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2013-2014 school year BHS SOPHOMORE REGISTRATION.

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1 2013-2014 school year BHS SOPHOMORE REGISTRATION

2 PURPOSE To provide you with important information about graduation requirements To help you make well informed decisions about which classes to take your sophomore year More questions? Email your counselor at: (A-F) (G-O) (P-Z)

3 PROCESS Get your Registration card from your CAMP teacher. Choose and circle class selections & alternates on your registration card. Take your registration card home and discuss your selections with your parents. Get your PARENT SIGNATURE. Turn your signed registration form into your CAMP teacher. You will upload your selections to the parent/student portal of Powerschool during CAMP.

4 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Credit TypeCredit Required Communication Arts4 credits Social Studies3 ½ credits Science3 credits Math 3 credits Practical Art (IT, FACS, Business)1 credit Fine Art (Art, Music, Theater)1 credit Physical Education/Health2 credits Personal Finance ½ credit Other Electives7 credits Total:25 credits

5 GUIDE FOR CAREER PLANNING AND PROGRAMS OF STUDY BOOKLET Access this book online at : What will you find in the book? Graduation requirements – pg. 8 Class Descriptions - pgs. 110 – 169 Career Pathways (for help in choosing classes which go along with your intended career) – Pgs. 21 - 100


7 REQUIRED CORE CLASSES YOU MUST TAKE THESE COURSES YOUR 10 TH GRADE YEAR You will choose & circle 1 class in each of the following categories Communication Arts 10 World History Math (if you had Alg I this year: take Geometry. If you had Geometry this year: take Algebra II) PCP or *Chemistry Health and ½ credit PE or JROTC 3 credits of the electives of your choice

8 *HONORS VS. NON HONORS CLASSES Honors classes are denoted by an * on your registration sheet You MUST take 4 honors classes per semester if you are trying to be in the top 10% of your graduating class

9 Fine Art (any class in): Art Vocal Music (Choir) Instrumental Music (band or strings) Theatre Competitive Drama Practical Art (any class in): Business Industrial Technology Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Hillyard Tech. Center CHOOSING ELECTIVES: Keep in mind that you must take at least 1 fine art and 1 practical art to meet graduation requirements

10 CHOOSING ELECTIVE “ALTERNATES” ALTERNATE Classes: Write in 1 year long alternate and 4 sem. alternates on your registration sheet. These are classes you agree to take if your other class selections cannot be filled. IMPORTANT!! You will NOT be allowed to change your schedule into a class not circled or written in as an alternate on your registration card.

11 THINK ABOUT ACT Taking a rigorous course load (honors and core electives) is best for achieving a high ACT score An ACT score is required for admittance to most colleges and universities Scholarship $ depend on it Begin taking 2 nd sem. Sophomore year

12 KEEP IN MIND... First and foremost: we place you in classes that are required for graduation. We do our best to fill your course requests, but sometimes it is impossible. Pay your fees! If you owe money for a course this year, we cannot put you in a course that requires a fee next year For example, if you owe money for Woodworking Tech this year, we cannot put you in Metal Working Tech next year Credits are earned by semester. If you fail a semester of a graduation requirement, the same semester must be re-taken.

13 WHAT TO DO ABOUT FAILED COURSES Register for regular sophomore classes as if you have passed every course up to this point. Counselors will adjust your schedule to make room for you to re- take failures. For example: if you failed a class required for graduation this year, we put that class back into your schedule next year Failed graduation requirements must be re-taken until passed.

14 QUESTIONS Email your counselor at: (A-F) (G-O) (P-Z) Stop in the counseling office and make an appointment or call 671-4037 Follow us on twitter: @BHS_Counseling

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