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Friday, June 3, 2011 Issue 8. Students awarded, recognized at Summit Award Assembly Ta’Braya Dow, Opinion Editor Brion Koenig won the noble knight buck.

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1 Friday, June 3, 2011 Issue 8. Students awarded, recognized at Summit Award Assembly Ta’Braya Dow, Opinion Editor Brion Koenig won the noble knight buck award Tanisha Scott is the2011 Martin Luther King Jr. award recipient Honor roll recipients proudly show off trophies at Summit honor’s banquet O n Thursday, May 19,2011 Summit Academy had a awards banquet to recognize students and there achievements that they have had over the past school year. The banquet began at five-thirty pm with a dinner prepared by Mrs. Dory. At approximately six pm, Mr. Pallante kicked off the awards portion of the ceremony. Members of the student council and the school newspaper were acknowledged for there participation in there clubs. Special awards were also given for outstanding achievements in art, sportsmanship, and music by art teacher Mrs. Newbrough, Physical Education teacher Mrs. Brown, and music teacher Mr. Sonny. In the next portion of the awards assembly, three special awards were given to the students. Sophomore, Anthony Hughes, won a medal for having perfect attendance throughout the duration of the school year. Hughes is proud of his success and is looking for the repeat. “I am trying to make it a double, if not a triple header,” Hughes said. Freshman, Brion Koenig, was the recipient of the Noble Knight Bucks award. This award is given to the student, who accumulated the most Noble Knight Bucks throughout the of the school year. As the winner, Koenig received a fifty dollar Visa gift card. “It felt awesome to win the award,” Koenig said. “I spent the Visa gift card on three pairs of cargo shorts and a new hat.” Senior, Tanisha Scott, received the highest honor of the night, the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial award. Scott was very surprised and excited to win this very prestigious award. “I felt so honored to win the award,” Scott said. “I was so excited!” The assembly ended with recognizing students who managed to be on the honor roll two out of the three nine weeks. Students who received this award include: Monique Robinson, Brion Koenig, Anthony Hughes, Derrick Mazon, Michael Johnson, Tanisha Scott, Roneisha Johnson, and Katlyn Gregory. Kat Gregory, Marsha Young, Mrs. Dory, Briasia Brown, Andre Berger, and Limuel Myers pose for art awards photo

2 Brayapinions Tabraya Dow, Opinion Editor J ust like that, sophomore year is coming to an end. I really did have a lot of fun this school year, I really enjoyed myself. I am just surprised on how this year turned out. I thought it would not be as much fun as it was. The first fun thing we did this year was the dance. Later in the year, we went bowling and the last event we had this year we had was the luau. The best part of being a sophomore this year was that I got to have my own section in the newspaper. I thought that was very fun. This summer, I am going to have so much fun. I can not wait. I am going all over the United States; I am going to Alabama, North Carolina, and Indiana to see my family. I am also going to party for my birthday on June 11. I cannot wait. I also can’t wait until the 4 th of July, because my family and I shoot off fireworks, have cookouts and a lot of fun. I really cannot wait until this summer, so I can go to Cedar Point with my sister, Regine and my cousin Tea-Air. I am also going to get my license and get my new car so I can cruise around with my friends and family. Well, that’s all everyone. I hope everyone has a nice and safe summer! A s we all know, the best season of them all is just around the corner. Summer time!!!!!! Since summer time is quickly approaching, here are some ideas for basic summer fun. Also, here are some safety tips so that you’ll stay safe and out of trouble. Basic Summertime Fun: Going to amusement parks Being with family & friends Going on really fun vacations Eating ice cream & sundaes Chilling Going to the beach. The list goes on and on. Safety Tips for the Summer: Don’t go to wild parties If you drive, DON’T text and drive, for it can WAIT If you like being illegal, do not drink and drive better yet don’t drive at all. STAY SAFE!! Don’t be in other people’s mess that do not have anything to do with you whatsoever. Don’t hang with the wrong group of people, they can get you put in jail, and easily turn on you. Also put you in situations that you never thought you would be in. Last but not least, stay true to yourself and do not let anyone try to change you. Have a great and safe summer!!!!!!!! Summer time fun and safety Shakila Korneagay, News Editor 2

