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Preparing Future Ready Students: Impact of HB5 on Graduation January 13, 2013.

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1 Preparing Future Ready Students: Impact of HB5 on Graduation January 13, 2013

2 Northwest ISD Our VISION is to be the best and most sought- after school district where every student is future ready: Ready for college Ready for the global workplace Ready for personal success


4 Purpose To identify the graduation plan options available to NISD students in order that parents can help their student select the best graduation plan for them

5 HB 5 - Major Components Testing –Reduced EOC exams from 15 to 5 Graduation Plans –Created Endorsement Plans

6 Testing – End of Course Exams Number of exams reduced from 15 to 5: –Algebra I –English I –English II –U.S. History –Biology

7 Graduation Plans “The focus of HB 5 is to make sure every student graduates prepared for college and a career by creating flexibility for students to pursue their passion.” -Senator Dan Patrick

8 Options under HB 5 High school students have the opportunity to graduate on the Foundation Plan or the Distinguished Achievement Plan Students who graduate on the Foundation Plan are eligible to be accepted to a 4- year university in Texas NISD intends to guide all students to graduate on the Distinguished Plan


10 Class of 2014 Students who might not meet the Recommended Diploma requirements are eligible to graduate on the Foundation Plan –22 credits Senior counselors are reviewing every student’s transcript

11 Current High School Students SBOE is reviewing graduation plans for students who are currently enrolled in Grades 9-11 Students who might not meet the Recommended Diploma requirements are eligible to graduate on the Foundation Plan –22 credits

12 Students Entering 9 th Grade 2014 – 2015 Each student selects (in writing) an endorsement The student and their parents are advised of the benefits of graduating on the Distinguished Plan with an Endorsement

13 Students Entering 9 th Grade 2014 – 2015 Students may move to the Foundation Plan without Endorsements after their sophomore year – NISD encourages every student to graduate with an Endorsement –Requires written approval by parents/guardians and counselors –Endorsement Plans may be changed at any time upon consultation with the school counselor

14 Foundation Plan Requirements ELA – 4 credits Math – 3 credits –Algebra II not required at this time Social Studies – 3 credits Science – 3 credits

15 Foundation Plan Requirements (cont.) Foreign Language – 2 credits Fine Art – 1 credit Physical Education – 1 credit Electives – 5 credits Total – 22 Credits Speech –½ credit (Communications Applications or Professional Communications). Still under State Board of Education (SBOE) review.

16 Graduation Requirements for Distinguished Level of Achievement under HB5 Must have 4 credits of math including Algebra II* Must have 4 credits of science Must complete curriculum requirements for at least one Endorsement –Total of 7 electives in that area - 5 elective credits in Foundation plan plus 2 additional elective credits * SBOE is making final determination on Algebra II requirement

17 Endorsement Opportunities *Not all courses listed on the chart are required in NISD.

18 What is an Endorsement? 26 total credits with an area of specialization decided by the student. STEM Business and Industry Public Services Arts and Humanities Multidisciplinary Studies

19 Algebra II Currently Algebra II is required by NISD for graduation on the Recommended plan. HB5 proposed Algebra II as a requirement for graduates under an Endorsement plan; currently under review by SBOE, which has proposed Algebra II be required for STEM.

20 Algebra I Overview of students in Algebra I in 8 th grade: 2009-2012 – 38% 2010-2011 – 43% 2011-2012 – 44% 2012-2013 – 44.8% 2013-2014 – 42%

21 Performance Acknowledgements Students may earn acknowledgements on their diploma & transcript for outstanding performance in the following areas: in a dual credit course in bilingualism and bi-literacy On an AP test on the PSAT, the ACT-Plan, the SAT, or the ACT for earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license

22 Questions from HB5 Graduation Requirements Will a student have to take 4 years of Social Studies? Will NISD continue to require Speech? Do the NISD Academies meet the endorsement requirements?

23 NISD ACADEMY ENDORSEMENT Culinary Arts & Hospitality Business & Industry AMATBusiness & Industry STEM CosmetologyPublic Service CollegiateMultidisciplinary AMP STEM

24 Arts and Humanities Endorsement



27 Next Steps for NISD At the end of January, SBOE is supposed to release final recommendations regarding HB5: –NISD will review and align our course offerings in order to offer all five Endorsements –Finalize High School Course Guide

28 Next Steps for NISD Committee was formed in the Fall to anticipate the needs regarding HB5 and has continued working on a timeline for communication to parents and students before high school registration. This includes: –Identified Designations within the High School Course Guide –Parent/Student meetings to explain the impact of HB5 held for each secondary campus –Videos outlining each Endorsement –Detailed Communication plan

29 Texas Education Agency TEA – =25769806149 =25769806149

30 State Board of Education November – First Reading and Filing Authorization December – Public Comment Period January – Second Reading and Final Adoption *

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