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2013 – 2014 SOPHOMORE SCHEDULING Tippecanoe High School Class of 2016.

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1 2013 – 2014 SOPHOMORE SCHEDULING Tippecanoe High School Class of 2016

2 Tippecanoe High School Guidance Department Mr. Baumhauer - Guidance Counselor - students with the last name beginning with the letter A through the letter K. Mr. Hottle - Guidance Counselor - students with the last name beginning with the letter L through the letter Z. Mrs. Homan - Guidance Secretary Guidance Office – (937) 667-6419

3 Scheduling Instructions: 1. Read the 2013-2014 Program of Studies to be sure you and your family understand the requirements for graduation, the various course offerings, and the prerequisites/content of the courses. 2. Discuss your course selections with your parents and/or guardians. 3. Complete the 2013-2014 Sophomore Schedule Request Form. 4. Obtain your UserName, Password, and scheduling directions during lunch. 5. Log on to and register your courses.

4 Schedule Change Policy: Any requests for schedule changes initiated by students or parents/guardians MUST be accomplished by JUNE 1, 2013. After JUNE 1, schedule change requests are ONLY considered due to a critical situation or misplacement. This is reviewed by principal on a case by case basis. Failing is NOT an automatic indication of misplacement. A student’s work ethic and motivation are critical components to overall educational success. Schedules will NOT be changed for social reasons or for requesting teachers.

5 Student’s Responsibility in Scheduling: 1. Investigate the courses. Students should speak with teachers, counselors, and fellow students about the courses prior to enrolling This will help you understand what the courses will be like. 2. Ensure that you are not overloading yourself or registering for inappropriate courses. 3. Make certain to consider the workload for the ENTIRE schedule. 4. Discuss your plans with your parents/guardians. 5. Direct any questions or concerns to your Tippecanoe High School Guidance Counselor prior to the June 1, 2013 schedule change deadline.

6 Student Academic Course Load: Students are required to schedule at least 6 courses each semester for grades 9 through 11. Under no circumstances may a student take more than 1 studyhall per semester for grades 9 through 11. 12 th grade students (Seniors) are required to schedule at least 5 courses each semester. Senior students are allowed the maximum of 2 studyhalls per semester with Senior Option serving as one. Important: Athletes beware of athletic eligibility. You must pass 5 classes (based on quarter grades) not counting Physical Education as one of those courses.

7 Credits Needed For Grade Level Status: 10 th grade (Sophomore) status: 5 credits obtained during 9 th grade school year 11 th grade (Junior) status: 10 credits obtained during 9 th and 10 th grade school years 12 th grade (Senior) status: 16 credits obtained during the 9 th, 10 th, and 11 th grade school years Graduation: at least 21 credits Credits are obtained by successfully passing (grade of D or higher) the course for the semester. If a REQUIRED course is not successfully passed for the semester (grade of F), that specific semester of the REQUIRED course must be taken until successfully completed (grade of D or higher). Students are promoted/retained by the total number of credits he/she receives in high school - NOT by the number of years he/she attends.

8 Alternate Physical Education Option: A student may meet the requirements of two (2) semesters of Physical Education by participating in and completing two (2) full seasons of sports, cheerleading and/or marching band. To be awarded a complete full season of a sport or cheerleading, a student must participate in at least 90% of ALL the season’s activity during the assigned OHSAA season. To be awarded a complete full season of marching band, the student must participate in at least 90% of ALL activities from band camp to the state OMEA band contest. Due to the 90% of ALL activities – 2 seasons of a sport, cheerleading and/or marching band cannot be completed concurrently. An injury, illness, suspension or athletic suspension could cause a season to not count towards the Physical Education requirements. The two (2) full seasons do not have to be in the same school year. There are no provisions for being exempt from one semester of PE. This is an all or nothing option. One season of sport/cheerleading/band and one semester of Physical Education does not fulfill the requirements. Students who are thinking of going to MVCTC or UVCC must meet the requirements for Physical Education by the end of their sophomore year. Students participating in the Alternate Physical Education Plan still must carry a minimum of 6 courses per semester on their schedule. If a student has not met the requirements by the beginning of their senior year, that student will be placed in the Physical Education classes needed for graduation. The requirements and options presented here are set by the Ohio Department of Education and no credits will be earned through this Alternate Physical Education Plan (SB 311).