3 Summit Academy meets Washington D.C., students have a blast Anthony Hughes, Student Liason N ext year, there are going to be a lot of different changes here at Summit Academy. Next year, there will be 8 th grade students here, so the grades will be 8 th -12 th grade. This will mean more students here, different rules, and much more. More teachers and students being here will definitely bring many changes. I interviewed principal Mr. Pallante about how things are going to change and about the 8 th grade coming to the high school. “There will be 125 students here all together next year,” Mr. Pallante said. He also said that there will still be lunch periods. The 8 th grade will have their own classes by themselves. Eighth and ninth graders will eat lunch together. Mr. Pallante doesn’t know yet if the freshmen will be only allowed to wear white polo shirts only. To deal with the 8 th and 9 th grade drama Mr.Pallante will just get help from the office. There will still be fifteen students in each class with two teachers. Our student body had a variety opinions about these new students joining our student body. Sophomore Eva Baker said, “I feel that they don’t belong here, go back to the school and leave us alone.” Junior Rodney McMeans says that he does not really care, seriously. Andre Berger said that. “ I like it. As long as they don’t mess with me and leave me alone I don’t care.” Freshman Edward Dothard feels that there might be a lot of drama and girls fighting, but he doesn’t really care about the 8 th graders coming here. Sophomore John Jones does not think it matters. “Kids are kids, so just more people here, that’s it,” Jones said. Sophomore Michael Johnson feels that it is going to be wilder. “Let’s just see what’s going to happen, but to me I really don’t know,” Johnson said. I think that there is going to be a lot of more students here, and there could be a lot of more drama. There will be a lot of things happening and a lot of unsolved mysteries! O ur Washington DC trip has come and gone, and the students of Summit Academy had a splendid time. I took some time to ask some staff and students about their impressions of the trip. According to teacher, Mr. Tripoulis, “I loved it.” Mrs. Vaupel’s 5 th period class also really enjoyed the trip. Junior Shakila Korneagay described the trip in one word: “awesome.” Tanisha Scott described the trip as: “Very nice and beautiful.” I then asked everyone what they saw on the trip. Almost everyone went to the Smithsonian museums. However, some groups explored other elements of Washington D.C. According to Mr. Tripoulis, “I saw the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.” Every student on the trip was placed in a small group of five to six students with one teacher. According to Derrick Mazon and Desmond Harris, “We were with Mr. Pellegrini,” and according to Tyler, “ I was with Mr. Hart.” Although everyone enjoyed the trip, pretty much everyone hated the bus ride. Many students commented that it was very hot, especially on the way down to D.C. Everyone seemed to have a different favorite part. According to Ferguson, “My favorite part was the Air and Space Museum”. In the end, it seems like everyone would want to back next year, and according to Dominique Bailey, she said “ Yes, I would definitely want to go back.” Summit Academy anticipates 7 th, 8 th grade student arrivals Tashawna Alvarado, Sports Editor Summit students pose for picture at Arlington National cemeterySummit seniors pose in front of the CapitalTyler Ferguson 3

