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Penn Microfinance September GBM September 15 th /16 th, 2014.

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1 Penn Microfinance September GBM September 15 th /16 th, 2014

2 About Penn Microfinance Upcoming Events Project Teams Brazil Philippines Bangladesh Rwanda Think Tank Team Conference Team Getting Involved Additional Opportunities: Compass Capital Agenda

3 About Penn Microfinance The first and largest undergraduate microfinance organization Founded in 2005 Mission: To raise awareness about microfinance while providing opportunities for students to get involved in the field To offer support to and partner with established international microfinance institutions To encourage networking and career development in microfinance for students To build a community of people who are passionate about poverty alleviation and social impact Project Teams Brazil, Philippines, Bangladesh, Rwanda Chance to work with world renowned MFIs Sustained relationships with clients Think Tank Team Conference Team Social and educational events throughout the year

4 After Penn Microfinance Penn Microfinance alumni have gone on to work in a variety of industries such as finance, consulting, non-profits, start-ups, and more: Compass Capital

5 Upcoming Events Fall 2014 Application/Interview Process Microfinance 101 Workshop on September 30, 6 PM – 7 PM Club Member Game Nights Microfinance Movie Nights Social Events Spring 2015 Penn Microfinance Conference (March) Social Events Summer Trips Any of your suggestions!

6 Project Teams Brazil| Philippines| Bangladesh| Rwanda

7 PROJECT TEAM: BRAZIL Who We Are| Where We Go| What We Do

8 Team Leaders Kevin Emancipator 8 Karishma Tank

9 Fortaleza, Brazil Located in NE Brazil 5 th largest city in the country with 2.5+ million residents 9 One of the hosts of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

10 FIFA Fortaleza Video

11 Banco Palmas Community development bank (CDB) – Sparked a movement to create 51 other banks throughout Brazil – Social currency Mission – Microcredit and financial services for the impoverished and underserved

12 Banco Palmas in the News

13 Trip from Last Year

14 Current Projects – App Development Google API solution Goal – better analyze, visualize data that is collected – Market Analysis and Consulting Improve segmentation using data driven decisions to better serve target customers in Fortaleza – Website/Media Development Improve design Create a virtual tour of Banco Palmas and Palmas Labs Make a video to share the bank’s history to non-Fortaleza residents

15 Team 8-10 members Article discussions and learning opportunities in addition to projects Highly recommended: Send resumes to Trip to Fortaleza

16 PHILIPPINES Who We Are| Where We Go| What We Do 16

17 Philippines: Kasagana-Ka (“KDCI”) 20,000+ Urban Clients, 4 Star Rating on MIX Market

18 Location: Manila - Philippines Capital and largest city in the Philippines with a population of 12M

19 Work Developed & Recognition Gross Loan Porfolio USD 2.7 mn # of Active Borrowers 20,119

20 Work Developed & Recognition Design Analysis on Housing Finance Products Best Practices on Housing Finance Training on Change Management

21 The Team 8-10 people Articles analysis, discussions and presentations Projects involving creation of credit scoring tool & case studies for change management Business trip to Manila – Philippines for Summer 2015

22 BANGLADESH Who We Are| Where We Go| What We Do 22

23 Microfinance in Bangladesh Birthplace of Microfinance Dr. Muhammad Yunus Over 500 microcredit providers & 20 million borrowers

24 Bangladesh Initiative BRAC The largest NGO in the world Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh Helped over 135 million people worldwide Trip Travel to Bangladesh Present to client See your impact Our Team 10-15 members Tight-knit Environment Freshmen and sophomore- friendly Focus on Microfinance Education 2 weeks of training within the team Weekly current events discussion Perform research for the largest NGO’s new initiative

25 Bangladesh Initiative – Fall 2014 Youth Employment Through Skills (YES) Project – Research and develop financial products for adolescents – Conduct market analysis – Aid with product development Possible trip to Bangladesh in May 2015 We are accepting applications for our team – all members from last year must re-apply Opportunities to consult for the largest NGO in the world Opportunities to consult in new product development Opportunities to learn about various financial products related to microfinance

26 RWANDA Who We Are| Where We Go| What We Do 26

27 Rwanda Team 1) MORE LOANS2) BETTER UNDERWRITING 3) WIDER REACH OUR CLIENT Atikus Insurance is a for-profit, socially focused enterprise MISSION To unlock the potential of the underserved in East Africa, with Rwanda as the pilot market PRODUCT Credit insurance product with three distinct advantages

28 Current Projects – Data Analysis Create data analysis graphics and reports from raw Rwandan census, demographic and poverty data Skill(s): Data science, statistics – Marketing Complete branding and style guide Create infographics and other marketing materials Skill(s): Graphic design, branding – Technology Determine functional requirements and use cases for current technology platform Skill(s): Product management


30 Penn Microfinance Think Tank New research initiative Focus on thought leadership and the utilization of business analysis to solve social problems Educate club members, the university, and society regarding the principles and applications of microfinance

31 Leadership Team Jeremy Fedus Director Arjun Bhaskar Chair Daniel Nyakora Chair Asad Hussain Co-Director Co-founder and 2013 Director Independent Field Study on South Indian Microfinance Co-founder and 2013 Co- Director Independent Field Study on Kenyan Microfinance 2013 Assistant Director Textbook Primer on Haitian Microcredit and Finance Director Think Tank Analyst and Brazil Project Team Member Textbook Primer on Brazilian Microcredit

