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Photo Above: YEG students collaborating with students from around the country at Freedom Academy II in Salt Lake City, Utah. Designed specifically for.

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2 Photo Above: YEG students collaborating with students from around the country at Freedom Academy II in Salt Lake City, Utah. Designed specifically for high school students, Freedom Academy seminars introduce students to basic concepts in economics, the role of liberty in the American founding, and multiple special topics in modern economics. In addition to traditional lecture style classroom learning, students have many opportunities to participate in hands- on learning activities and projects. Our Mission To provide students with the business and entrepreneurial education experiences that help them prosper and become contributing members of society. To accomplish our mission, we: Provide practical business knowledge and experience Encourage a changed mindset to an economic way of thinking Promote higher education and productive citizenry WHO WE ARE “As young entrepreneurs you can help to create a society where everyone benefits.” JaKathryn Ross, YEG Executive Director 2

3 OUR HISTORY “In looking back at the time I spent as a student of the program and now as an alum, I can truly say that my involvement has taught me to continuously seize the moment because the world is so full of opportunities.” Jessica Stillwell YEG Inaugural Class of 2007 University of Georgia Graduate Class of 2012 Youth Entrepreneurs ® Georgia (YEG), formerly Youth Entrepreneurs Atlanta, is an educational program sponsored by Georgia-Pacific. Inaugural classes began August 2006 at Mays High School and Maynard Jackson High School (Formerly Southside High School). The program seeks to teach high school students in at-risk communities the fundamentals of free enterprise and essentials for entering the business world as an owner or an employee who thinks like one. After Koch Industries acquired Georgia-Pacific in December 2005, there was strong interest in expanding the program into the metro Atlanta area. Recognizing the value to the students and community, Georgia-Pacific and Atlanta Public Schools seized this opportunity to develop well informed, business savvy young people who will begin to think like owners. 3

4 Students from At-Risk Communities. (Communities deemed to be at-risk, as determined by the percentage of students who are eligible to receive free or reduced- cost lunch.) An increasing number of students are faced with the threat of gang violence, drug and alcohol temptations, and broken homes. Others face risks which can be disruptive, such as poor grades, lack of family support, or a lack of direction. Our goal is to help each student succeed, regardless of the type of obstacles he or she experiences. WHO WE SERVE Open Basic Math Proficiency Basic Reading Proficiency Basic Writing Proficiency Target YEG Student Profile 10 th /11 th Grader Outgoing Ethical Communicative Creative Ethical Self- Controlled Entrepreneurial Spirit Driven 4 90% of 2011-12 YEG students were eligible for free or reduced lunch

5 Daba Briggs Owner, Moksha Shop OUR APPROACH “YEG has fostered my understanding that with scholarship comes a responsibility to obtain leadership and a duty to perform service.” Samuel Yenn-Batah YEG Inaugural class alumnus Class of 2007 Georgia State University Junior Founder and CEO of Sax with Sam, LLC PHOTO OF TEACHERS IN TRAINING Utilize the expertise and capabilities of certified HS teachers to implement our rigorous, relevant, and practical curriculum PHOTO OF ADVISEMENT SESSION Actively seek the knowledge and experience of metro Atlanta’s diverse business community to support the development of our students and teachers Design out of the classroom educational opportunities that allow our students and teachers to experience the spontaneous cooperation of the marketplace 5

6 CURRICULUM *Correlates to federal, state and local academic standards as defined by: Common Core State Standards ACT College Readiness Standards Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education Standards 6 Standards-Based *PLEASE REFER TO YEG STANDARDS CORRELATION BOOK

7 CURRICULUM Award-Winning Owning Your Future, the 11th edition of NFTE’s curriculum, was recently chosen by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) as the best math curriculum for high school students. The program consists of curriculum developed by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) as well as numerous hands-on activities that keep students fully engaged. 7

8 SCHOOL-LEVEL COMMITMENT NEEDED Teacher Selection Student Recruiting Assistance & Registration Access to School Leadership A/V Equipment Regularly Available to Teacher Computers Regularly Available to Students Reliable, Consistent Access to Student Data 8 YEG course included in master schedule as a “singleton” full-year course

