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Rank FirstName LastName

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1 Rank FirstName LastName
NOTE TO RRNCO: Please choose ONE title slide before giving your presentation. Fill in your rank and name. Rank FirstName LastName

2 Rank FirstName LastName
NOTE TO RRNCO: Please choose ONE title slide before giving your presentation. Fill in your rank and name. Rank FirstName LastName

3 Our history dates back to 1636 (Minutemen)
Time tested & honored organization; Oldest military branch in the United States Armed Forces Founded out of a citizen-force organized to protect families and towns from hostile attacks Versatile enough to respond to domestic emergencies, counterdrug efforts, homeland security, reconstruction missions, etc.

4 While the active duty forces have one mission, the
National Guard has TWO missions: 1. Primary: Serve our local communities and the State of Michigan. - natural disasters - civil disturbance - Commander-in-Chief: Governor of Michigan 2. Secondary: Serve the Nation - national emergencies - supporting active duty forces overseas - Commander-in-Chief: President of the United States

5 Typically, we serve: - One weekend each month (Sat/Sun drill)
- Two weeks each summer (annual training) EXCEPT: - Basic Combat Training (BCT) - 10 weeks - Advanced Individual Training (AIT) - duration depends on the job selected - Unit Activations


7 Intangibles: Serve your Community, State and Nation
Be a part of something bigger than yourself Life experiences you wouldn’t normally receive Dynamic & interesting career Forge camaraderie with like-minded individuals Become highly-skilled through training Make a real difference in other people’s lives

8 Tangibles: College Money - A LOT of it! Steady Monthly Paycheck
Gain financial independence Low-Cost Medical/Dental & Life Insurance Military Discounts & Low-Cost Personal Travel Retirement Pension Additional Retirement Savings Plan

9 College Assistance: - State Tuition Assistance Program - $250/semester hour; Up to $4,500/year - Federal Tuition Assistance Program - $250/semester hour; Up to $4,000/year - Student Loan Repayment Program – Up to $50, Tuition Grant Program (19 select colleges in Michigan) - Montgomery G.I. Bill – Up to $367.00/month (full-time college attendance) - Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker - $200/month (additional to Montgomery G.I. Bill) - Reserve Educational Assistance Program & Post 9/11 G.I. Bill Program And much more! NOTE TO RRNCO: Be sure to update this slide when changes arise each year, as required.

10 (based on 1 month of AIT, some AITs are longer)
Entry Level Pay (as a *Private E-1): One weekend/month $ (increase after 4 months) $ Annual Training (2 weeks) $ Basic Combat Training (BCT) $ 3, Advanced Individual Training (AIT)/month $ 1,531.50 Yearly pay $ 8,514.46 (based on 1 month of AIT, some AITs are longer) *If you get promoted before you attend training, you will receive pay earned at that rank. NOTE TO RRNCO: Be sure to update this slide when changes arise each year, as required. Amounts on this slide are based on 2014 pay charts.

11 Medical. Soldier:. Tricare $50/month. Family:
Medical Soldier: Tricare $50/month Family: Tricare $150/month Dental Soldier: Tricare Dental $10/month Family: MetLife Tricare Dental $82/month Life Soldier: Service-members Group Life Insurance (SGLI) – $400,000 Family: Service-members Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) – $100,000 NOTE TO RRNCO: Be sure to update this slide when changes arise each year, as required.

12 Before attending Basic Combat Training (BCT), you may
have the opportunity to attend the Recruit Sustainment Program (RSP). - One weekend per month until you leave for BCT/AIT - Typically, Saturday morning till Sunday afternoon Weekend drills are typically held in the National Guard Armory nearest to your home Training sessions provided are designed to prepare you physically and mentally to complete basic combat training successfully - Several locations throughout the State - You will be given uniforms - You will be paid! - School or major family events can often be worked around

13 In Basic Combat Training (BCT), you will gain pride, knowledge, discipline,
and physical conditioning. You will learn: - Army’s core values, traditions, ethics - Basic rifle marksmanship/additional weapons training - Rank structure/military time/phonetic alphabet - First aid - Combatives - Rappelling - Field & night training/convoy operations - Map/compass reading/land navigation You will attend training at one of the following locations: - Fort Benning (GA) - Fort Leonard Wood (MO) - Fort Sill (OK) - Fort Jackson (SC)