32 Comprehensive Skills Training Create focus groups to conduct industry primers by sector & subject area Past deliverables include: – U.S. Microcredit – Brazilian Technology – Kenyan Agriculture – Haitian Microcredit Microfinance 101 Research 101 Business analysis frameworks – Investment analysis – Debt lender evaluation – Competitor and market analysis Guest speakers Current affairs Training Industry Research

33 Potential Project Pipeline Mid-spring competition targeting freshman and sophomores to pitch social impact bonds for Kenya’s Equity Bank to distribute Think Tank will generate its own independent solution in Fall, while crowdsourcing ideas from the rest of Penn in Spring Social Impact Bond Pitch Competition Independent field research study on the Philadelphia micro-investing and entrepreneurship market under Dr. Keith Weigelt Gain experience with sampling, experimental design, and data analysis under mentorship of prominent microfinance professor Building Bridges to Wealth

34 Project Timetable Training & Textbook (4-6 weeks) Microfinance 101 Research 101 Business Analysis Textbook Compilation Textbook Publication Philly Project (12-16 weeks) Determine research problem Sample microentrepreneurs Analyze quantitative and qualitative data Draw conclusion(s) Topics for further research Pitch Competition (6-12 weeks) Create Think Tank deliverable for Equity Bank Marketing to other clubs and students Logistics and Execution Independent Research 02436912151821 Training & Textbook Independent Research Pitch Competition Building Bridges Project Training & Textbook Case Competition Philly Project Independent Research Week Perform analytical research on microfinance concepts under mentorship of professor Conclude with end of semester deliverable (14-17 weeks)

35 Flat Organizational Structure Potential for advancing to high leadership positions, even as a freshman Other available positions: - Secretary - Finance Director - Marketing Director - Sourcing Director Think Tank Directors Assistant Director of Building Bridges Project Assistant Director of Independent Research Assistant Director of Pitch Competition Analyst Team

36 Application Process Why Think Tank? – Pre-professional skills & comprehensive training – Hands-on leadership experience Recruiting 6-8 new Analysts for 12-member team Fill out club application & email resume to


38 Penn Microfinance Conference First and largest undergraduate microfinance conference in the United States Currently in its 9 th year Forum for students, academics and professionals to engage in conversation on current issues in microfinance Past Speakers: – David Roodman, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development – Alex Counts, President & CEO Grameen Foundation – William Abrams, President, Trickle Up – Gina Harman, Former CEO, ACCION USA – Matt Flannery, Former CEO and Current Chairman, Kiva

39 Past Conferences

40 The Team 8 team members Learn about microfinance – Research current themes in the industry – Develop ideas for conference theme – Research panel ideas Gain hands-on experience planning a conference – Logistics – Speaker Outreach – Marketing

41 Next Steps

42 42 Join Penn Microfinance Applications due by Monday, September 22 at 11:59 PM Link can be found in our emails and on our website Option to also help out with general club event planning (see application) Email with any questions or Interviews will take place from Friday, September 26 th – Sunday September 28 th All team decisions determined by Monday, September 29 Microfinance 101 on Tuesday, September 30 th with your teams

43 Additional Microfinance Opportunities

44 Compass Capital Recruitment for Fall 2014

45 Compass Capital Compass Capital is the first and only student-run microfinance institution (MFI) that empowers Philadelphia entrepreneurs We foster innovation and sustainability to revitalize Philadelphia’s microfinance market Founded in Jan 2013 and formerly known as Bridging Communities Fund Successfully raised seed capital in 2013 and will begin pilot program for microloans in late 2014 Led by current and former Penn Microfinance board members

46 Microbusinesses are the backbone of Philadelphia’s economy, but are largely underserved 88,256 70,778

47 Compass Capital offers loan products and coaching services to help local micro-entrepreneurs Credit Building Loans Loans of up to $1500 To help borrowers increase credit scores Business Loans Loans of up to $5000 For business capital improvements Business Coaching Leverage students’ business acumen to provide financial advice Financial Literacy Connect our clients to our partner financial literacy programs

48 Compass Capital actively seeks out individuals who would benefit from our products Importance of credit and availability of resources is not well known in the Philadelphia community Compass Capital has made connections with groups full of potential candidates Financial literacy courses Small business development courses Still looking for a larger candidate pool for loans Explaining the benefits of a credit building loan is a complex process

49 Once loan applications are received, we review them as a team to disburse loan funds A variety of factors are used to determine loan disbursement, including: Past history Level of disposable income Back taxes or currently unpaid bills Housing situation Availability of collateral Goal is to find a ‘sweet spot’ where the loan assists the applicant but the applicant is still credit-worthy

50 Concurrently with these processes we are still looking for opportunities to grow Compass Capital is still very much a start-up Raising more loan capital is a priority On top of that also: Continuing to develop our internal loan management and disbursement systems Working with various government agencies to obtain different certifications and recognitions Building partnerships with other organizations throughout Philadelphia

51 Interested in joining? We are currently recruiting 2-3 freshmen/sophomores for our Associate program Microfinance experience is recommended, though not required Email your resume to Graham Jordan at as soon as possible Applications accepted on a rolling basis so earlier is better and increases the chances of being interviewed Successful candidates can start as early as Friday, September 26 th

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