9 Sophomore Academic Program 1. English 10: Core, College Prep (CP), Accelerated (Acc.) A. one period each day for the entire school year B. one-half credit each semester (1 full credit total) 2. Mathematics: Core Geometry, Geometry, Algebra II, Acc. Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Acc. Pre-Calculus A. one period each day for the entire school year B. one-half credit each semester (1 full credit total) 3. Science: Core Physical Science, CP Physical Science, Chemistry A. one period each day for the entire school year B. one-half credit each semester (1 full credit total)

10 Math sequence of classes: *8th Grade Integ. Math A Core Algebra I Freshman Algebra I Geometry Core Geometry Algebra I Core Algebra II Algebra II Intro to Calc/Stats Pre-Calculus Sophomore Junior Senior Geometry Acc. Geometry Algebra II Acc. Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus Acc. Algebra II AP Calculus AP Statistics Acc. Geometry Acc. Algebra II Acc. Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus Intro to Calc/Stats AP Calculus AP Statistics AP Calculus AP Statistics

11 Science sequence of classes:

12 Sophomore Academic Program (cont.) 4. American History - Social Studies requirement A. one period each day for the entire school year B. one-half credit each semester (1 full credit total) 5. Physical Education -or- Alternate Physical Education Option A. PE - one period each day for one semester B. PE - one-fourth credit for the semester C. Alt. PE - no credit D. Alt. PE form must be turned in each school year until the Alt. PE Plan has been completed.

13 Sophomore Academic Program (cont.) 6. Electives: A. Select 1.5 total credit of elective(s) if taking Physical Education during the school day AND wish to have a studyhall for the entire school year. B. Select 2 total credits of electives if taking Alt. Physical Education AND wish to have a studyhall for the entire school year. C. Select 2.5 total credit of electives if taking Physical Education during the school day AND wish to have no studyhall for the entire school year. D. Select 3 total credits of electives if taking Alt. Physical Education AND wish to have no studyhall for the entire school year. E. Refer to your Schedule Request Form for the available courses; as well as, your Program of Studies for a brief description of each course.

14 Scheduling Notes: Taking a foreign language is not a graduation requirement. Register for Information Technology if not yet completed. It is a graduation requirement; as well as, a prerequisite to many business and technology courses. Marching Band, Choir, Acting Studies I/II, and Art I/II are all means of acquiring fine art credit. However, you have until graduation to meet the one credit of fine art requirement. Jazz Ensemble is not being offered for the 2013-2014 school year. You must schedule Physical Education -or- Alternate Physical Education during your Sophomore school year. Unless, you participated in 2 seasons during your Freshman year. Registering for 6 courses per semester will automatically schedule you a studyhall for the 7 th course. Registering for 7 courses per semester will not allow for a studyhall either semester. Please consider the difficulty of entire schedule, extracurricular activities, and social activities. If choosing to register for only one studyhall for one semester over the entire year, students MAY NOT dictate which semester the studyhall is taken. Students considering MVCTC should give careful consideration to courses selected to assure that they meet the entrance requirements of MVCTC; as well as, THS graduation requirements. Deficiencies in course credits for the MVCTC should be completed before the end of the Sophomore year (English, Social Studies, PE, Health, Info. Tech).

15 Recommended College Preparation Courses: Admission policies differ among colleges. Some require only a certificate of graduation from an accredited high school while others have certain minimum admission requirements in specific subjects. Still, others require a certain class rank or minimum scores on a college entrance test. Most colleges expect the student to take either the ACT or SAT. In planning your high school courses, it is desirable to determine as early as possible the college you hope to attend. Secure from the chosen college’s admissions office an exact statement of the entrance requirements, and arrange your high school courses to meet those requirements. To assist students in making a smooth transition from high school to college, the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Board of Regents' Commission on Articulation has adopted "The Minimum Core" as a required college preparatory program for all 13 state universities in Ohio. Recommended Minimum Core: 1. Four credits of college prep English 2. Four credits college prep math minimum: CP Algebra, CP Geometry, Algebra II 3. Three credits college prep science minimum: CP Biology, CP Physical Science, Chemistry 4. Three credits social studies minimum: World Studies, American History, American Government and Economics 5. At least 2 years foreign language (in the same language) 6. One credit visual or performing arts -- choose from all music courses (band, choir), art courses, and drama courses (Acting I/II and Theatrical Production). Students are encouraged to take the most challenging courses available to them (within their level of ability). All colleges recognize AP and Accelerated courses as the most challenging. Taking them whenever possible enhances the student’s chances for being admitted.

