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WELCOME to STEM ECHS  Please begin to fill out the information forms on the left side of the packet you received. We will be collecting these at the end.

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1 WELCOME to STEM ECHS  Please begin to fill out the information forms on the left side of the packet you received. We will be collecting these at the end of the evening!  Thank you …


3 You are the CHOSEN FEW …  Applicants – 506  Accepted – 64 (12%)  Denied – 442

4 Our Program ….  Early College HIGH SCHOOL  High School First  Ready for College or Not??  Early College  Younger  Start Sooner  Start Slower for Success

5 HIGH SCHOOL FIRST  This is what YOU need to be concerned about FIRST  College Readiness MUST be demonstrated or that privilege won’t be earned  YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL!!!

6 Calendar and Schedule  Not a Traditional Calendar  Not a Modified Calendar  More similar to NCSU  Draft Calendar has us starting on August 10th (will be approved soon)  Freshman Orientation Dates – July 27, 28  Please note for future reference – if WCPSS does NOT have school, but NCSU does have school, it is the students responsibility to attend college courses or notify professor PRIOR to absence

7 Time for School  Doors open at 7:00  Start Time – 7:25(This is when we START not when we arrive)  End Time – 2:18  No after-school care  After school tutoring will start but students MUST sign up or be signed up by a teacher – NOT after-school care

8 Transportation  Express and Shuttle  Satellite stops  Shuttle to Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School  3 buses come here and return to SRMHS  1 bus remains to shuttle to/from NCSU  Carpool follow signs around campus – must come from Western Blvd side to front of the building (safety!)

9 Meals  Regular School Food  Breakfast ends at 7:20  Lunch served daily 10:30-11:10  Can carry forward your account from Middle School.

10 Block Schedule???  4 courses per semester  All coursework is Honor’s  Some are semester long (English, Math, History, Computer Programming)  Some are year-long (Science/Engineering)  Math decisions will be made AFTER you have successfully completed your current course  Must earn above a “C” to move forward  If currently in Math III, then Sophomore year NCVPS Calculus before college  More course details in another session (Mr. Haymore) ….  All grades hit your High School Transcript at the completion of the course  Semester long – mid-year or end of year  Year long – end of year

11 PBL and Technology  Project Based Learning and Technology will be covered in more depth in a different session with the teachers …  1:1 computers  Computer Options  Computer Programs  Computer Integrity

12 Computer Paperwork 3 Options  Option One – BYOD  Fill out paperwork  Student is responsible  Option Two – Use one of ours FULL TIME  Student will be assigned a computer to use at all times  Student is responsible  Parent must fill out form and submit with $25 which DOES NOT pay for cost of repairs  If repair is necessary, bill must be paid in full PRIOR to graduation  Option Three – Use one of ours ONLY WHEN AT SCHOOL  Student will be assigned a computer and will check it out each morning from the front desk  Each afternoon the computer is left at the school in a designated location

13 Extra Help?? Student WILL need this!  SMART LUNCH – time built in during the school day  Teachers may assign  Students may choose to attend  Time for project work, make up work, retake assessments  After School Tutorial  Teachers may assign  Students may sign up  Web Assign Wednesdays  Students MUST sign up and have permission form

14 Advisory  One staff member for 10 students  Meets monthly on Fridays during SMART lunch  NAVIANCE (Brannan will cover)  Grades, how to find help, gpa, college information, etc.

15 Sports and Extra-Curriculars  Clubs – Fridays Alternating during SMART Lunch  Will have CLUB time at orientation  Sports  Athens Drive  You provide Transportation (carpool)  Currently -  Girls: Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Track, Soccer  Boys: Soccer, Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Track  Can only play for first 4 years

16 Communication  Weekly Phone Message – Mondays  Our WEBSITE is your FRIEND  E-mails  Powerschools  NAVIANCE  PTSA blasts  Bi-monthly newsletter – STEM NEWS  Twitter – follow us!!

17 Are you Ready for College? By 2020, WCPSS will annually graduate at least 95% of its students ready for productive citizenship as well as higher education or career.

18 Freshman and Sophomore Years: Critical Years for College Readiness  To automatically participate in College Coursework you...  Must achieve at least a 3.0 weighted high school gpa  Must have NO “D” grades on report cards  Must have NO office discipline referrals  If you fail to meet the above criteria then …  Your college readiness will be determined on an individual basis by the administration, staff, and counselors

19 Junior Year - FYI  Part time High School Coursework  Courses to be taken at the Cherry Building  Time spent at NCSU to collaborate and study  Part time College Coursework as deemed appropriate  We will discuss this during your Sophomore Year  Remember that SUCCESS is the GOAL  Success at College determines your next few years …  Must achieve a 2.0 gpa at college to continue  Failure to maintain a 2.0 will result in loss of college privileges and mandatory graduation after 4 th year

20 Senior Year (year 4) - FYI  NO TIME SPENT AT CHERRY BUILDING  Supervision provided at the Witherspoon Building  Dual Enrollment Courses – if you qualify!?!?!?!  English at NCSU (counts as your HS English Class)  Foreign Language at NCSU (counts as your HS Foreign Language)  Failure to qualify will result in mandatory NCVPS coursework  College Coursework  Other classes at NCSU as deemed appropriate

21 Super Senior Year (Year 5) - FYI  Must be enrolled in 1 HS course  Internship  Senior Seminar  Dual Enrollment Course (Foreign Language?)  College courses  College course load as deemed appropriate

22 Successful Completion of Program  After Year 4 –  High School Graduation Possible  All Coursework for HS will be completed  Some college credits will have been earned  Many reasons to consider leaving at this time  After Year 5 –  High School Graduation  College credits will be earned

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