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Emerging Leaders Program SuperPod Projects 2013 April 19, 2013.

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1 Emerging Leaders Program SuperPod Projects 2013 April 19, 2013

2 Introduction Emerging Leaders Program is a scholarship program for 40 freshman, 10 sophomores and 6-10 juniors and seniors. Focus is on scholarship, leadership development, and building lasting relationships with VCU

3 SuperPod Projects Each year the incoming students are divided into “Pods” of 4 freshman mentees and 1 sophomore mentor. (10 Pods) 2 pods are merged into a SuperPod to complete a project very similar to those of the GEHLI VCU Leadership Program. Past projects have included clock towers, bicycle programs and green roofing

4 SuperPod 2013 - Leadership New Approach – all 5 projects will be focused on leadership. All five will become part of a single leadership enhancement proposal. This presentation represents the work of over 50 students and is only part of the complete proposal which will be submitted in May.

5 Current Impact Increased university wide involvement Learning processes and applications Alumni activity Continual advancement

6 The Commonwealth Student Leadership Institute (A Conceptual Proposal)

7 Vision The Commonwealth Student Leadership Institute (CSLI) will serve as a transformational platform through which students will develop, enhance, and exemplify the practices of leadership for the University, the Commonwealth and the World.

8 Mission The Commonwealth Student Leadership Institute will bridge leadership development programs from all areas of VCU to provide a more cohesive and comprehensive format from which student leaders will develop and demonstrate leadership.

9 Five Primary Areas Leadership Living/Learning Community University Immersion Program Extended Leadership Opportunities Leadership Minor/Major Expanded Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program

10 Leadership Living/Learning Community

11 Mission Statement Leadership Experience and Development (L.E.A.D.) Residence Hall at VCU promotes enhancement of leadership skills by experiential learning. This living-learning community provides opportunities to engage with diverse student leaders and live-in faculty.

12 Project Components Residents Resident Advisors Leadership Director Live-in Faculty

13 Residents & Resident Assistants ELP freshmen, Student Orgs, SGA, and Greek life Presidential Suite RAs pulled from previous residents and require special training in addition to RA training

14 Leadership Director Full time staff in charge of experiential learning Work directly with CSLI to coordinate certification of residents Help RAs plan leadership programs for their floors as well as the entire building

15 Live-In Faculty Member of the leadership minor faculty Directly influence and guide student on leadership “Parent” figure that would help provide a sense of comfort for residents at all times

16 SuperPod Members Ross Cruikshank Julie Dalton Britnie Dates Taylor Gibbs Rachel Jordan Katy Lerner Brittany Noah Jared O'Hara Alex Shelor Maja Vollmecke

17 University Immersion Program “Ram Camp”

18 Mission Build class unity Learn about leadership through community service Make friends and make references for later experiences at VCU Learn about VCU Get to know the Richmond community

19 Events Community service projects Meet and Greet with Professors Pep rally Bus tour of Richmond Day in Carytown Social Mixers

20 Schedule

21 Community Service & Leadership Freshman getting involved in VCU and surrounding community. – Helps to foster school and community sprit – Instill community leadership Building the leaders of the freshman student body. – Teaches valuable skills Team work Communication

22 Future Benefits Dedicate student to VCU Students Increase retention rate Build sense of community between students Strengthen class unity

23 SuperPod Members Lydia Barnett Lisa Delao Shelby Doyle Lindsay Hawk Amitie Hylton Jane Ludwig Mykaila McWhirt Lucas Olson Carlee Pennypacker Jessica Watts

24 Extended Leadership Opportunities

25 Mission Give student leaders opportunity to improve upon leadership skills through series of lectures, workshops and trainings Target leadership skills o Time management o Conflict resolution and communication building Trained professionals responsible for leading workshops Certification process indicates student has undergone regime of leadership training CSLI would play a crucial role in coordinating and organizing events associated with leadership program

26 Workshops BENEFITS OF TRAINING Hands on experience with leadership Building a strong foundation for organizations and future success Improving communication skills and developing interpersonal relationships within organizations Developing key leadership skills applicable outside of an organization Commitment to workshops allows for completion of certification TRAINING LESSONS OFFERED Explore different styles of leadership Conflict resolution Stress and time management Building trust amongst group Workshops focusing on student organizations o Manage and schedule events o Promote organization o Financial and transitional training

