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Forestry Club Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters *

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1 Forestry Club Student Chapter of the Society of American Foresters *

2 Mission To advance the science, technology, education, and practice of professional forestry and wildlife management in Kentucky, and to use the knowledge and skills of the profession to benefit society. To assist in sustaining membership and participation in sponsored activities. To promote fellowship and professionalism among the forestry students at the University of Kentucky, and to promote a close relationship between the students and faculty.

3 What we do… Attend Society of American Foresters events ASFC Conclave Tree Campus USA Service projects Camping trips and retreats Club Meetings

4 Society of American Foresters If you sign up for the club and register for SAF ($40) you get a free club T-shirt Allows you to attend conferences: – Regional – National (2012 Spokane, WA) – Quiz Bowls Allows you to attend ASFC Conclave – Auburn, AL March 2013

5 2011 Society of American Foresters National Convention Honolulu, Hawaii Five student representative went to the 2011 SAF National Convention The Forestry Department is funding 4-5 travel scholarships for this year’s convention. The Club may offer a scholarship to a club member in high standing. Details soon.

6 ASFC Southern Conclave Physical Events Stihl Timbersports Crosscut Bowsaw Archery Axe/Knife Throw Log Burling Log Roll Pole Climb Chain Throw Log Chop Pole Felling Technical Events Compass and Pacing Dendrology Wildlife ID Wood ID DBH Estimation Photogrammetry Pole Classification Timber Estimation

7 ASFC Southern Conclave March 2013 Auburn University

8 Mini Conclave Before Conclave we attend a Mini Conclave event against University of Tennessee and University of the South.

9 Tree Campus USA Recognizes college and university campuses that: Effectively manage their campus trees. Develop connectivity with the community beyond campus borders to foster healthy, urban forests. Strive to engage their student population utilizing service learning opportunities centered on campus, and community, forestry efforts. Five standards for recognition Tree Campus Advisory Committee Campus Tree Care Plan Campus Tree Program with Annual Expenditures Arbor Day Observance Service Learning Project

10 Service Projects Tree plantings Road clearing Hazardous tree removal Invasive species removal Tree ID and Mapping projects Trail cleanup KDF Seed collection Volunteer at Wood Expo Firewood sales

11 Club Retreats Camp McKee We spent a weekend at Camp McKee removing hazardous trees that were impeded their trail system.

12 Benefits of Joining Networking Resume booster Service projects Leadership opportunities Traveling Way to reinforce forestry education Job opportunities Free T-shirts (if you join SAF) Fun!!!

13 Club Meetings Tuesday, September 4 from 12:15-1:00pm – Conference room – Free Pizza and drinks – Club signups (free) Meetings held every other week Discussion of club activities

14 Upcoming Events Aug 30 – Softball Game 5:30 *Free Pizza Aug 31 – Deadline to signup to volunteer at 4-H Forestry Competition. Sept 4 – First club meeting Sept 5-6, 12-13 – Practice site cleanup/Tree Campus USA project Sept 17 – Deadline to apply for SAF Travel Scholarship Sept 18 – 2 nd Club meeting Sept 26-27 – Calvary Cemetery Service Project

15 Contacts President – Luke Biscan Vice-President – Anthony Kenney Secretary – Alex Paige Treasurer– Sam Cox Conclave Representative – Matt Higdon Wildlife Representative – Jon Johnson ARRI Representative – Hannah Angel Junior Ambassador - Logan Nutt Sophomore Ambassador – Kristian Elswick UK Forestry is on Facebook

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