4 Students have ball, dance night away at Masquerade-themed prom Brion Koenig, Photographer 4 Seniors Dominique Bailey, Courtney Shirilla, and Nicole Bish dance their hearts out at prom A s we all know, Youngstown Summit Academy just had prom last month. Therefore, I have asked a lot of people about prom. I asked senior, Roneishia Johnson about Prom, and she said that Prom was fun. She also stated, “The prom appetizers were yummy, and so was the punch.” Johnson thinks that she was best dressed at the prom! Also, she thinks that the best dancers where James Donaldson and Limuel Myers. I also interviewed sophomore, Kat Gregory, who stated that the prom was a blast. She really did not like the appetizers, but she loved the cherry punch. She also was not surprised on who won Prom king and queen. “Yes I expected Tiara and James to win prom king and queen,” Gregory said. She agreed with Johnson that the best dancer was James Donaldson. I also interviewed freshman, Sean Skidmore, and he said “My best part was kicking it with my homies.” He also loved the prom appetizers, for he felt the food was tasty. He also stated that all of the girls were all the best dressed. Lastly, I interviewed junior, Monique Robinson. She stated that prom was so fun and a great place to be. “The appetizers where good; I loved the cheese sticks,” Robinson said. She also said the cherry punch was so good and refreshing. All in all, it appears everyone had a great time at the dance. I know I sure did! Prom Queen Tiara Berger and Prom King James Donaldson Senior ladies pose with Mr. Pallante Students end year on a fun note with field day competition Regine Mitchell, Editor in Chief T he time is here! The last activity of the school year has almost arrived! Field day will be June 8 th 2011 at the Scholl’s Pavilion in Mill Creek Park. said, Mrs. Brown. One will need to have 100 Knight Bucks in order to go to the field day. Although this Knight Buck requirement has been added, Mrs. Brown also said that all students are eligible to attend. “The whole school will be aloud to go”. The seniors will be allowed to go to field day even though they’ve already graduated. Some of the activities will include: basketball, ultimate Frisbee, tug of war, a scavenger hunt, and a football toss. Some of these events will be student versus students, but Mrs. Brown also said, “There will be student’s verses teachers definitely” When I asked who all was in charge of putting this together, she responded by saying, “Several teachers, the committee put it together.” My last question was, “Will there be an activity were suppose to wear swimsuit?” She responded by saying “Yes, there will be a time where the students can cool off,” Brown said. “Therefore, do not forget your towels.” All in all, it should be quite a fun time. It should be an entertaining way to end the school year.

5 Mrs. NewbroughAdvisor Mr. HartAdvisor Regine MitchellEditor in Chief Janay Rogers Brian Koenig Photographer Keegan CabanEntertainment Editor Anthony HughesStudent liaison Tabraya Dow Tashawna Alvarado Opinion Editor Sports Editor LaTonya McDuffieProfile Editor Shakila KorneagayNews/Layout Editor 6 W ell another incentive has come and gone again. For this one, it was a baseball game on Wednesday May 18, 2011. The baseball game was held at Eastwood field by the Eastwood Mall in Niles Ohio. The student body responded very well to the game. Senior, Jeri Drayton said the game was awesome fun but a little terrifying. He would not explain this description. Drayton went on to say that he enjoyed himself, when he was not scared. Drayton said the food was nice but cold. Sophomore, Erin Bokesch said the game was excellent. Bokesch said, “Yes, that I did enjoy myself.” Bokesch later said the food was nasty. Bokesch said her favorite part was going home. Drayton said his favorite part was talking to his teacher. Bokesch said she didn’t know who played in the game. Drayton said the teams that played were Youngstown State University and Akron University. Drayton said he didn’t know who won the game. Bokesch also said she didn’t know who won the game. Due to bussing issues, the students had to leave the game early. As it turns out, Akron ended up winning the match. Mrs. Vaupel said she organized the baseball game. She said that the stadium sent a flyer advertising the event to many local schools, and Mrs. Glenellen put it in her mailbox. Art Corner Students have a ball at Scrappers stadium YSU baseball incentive Keegan Caban, Entertainment Editor Marsha Young poses with her artwork Mr. Pallante ponders over the artwork at Summit Academy art show Marsha Young walks around and enjoys the art exhibits


7 Cover the Summit Academy tournament next year. To see more sports events. It is good, but its my last year a Summit. It is fine the way it is. I think Summit Ink was a great newspaper. I think it was awesome, but it could have had more pictures. Nothing; it was an awesome year. I wish the articles were more active and I want too see more stories. The stories were excellent. I want to see more shout outs. Better pictures. We want it in color. I think it was a awesome year! I loved it!!! More crosswords! Whens there a big fight, there should be an article about it. I think it was awesome, but should have had stuff about the Steelers. More news stories about Summit football. Well, it was the best to me. It was great. 6 What does Summit think about Summit Ink and what do they want see in the Summit Ink newspaper next year?

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