those who can beat "amerikanskiya Samson" weightlifting will receive a prize of $ 200. Appears only one contender - Mr. Thompson's first name unknown, who defeated Uindship and set a new record. After his death in 1876 Uindship sport in the U.S. fading.

4  The first national competition, however, takes place in England in January 1891 under the supervision of the London Athletic Institute. The tournament attracted so many followers that an English lord announces that it will organize an international competition next year. For the first time the sport appears on the Olympics in 1896, when there are two categories - weight lifting with one hand and lifting weights with 2 hands. Champions become Viggo Jensen of Denmark and Lonkestan Elliott of England.

5 Our champions  Our weightlifters debut in Olympic podium in "Melbourne '56." Then there are three movements - lifting, pushing and disposal. Ivan Abadjiev was seventh in the cat. 67.5 kg and Ivan Vasilev (90 kg) - fifth. With this success Vassilev won the first points of the Olympics for Bulgaria. The first medal in weightlifting takes Norair Nourikyan - gold "Munich '72." The "Montreal '76" Nourikyan again won the title and is our only two-time Olympic champion in the sport. In Montreal for the first time the movements are disposal and repression. Our most successful Olympics in "Munich '72" - 3 gold and 3 silver medals and the "Moscow '80" Our national team is back with 2 titles, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals. The youngest Olympic champion in weightlifting are three. Yordan Mitkov ("Montreal '76"), Asen Zlatev (Moscow '80) and Sevdalin Marinov ("Seoul '88 ') takes the title for 20 years. In women, the first points of the Olympics took Milena Trendafilova - 4 out of "Sydney 2000".

6  Norair Nourikyan Munich 1972 gold Weightlifting 60 kg

7  Yordan Bykov Munich 1972 gold Weightlifting 75 kg

8  Andon Nikolov Munich 1972 gold Weightlifting 90 kg

9  Norair Nourikyan Montreal 1976 gold Weightlifting 56 kg

10  Yordan Mitkov Montreal 1976 gold Weightlifting 75 kg

11  Asen Zlatev Moscow 1980 gold Weightlifting 75 kg

12  Sevdalin Marinov Seoul 1988 gold Weightlifting 52 kg

13  Ivan Ivanov Barcelona 1992 gold Weightlifting 52 kg

14  Galabin Boevski Sydney 2000 gold Weightlifting 69 kg

15  Milen Dobrev Athens 2004 gold Weightlifting 94 kg

16 Great little weightlifter  Weightlifting legend Norair Nourikyan was born on July 26, 1948 in Sliven. Despite its low growth rate youth started playing basketball, until he meets Ivan Abadjiev. Then Nourikyan is on 18 and studied at the Technical School of Textile in his hometown. His first steps were very difficult. Athletes train in a Abadjiev dark basement Nourikyan however ambitious - even wrote a belt with lifting weights, three figures - weight, which wants to conquer to become the number in their sport

17 Three times European, twice world - Galabin  Galabin Boevski was born on December 19, 1974 in Kneja. Graduated from the sports school "George Benkovski" - Pleven. His way to world achievements in weightlifting began the meeting with his coach Stefcho Malkodanski. Boevski is three times European champion - the championships in 1999, 2002 and 2003. He was twice world champion - in 1999 and 2001. The Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000 and grabbed the Olympic title in its category - up to 69 kg.

18 14 years without defeat  Asen Zlatev was born on May 23, 1960 in Plovdiv Tsarimir village. Ends sports school "Vasil Levski" in Sofia. His career as a great athlete started in 1971 under coach Gancho Karushkov. Zlatev compete in categories of 75 kg and 82.5 kg. Cooking for four Olympiads, but participates only in Moscow in 1980. Before the Olympic race in Assen is the Russian capital in the national team only a few months. Training under the guidance of Ivan Abadjiev. The representative of the host Perviy Alexander is a very strong contender for the Bulgarians. Several records fell before it aired champion. Before the Moscow Olympics result in expulsion peak was 197.5 kg, after the race he had already climbed to 205.5 kg. With this achievement Asen Zlatev won the Olympic title. Besides gold in Moscow Assen has two world titles - in 1980 and 1986 European champion was in 1982, 1984 and 1985 won the prize "Golden Dozen" for the achievement of world and European championships. Zlatev is the captain of the national team more than 11 years. 14 years there is no loss to the podium. In the national team in weightlifting remained until 1992, then a few years to compete in the Bundesliga in bars - in lime and Chemnitz. Both the club became champions of the Bulgarian in its ranks.

19 "Grand Slam" in weightlifting  Yordan Bykov was the first weightlifter to our grand slam of Olympic, World and European title. Won prestigious awards for four months, a record for "Guinness". Bykov was born on October 17, 1950 in Pazardzhik. Before we enter the peak olipmiyskiya, won two medals at European championships - in Constanta and in Warsaw. In 1971, Peru became world champion in repression. In 1972 in Munich Bykov won world and Olympic title in the 75 kg category. Place a new world record with 485 kg triboy, unimproved today. It was declared number one athlete of Bulgaria in the same 1972. The next year he won the silver medal at the European Championships. A severe knee injury prevented him to continue winning run in the global ring. Competing in Madrid in 1974, but without success. Once you give up active sports, Jordan Bykov became coach in sports school in Pazardjik. Two months is the coach of national team of China.

20 Bulgarian hero  Yanko Rusev was born on December 1, 1958 in the village Ivanski, Shumen. When in 1973 a 15-year-old Janko apply to school "Olympic Hopes", the Commission declares it hopeless for weightlifting. 11 years later, Yanko Rusev already has 5 world, five European and one Olympic title. As assets are recorded at 34 world records. Roussev Bulgarian weightlifter is only presented in the World of Fame Museum in Istanbul weightlifters. As a teenager, Yanko Rusev practicing football and wrestling, weightlifting to be directed later. When sophomore in the School of Mechanical Engineering in Shumen, Ivan Abadjiev noticed the talent of the young athlete. 19-year-old Janko started in the men's world championship in Stuttgart and came second. In Gettysburg, USA, won his first title and then a world record in the repression.

21 Sculptor of champions  Ivan Abadjiev started lifting weights for 21 years - in 1953 In the category up to 67.5 kg participated in the World Cup in Munich in 1955 in Tehran in 1957 won silver medal in the lightweight division. In Rome in 1960 during the Olympics ends racing career. Before Abadjiev to take the national team as head coach, Bulgarian bars are no points and is ranked in the world rankings based on participation. In Europe in Warsaw in 1969 Abadjiev team won two gold medals, followed by silver in the World. Two and a half years later - the Munich Olympics in 1972 - Bulgarian lifters won three gold and three silver medals. Receive a total of 38 points and team come first. After years of success. At the Moscow Olympics in 1980 and the Bulgarian team ranks second. Medals to the students of Ivan Abadjiev are: 10 Olympic, 59 World, 79 European.


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