9 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TEACHER PROFILE Highly Organized Embraces Experiential Education More of a Facilitator than a Lecturer Strong Classroom Management Welcomes Guest Speakers Teaches for Mastery Rather than Coverage Computer Literate Pro-Business Attitude Enthusiastic 9 CTAE Certification NOT Required

10 FAST FACTS 10 Inaugural Class: 2006-2007 93% of students in this class enrolled in post-secondary education 77% of those who started have either graduated or remain enrolled 2008-2009 19% increase (pre to post test) in the number of students who would like to pursue a college degree or higher Students who believed they had enough knowledge to start their own business increased 38% by the end of the course 2006-2012 An average 18% increase in business knowledge from the pre to post business aptitude assessment


12 12 OUR IMPACT 12 9 of 10 YEG students complete the course

13 OUR IMPACT “It seems I am constantly reaping the benefits of an entrepreneurial foundation, and the strong, influential, and supportive network that comes along with it.” Asha Haki-Tyler YEG Alumna Class of 2010 Boston University Sophomore 13 “81% of students who dropped out of school said they would not have dropped out if school was more relevant to real life.” The Civic Enterprises and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Student Perspective

14 OUR IMPACT Pictured above: 2011-12 YEG Regional Business Plan Winner, Queen White and mother, Ms. Darcy Barnett Queen White YEG Class of 2012 Brandeis University Freshman Founder and CEO of Queen’s Care, LLC 14 Entrepreneurship Education is Important to Families; Parents Value it Parent/Guardian Perspective

15 OUR IMPACT “At first, I despised the idea of entrepreneurs because I saw them as being money hungry and greedy. After I took the course I learned that entrepreneurs are creative and bold. I see them as leaders of the new and recyclers of the old worn out ideas. Entrepreneurship is how this country was founded.” Jose Lopez YEG Alumnus Class of 2010 Georgia College and State University Sophomore Total Scholarship Funds Awarded (Dollars) per Year 20 recipients 29 recipients 15 recipients 16 recipients 6 15

16 COLLABORATION AT WORK Since 2006 Over 250 Professionals Have Volunteered Time in YEG Classes 16

17 BEYOND THE CLASSROOM 17 1 2 7 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 1.Students on field trip to GP Innovation Institute 2.Students at Market Day selling event 3.Students at Dare to Dream event at Georgia Aquarium 4.Alum attending UGA game following business case competition 5.Alum job shadowing with Coca-Cola Venturing and Emerging Brands 6.Student participating in NFTE Trade Show in NYC, NY 7.Alum at GP Scholars & Leaders event 8.Student at NFTE in NYC 9.Alum and GP Foundation President at Dare to Dream at GP 10.Alum participating in activity debrief at FEE seminar at GP

18 Alumni Center for Entrepreneurial Development (ACED) BEYOND THE CLASSROOM 18 1 2 3 4 5 5 1.Alum interning at Georgia-Pacific TV 2.Alum selling product at Womenetics conference 3.Alum with students at Freedom Academy II in Estes Park, Colorado 4.Alum with volunteers while interning at Atlanta Dogwood Festival 5.Alum at The High School Showcase 5

19 Daba Briggs Owner, Moksha Shop MEDIA IMPRESSIONS Ivy Davis used her YEG educational scholarship to study abroad. Ivy traveled to Poitiers, France to pursue an Advanced Certificate in Marketing from the European/ International Business Program at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Et Management YEG Alumna Class of 2008 University of West Georgia Senior 19

20 OUR TEAM Mr. Curley M. Dossman, Jr. President Mr. Curley M. Dossman, Jr. Ms. JaKathryn Ross Mr. Scott D. Brown Ms. Tiffany Rivers Ms. CeWyon Chandler-Ward Mr. Samuel Yenn-Batah Board Member Executive Director Program Director Program Coordinator Special Projects Professional Program Associate Youth Entrepreneurs ® Georgia Program Office Georgia-Pacific Foundation 20

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