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On-Campus Recruiting Orientation 2010-2011 Career Services University at Albany, State University of New York.........................................

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1 On-Campus Recruiting Orientation Career Services University at Albany, State University of New York

2 What We Will Cover … Some Career Services Basics What is On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)? Who is Eligible Steps to participate in OCR → Registering → The Student Home Page → Uploading resumes, cover letters, & transcripts → Searching & applying for positions → Signing up for/canceling interviews → Missed interview policy → Accepting a position → Reporting a position FAQs Final Comments

3 Career Services Basics Location:Science Library, G-50 Phone: Web site: Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. ► Drop-In Hours: MWF 10 a.m noon TTh p.m

4 What is OCR? An entirely online structured process facilitated by Career Services to bring students and employers together on-campus to participate in interviewing opportunities. Recruiters are seeking interns and/or fulltime employees. Students of ALL majors may participate in OCR. Students view and apply for listed positions and sign up for interviews online. The system is available

5 What is OCR? OCR is driven by employer demand; therefore some career fields are represented while others are not Companies45 Companies

6 What is OCR? Many recruiters are interested in students of ALL majors. If you are not interested in the opportunities you see in OCR, there are many other ways to go about finding jobs and internships. Our office is happy to assist you

7 Who Is Eligible for OCR: OCR is designed to help matriculated students obtain internships and fulltime jobs. To participate you must be - A junior or graduate student who is seeking an internship - A senior or graduate student who is graduating in 12/10, 5/11, or 8/11 - A sophomore who is eligible for a specific internship Alumni are NOT eligible. If you already graduated you are no longer eligible

8 Steps to Participate in OCR Complete a “Release Form/Missed Interview” sheet at the end of the orientation session. Develop a resume in a word processing tool. Have your resume critiqued at Career Services during Drop-In Hours. Register, post your resume on-line, and search for opportunities through the following steps…

9 Registration Process


11 You will also be asked to complete… * Demographic Info (Class Year, Graduation Date) * Languages * Additional Info (Allow employers to view your info?, Job Search Status, etc.) If you can’t remember your ID number, you can find it on myUAlbany. Your PROFILE

12 Registration Tips Complete all fields. You decide if employers can view this information or not. Information must be accurate/truthful. Type your address correctly!

13 Maintaining Your Personal Info Update this information regularly (at least once per semester). Any student caught manipulating their personal information in order to become eligible for certain job postings will lose their OCR privileges

14 Student Home Page Your Name Calendar Colors: Yellow: Schedule Items – Interviews, Info Sessions, Preselect Student Sign-up, etc. Aqua Blue: Career Events – Career Fairs, Workshops, etc. White: Personal Events – Tests, group meetings, etc. Link to Career Search & Vault (additional resources) OCR only Regular Job Search

15 Posting Your Resume (& other materials)

16 You name your resume Directions NOTE: If you only have one document in a required category it will automatically be the Default document. The Default document cannot be removed.

17 Posting Your Unofficial Transcript Get your grades from myUAlbany. Type and format your transcript in a Microsoft Word document. List the class names, grades, and credit hours. Organize it chronologically with the most recent semester first. Include former institutions and study abroad experience; be sure to note what courses, credits, and grades you received. Please Note: If a position REQUIRES your transcript and/or cover letter, you will not be allowed to apply for the position until you have uploaded these documents into the system. Then you can apply.

18 Searching & Applying for Positions NOTE: If you select View ALL Schedules & Resume Drops you will not be allowed to apply for any positions. You must select My Qualified Schedules & Resume Drops. 1. Select 2. Click on Job Title to view job description & to apply Click on any heading to sort

19 If you do NOT see the “Apply Now” link, scroll down to the Application Instructions to see what documents must be in the system for you to be eligible to apply. MOST (98%) opportunities will follow the PRESELECT Process.

20 Click here to see position description


22 ….. Find and select the resume you want to submit, otherwise your default resume will be sent. You are not guaranteed an interview. You will need to be “preselected” by the recruiter.

23 Applying For Positions To apply for a position, you “Request an interview.” Check deadlines at the bottom of the position descriptions so you are aware of preselect interview sign up dates and interview dates. All application information and special procedures are listed with each position on the system. These may include… - Submitting cover letters and/or unofficial transcripts. - Visiting the company website to complete an on-line application. - Stopping by Career Services to complete a company data sheet. Follow ALL directions!

24 To Cancel an Interview Request


26 My Activity Your name Definitions Click on “Schedules” tab to see if you have been preselected for an interview.

27 Signing Up For Interviews: Preselect Screen Your name This student has not yet been selected to interview. If she had, she would see how to sign up here. If you are selected as an alternate

28 Information At Other Tabs Find history of your activity here Your name Info Sessions are typically the evening before the interview; dress is business casual.

29 Canceling an Interview Open the interview and follow the directions to cancel. Notify Career Services if you cancel within 48 hours of your interview so an alternate can take your spot. Your name

30 Missed Interview Policy To NO-SHOW for an interview is unacceptable. In addition, any student who cancels the day of the interview will be considered a no-show and treated as such. No-show students will immediately be removed from the system and cannot continue submitting resumes or signing up for interviews until they send a letter of apology to the employer. A copy of this letter must also be submitted to the Recruiting Coordinator in Career Services, who will add the students back into the system. NOTE: Students are expected at interviews for which they have already signed up!

31 Interview Day Dress in interview attire. Bring all necessary materials for your interview: - Copy of your resume - Transcripts - Portfolio (if appropriate) Arrive at least 10 minutes early. Check to see if your interview has been relocated at the last minute. A sign outside our office will list the companies interviewing and their location (occasionally a company may be in a Campus Center meeting room). Collect business cards or contact information for sending a thank you note or . General contact information may be found on the system, however that may not be the person who interviews you

32 Accepting a Job Verbally accept the position. Accept the position in writing. (See the cover letter section on our website for a sample.) Cancel previously scheduled interviews and cease all interviewing as it is unethical to do otherwise. You do have the options of asking the company making you an offer to extend their offer deadline, and/or asking another company to move your interview to an earlier date

33 Report a Hire (if you are hired)

34 Report a Hire (three options)

35 Report a Hire We will keep your information confidential; we will only report aggregate data (i.e., Seven students were hired by State Farm in Spring 2009).

36 FAQ’s Why won’t the system let me register? - Perhaps your student ID number needs to be added to our system. Contact our office and let us know. How do I find out about Company Information Sessions? - They are listed in the system, under My Account – My Activity – Schedules – Information Sessions. I missed a deadline; what do I do? - You may contact the recruiter using the contact information in the system. You may also attend the company information session (if they have one scheduled) and see if there were any last minute interview cancellations

37 Final Comments Be professional in all of your interactions; all impressions matter! - Check your answering machine/voic message to ensure that it is professional. - Make sure your address is professional (i.e., NOT or - Be careful about what you put on your Facebook/ Myspace page. Some companies check! Everything associated with OCR is online. Please contact Career Services if you have any questions about your job search

38 Final Comments To be eligible for On-campus Recruiting you must –Fill out the Release formRelease form –Turn it into Career Services You can also download a Tip Sheet with helpful suggestions for making the most of On-campus RecruitingTip Sheet

39 Final Comments Matriculated students are eligible for Drop-in Hours: - MWF: 10 a.m Noon - TTh: p.m. Visit our website for upcoming workshops, career panels, and career fairs both on- and off-campus: If you are unclear about any aspect of the OCR process, view the On-Line Orientation on our website

40 Thank You For Attending Please turn in your Release Form before you leave

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