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Equity and Excellence: The New Face of AP®. Equity and Excellence Equity means allowing more students access to AP classes. Excellence is measured by.

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1 Equity and Excellence: The New Face of AP®

2 Equity and Excellence Equity means allowing more students access to AP classes. Excellence is measured by student performance on AP tests. The minimum target for Excellence is one score of 3 or higher by an AP student. “Without preparation, opportunity is an empty promise.” —Alan Page, Minnesota Supreme Court Justice personal-best-10-careers_slide_11.html

3 How does Wisconsin compare on Equity and Excellence? The AP Report to the Nations provides some great insights. Wisconsin ranks: – 14 th in the Nation – 1 st in the Midwest Region – Below national averages for underserved students

4 Nationally Wisconsin ranks 14 th

5 Regionally Wisconsin ranks #1

6 How did the class of 2010 perform? AP Scores of 1 and 2 AP Scores of 3,4, and 5

7 Wisconsin continues a strong showing in the data

8 Few states have lower levels of AP Scores of 1 and 2 Few states have higher levels of AP scores of 3-5 What does this suggest about Wisconsin Equity and Excellence??



11 Black/African American Students E to E Metric United States Wisconsin

12 Hispanic/Latino Students E to E Metric United States Wisconsin

13 American Indian/Alaskan Native Students E to E Metric United States Wisconsin

14 Why are rural high school grads less likely to go on to college? …most rural schools don't challenge students with college-level work. Chart: Daily Yonder, with data from College Board College Board lack-ap-courses-holds-rural- students-back

15 The Spirit of the Wisconsin Idea First attributed to UW President Charles Van Hise in 1904, the Wisconsin Idea is the principle that education should influence and improve people’s lives beyond the university classroom. For more than 100 years, this idea has guided the university’s work. Source: University of Wisconsin- Madison Wisconsin Idea Toolkit

16 The great tradition of UW Madison's APSI continues to: Provide high school educators strong professional development to meet the rigors of AP Embraces the high school college partnership with co facilitators for the APSI Works in concert with the College Board,UW Systems and UW Regents to empower AP students And much more

17 New Demographics in AP classes. 20 th Century Demographics 12% in AP Classes 21 st Century Demographics 50% in AP Classes

18 How do we increase Equity and Maintain Excellence??? As AP classes grow to include the 2 nd and 3 rd quartile students (Equity) a shift in instructional practice and assessment models is logical. The UW Department of Education partnering with the Madison APSI is the perfect match to advance Equity and Excellence! Developing on line support, AP PLC’s, action research, data analysis and sharing best practices are vital to Equity and Excellence.

19 Snapshot of our nation’s grades 9-16 persistence 100 students will enter grade 9 69 will graduate from high school 42 will enter college 28 will return for the sophomore year in college 20 will earn a Bachelors degree in 6 years Source: National Center for Higher Education news/articles/college-board-study-examines-the-value-of-a-college- degree-10092102

20 David Conley’s publication, College and Career Ready Many of us know Conley. He was the major contributor to the AP syllabus project for the AP Ledger

21 EPIC–Educational Policy Improvement Center 4 Dimensions of College and Career Readiness

22 Rigorous course work for all students is critical What are the choices for measurable rigorous course work ????? -Advanced Placement -International Baccalaureate -ACT Race to 25 -Dual Enrollment -other

23 Instructional strategy that can Advance Equity and Excellence Reality is, that on most AP Exams M/C counts for 45% to 66% of a student’s AP exam grade We will target how to help 2 nd and 3 rd quartile student succeed in AP level M/C test Every teacher in the room can use this strategy next year

24 Strong formative (pretest) and summative testing models require feedback loops that have a remediation plan The Remediation Plan: have students disaggregate their performance to help them discover their specific deficits for targeted improvement.

25 Disaggregated performance worksheet for formative and summative assessments

26 Students overwhelmingly prefer this model of assessment Students complete the disaggregated worksheet, not teachers Students who get low M/C scores have clear targets and know where to start remediation Teachers can create a disaggregated model to frame key skills and/or content for students To make this model manageable teachers should collaborate with common assessments and start with semester exams

27 Assessment Differentiation and Scaffolding Formative M/C test-2001 released AP exam-3/25 Disaggregate 2001 results to focus learning Summative M/C test-2006 released AP exam-4/15 Disaggregate 2006 results to focus learning Optional Retake Summative M/C test-1996 released AP exam-4/26-4/30-for a higher grade AP National Exam 5/7

28 AP Instructional Planning Reports illustrate a spike in multiple choice performance and 10% overall increase in the number of students earning 3 or higher on the AP exam Page 1 Macro view of data Page 2 Micro view of data

29 My greatest hope for the UW Madison APSI is to be part of a strong preK-16 partnership that improves our students College and Career Readiness Source: EPIC–Educational Policy Improvement Center

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