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2 CMCSS Vision Each student graduates from high school college and career ready.

3 What are College and Career Academies ? A small learning community, comprised of a group of students within the larger high school, who take classes together, and are taught by a team of teachers from different disciplines; A college preparatory curriculum with a career theme, enabling students to see relationships among academic subjects, and their application to a broad field of work; and Partnerships with employers, the community, and local colleges, who bring resources from outside the high school to improve student motivation and achievement.

4 How are College and Career Academies different than a traditional high school experience ? Small cluster of students around a career/college interest base Instruction is designed around career interest base Opportunities for teachers and students to partner with interest based stakeholders to enhance their academic experience

5 How are College and Career Academies different than a typical elective focus ? Core academic classes integrate instruction around the academy focus (when appropriate)

6 How did CMCSS determine which academies would best fit student needs? Reviewed career interest surveys administered to 7 th and 8 th grade students Reviewed regional and national job trend data indicating the jobs most in demand for the next 10 years

7 What were the findings? Student Career Interest Health Science Agriculture Arts and Communication Hospitality and Tourism STEM Construction Finance and Accounting Law and Public Safety Regional and National Job Trends Health Science Agriculture Construction Hospitality and Marketing Communication and Manufacturing (STEM)

8 What academies will be available in CMCSS ? Clarksville High School-The Academy of Business and Finance Kenwood High School – The STEM Academy Montgomery Central High School-The Academy of Plant and Animal Systems Northeast High School-The Academy of Computer and Game Programming Technology Northwest High School-The Health Science Academy Rossview High School-The Academy of Media Arts and Technology West Creek High School-The Academy of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

9 College and Career Academy Application Process Complete student information for the academy that the student has interest in attending Prioritize the student’s strands of interest StrandsBroadcast Journalism/Mult imedia Digital Arts & Design Web Design Freshman Speech Communication Art IComputer Applications Sophomore Broadcast Journalism I Digital Art and Design I Interactive Multimedia Presentation Junior Broadcast Journalism II Digital Art and Design II Web Essentials Senior Broadcast Journalism III Digital Art and Design III Web Application Choice 1 st, 2 nd,3 rd 213

10 College and Career Academy Application Process Application window is March 5-14 Applications available tonight, at your student’s middle school, on each high school’s website, and from the CMCSS homepage ( Commitment statement Identified by the school logo

11 Selection Process Applications to be submitted to your child’s middle school counselor by March 14 th College and career academy criteria is a completed application by a student and parent (interest based) Exception of STEM Academy (academic and interest criteria) If college and career academy exceed number of seats available (75—50/25) a lottery will be held on March 15 th

12 Selection Process If student is not selected, they will be put on a waiting list until April 15th If student is accepted, the school will register student between March 16-22

13 Registration Accepted students register with the academy school between March 16-22 The academy high school will request student records from last school attended Student will then be part of the academy within the high school they were accepted including all extracurricular activities Renew student commitment to attend academy on a yearly basis

14 Transportation Out of zone parent assumes responsibility of transportation Options for transportation CHS-MCHS (pick up point at middle school and drop off at high school) ROHS-NEHS (pick up point at middle school and drop off at high school) WCHS-NWHS (pick up point at middle school and drop off at high school) Dismissed during 7 th period, if they need out of zone transportation excluding STEM Potential for parent to transport to out of zone middle school to provide transportation for out of zone academy If a student fits the above qualifications the parents will fill out a transportation form during registration Difference between STEM transportation (all schools have pick up points for next year only*) and College and Career Academies (just cluster pick up points)

15 Time to Visit Academy Representatives from each High School 7 rooms Opportunity to ask questions Applications available If interested, submit applications to your student’s middle school counselor by March 14 th

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