15 Our training will give you experience to have the career you want
OUTSIDE of the National Guard, as well! Bridge Crewmember Carpenter/Mason Cavalry Scout Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialist Combat Engineer Construction Equipment Mechanic Food Service Specialist Horizontal Construction Engineer Human Resources Specialist Interior Electrician LAN Manager Legal Specialist Medic Military Policeman Motor Transport Operator Petroleum Supply Specialist Plumber Quartermaster & Chemical Equipment Repair Specialist Shower/Laundry & Clothing Repair Specialist Signal Support Systems Specialist Unit Supply Specialist Utilities Equipment Repairer Water Treatment Specialist Welder/Machinist Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic NOTE TO RRNCO: Feel free to add or delete any jobs listed as necessary for your recruiting area.

16 - Be between the ages of 17-35
Non-Prior Service: - Be between the ages of 17-35 - Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident - Be at least a Junior in high school, or have a high school diploma or a GED Certificate Meet medical, physical, and moral requirements NOTE TO RRNCO: Be sure to update this slide when changes arise each year, as required.

17 Prior Service: - Must qualify for non-regular retirement by age 60
- Must meet height/weight and current medical requirements - Must meet education standards for the MOS or option for which you are enlisting Must have most current: DD Form 214 “Certificate of Release,” or Discharge from Active Duty,” or NGB Form 22 “National Guard Report of Separation and Record of Service,” or discharge order and have an approved DD Form “Conditional Release” - Applicants with a break in service of over 10 years must retake the ASVAB to establish current scores

18 1. Make an initial appointment with me.
- We will determine your eligibility and what you’d like to get out of your enlistment with the Guard. 2. If eligible, I will schedule appointments for you to: - Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) - Take a medical exam - Prepare enlistment paperwork - Review & sign your contract - Swear-in at a Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)

19 We offer two enlistment options:
Split Option – created for individuals who cannot complete their entire training obligation at one time; high school juniors, college students and seasonal workers can ‘split’ their training… attending BCT, return home, and delay up to one year to complete AIT Standard Enlistment – available for individuals who wish to join and attend training as soon as possible Time starts at enlistment and you have the opportunity to serve a 3 or 6 year contract commitment.

20 You have two options for becoming an Officer in the Army National Guard:
1. Commissioned Officers: - Critical thinkers, decision makers, visionary leaders - Responsible for the welfare, morale and professional development of Soldiers entrusted to them - Self-disciplined, motivated, confident and possess superior judgment to solve problems and accomplish the mission - Two training routes; Officer Candidate School (OCS) and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) - Graduate from training as a Second Lieutenant 2. Warrant Officers: - Technical & tactical experts, provide advice, direction & training - Critical to administering and executing plans in their concentrated areas of expertise - Training takes place at Fort Rucker, AL - Graduate from training as a Warrant Officer (WO1)

21 Officer Candidate School (OCS) has two training options:
1. Federal OCS - 8 week course at Fort Benning, GA 2. State OCS - 18 month process - 1 weekend a month - one 2-week Annual Training at the Michigan Military Academy located at Fort Custer Training Center, MI After completing either of these options, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant (2LT).

22 Enlistment into the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) is a
multi-step process. STEP 1: Qualifying - be a member of the Army National Guard; - complete Basic Combat Training (BCT); - it is not necessary to complete Advanced Individual Training (AIT), however, an AIT qualified Soldier is eligible to take advantage of Montgomery G.I. Bill benefits. STEP 2: Attend College - be accepted and attend a college or university offering ROTC; - complete an SMP Agreement Contract before your Sophomore or Junior year. STEP 3: ROTC Advance Camp - complete Military Science III (Junior year); - attend a 6-week ROTC Advance Camp at Fort Knox, KY. STEP 4: Graduate - apply for graduation; - receive your commission as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the Army National Guard or United States Army.

23 Military Intelligence
Upon completion of OCS or ROTC, you will receive your commission and be required to attend the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). Course length will depend upon what Career Path you choose below: Armor Aviation Chemical Engineer Field Artillery Infantry Medical Corp Military Intelligence Military Police Nurse Corp Ordnance Quartermaster Signal Transportation

24 Rank Lastname 000-000-0000 (cell - call or text)
(office - call) ( ) NOTE TO RRNCO: Please include your contact information.

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