16 Graduation Requirements: In order to graduate from Tippecanoe High School, students must meet all of the graduation requirements. These specifically include: passing all parts of the Ohio Graduation Test and earning a minimum of 21 credits in the following subject areas: 1. Four credits in English 2. Four credits in mathematics 3. Three credits in science: -One credit in a Life Science -One credit in a Physical Science -One credit in an advanced science elective 4. Three credits in social studies: -One credit in World Studies -One credit in American History -One credit in American Government and Economics 5. One-half credit in Health 6. One-half credit in Physical Education (students must take 2 PE courses for a total of 1/2 credit) OR 2 complete seasons of a sport, marching band or cheerleading (must meet full participation standards) 7. One-half credit in Information Technology 8. One credit in a fine art (unless following a career-technical pathway – CTC) 9. One-half credit in Personal Finance 10. Four additional credits in electives

17 Ohio Graduation Test: The Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT) measure proficiency in five content areas: reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. Students are required to pass all five areas of the OGT, as well as meet all local and state curricular requirements. Students have five opportunities while school is in session to pass the OGT prior to their high school graduation. The first opportunity for students to take the OGT will be in March of 10 th grade. Students will then have an opportunity to take the test again in the fall and spring of 11 th grade and the fall and spring of 12 th grade. Summer opportunities are also available. ALTERNATE WAY TO EARN AN OHIO DIPLOMA If a student passes four of the five OGT and meets all the following criteria, the student will meet the testing requirements for earning an Ohio diploma: 1. Be within 10 points of passing the one failed test 2. Has 97% attendance in each of last four school years 3. Has not been expelled from school in last four school years 4. Has a grade point average of at least 2.5 out of 4.0 in courses of test not yet passed 5. Has completed all high school requirements 6. Has participated in those intervention programs offered 7. Has letters recommending graduation from principal and high school teachers for courses of the test not passed.

18 Comparison of Diplomas with Honors Criteria Students need to fulfill all but one of the applicable criteria for the Diploma with Honors. Subject Academic Diploma with Honors for Classes 2011 and Beyond Career-Technical Diploma with Honors for Classes 2012 and Beyond English4 units Mathematics4 units, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or the equivalent and another higher level course or a four-year sequence of courses that contain equivalent content Science4 units, including physics and chemistry4 units, including two units of advanced science **** Social Studies4 units Foreign Language 3 units (must include no less than 2 units for which credit is sought), i.e., 3 units of one language or 2 units each of two languages N/A Fine Arts1 unitN/A ElectivesN/A4 units of Career-Technical minimum. Program must lead to an industry recognized credential, apprenticeship, or be part of an articulated career pathway which can lead to post secondary credit Grade Point Average 3.5 on a 4.0 scale ACT/SAT Score [excluding scores from the writing sections]* 27 ACT / 1210 SAT Additional Assessment N/AAchieve proficiency benchmark established for appropriate Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment or equivalent

19 Weighted Grade Policy: Courses designated as Advanced Placement (AP) and fourth year languages are eligible to be counted as weighted grades. The weighted grade will be calculated by adding.025 to the cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) at the successful completion of each semester for each weighted course. Only A, B, and C grades will receive the weight. Please note: Weighted rank and GPA will only be calculated at the end of the Junior year and then at the end of the seventh and eighth semesters. List of AP Courses currently offered at THS: AP Art Studio AP Biology AP Calculus AP Chemistry AP Government and Politics AP Literature and Composition AP Physics AP Statistics AP United States History List of fourth year languages: French IV Spanish IV Only the classes listed above will be weighted, AP classes transferred in from other schools that are not offered at THS will not be considered in the weighted GPA.

20 Miami Valley Career Technology Center Students who complete their Sophomore year have an option of applying to the Miami Valley Career Technology Center. If accepted, those students complete their Junior and Senior years at MVCTC in one of nearly 50 different career programs. Credits earned at the MVCTC apply towards their Tippecanoe High School diploma. To assure program availability, applications must be submitted during December/January of the Sophomore year. Students who attend the MVCTC are still Tippecanoe High School Students. Transportation will be provided daily to and from the career center. MVCTC students are able to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities at THS. They are permitted to return to the high school for certain scheduled events during the school day (ie pep rallies, Wellness Week, class meetings). MVCTC students who complete all the requirements for graduation from Tippecanoe High School will participate in the graduation ceremony and receive a traditional diploma as well.

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