27 Train the Trainers Our commitment to leadership serves as motivation to be a resource for our student organizations as they seek to refine and develop their own potential. Through a variety of workshops, we offer opportunities to enhance effective student leadership within the community. -Central training critical -Core sense of values -Unifying campus

28 Competencies for Leadership Trainers 1. Demonstrating ethics and integrity through professional behavior 2. Being a positive role model through continued community engagement 3. Serving as an inspiration for peers and colleagues 4. Creating sustained and meaningful relationships 5. Developing strong interpersonal and communication skills 6. Envisioning the future with an open mind 7. Anticipating change and adapting successfully 8. Encouraging collaboration and cooperation 9. Understanding and accepting others’ perspectives 10. Thinking objectively and prioritizing commitments

29 Certification Program -Complete on own time -Eight workshops -Core curriculum -Team Building -Different Leadership Styles -Group Communication -Conflicts and Resolution -Putting leadership lessons to use -Minimum 30 hours -Authorized seminars -Six total seminars Workshops Community Service Seminars

30 Leadership Outreach Full day training sessions Teaching Assistant position in workshops Internship opportunities through CSLI

31 SuperPod Members Nil Amin Arwa Ansari Michaela Crutsinger Anna Dumke Samantha Florimo Jordan Hairr Nour Hassan Qasim Kazmi Tereza McInnes Caitlin West

32 Leadership Minor/Major

33 Overview College of Humanities and Science 19 credits, 7 classes in total Required core classes (3), electives in Ethical, Global, and Communicable categories

34 Requirements 3.0 minimum GPA Maintain ‘C’ or higher in leadership core classes One semester probation

35 Core Courses (10 Credits) University Leadership(UNIV 101) 1 Credit Course Introduction to Leadership (UNIV 270) 3 Credit Course Leadership Internship Seminar (2) 3 Credit Course

36 Elective Courses (9 Credits) Ethics (3 Credits Each) Global Ethics and the World’s Religions Foundation of Community Engagement Profiles of Great Leaders Global (3 Credits Each) Global Communication Identities in a Global Community Leadership in a Global Society Communications (3 Credits Each) Introduction to Intercultural Communication Organizational Communications Effective Speech

37 Impact Practical Enhances value of degree Positively impacts campus/student body No major nor certificate recommended as part of this project

38 SuperPod Members Brendan Hood Karson Clark Joanneta LeBlanc Thomas McPhail Amanda Nguyen

39 Expanded Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program

40 Structure o First Years o Mentees (40 freshmen) o Second, Third, and Forth Years o Committees consisting of: Mentors PR/Marketing Tutors Social Community Service Admissions Neutrophil Group External Deployed Services

41 Program Requirements o 3.0 GPA o Attendance at ELP/University events o Attendance at fall retreat o Semester meetings with graduate students o Individual Leadership Opportunity

42 Admissions/Backfilling o Incoming Freshmen: o Application o Short phone interview o Backfilling: o Open to rising sophomores and juniors by nomination o Application o Interview o Based on needs of program/committees

43 Events/Conferences o Mid Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference o International Leadership Association (ILA) o Committee Assist Ram Camp o Future Goal: Host Leadership Conference at VCU

44 SuperPod Members Lena Ali Rimsha Ayub Chezdan Baker Carine Binyam Reaa Chada Ibrahim Mahmood Toni-Marie Chandler Zhina Kamali

45 Budget Estimates & Timeline

46 Preliminary Expense Estimates AREAFALL SPRINGSUMMERTOTAL Equipment (Computers, Furniture) 13,541.86 5,441.86 5,409.00 24,392.72 Facilities (Rent, Utilities, Space Reservations) 9,400.00 4,400.00 23,200.00 Food (Catering, Meals) 5,200.00 20,300.00 30,700.00 Misc (Unanticipated) 10,500.00 1,510.00 22,510.00 Personnel (Staff, Wages) 190,777.00 119,277.00 500,831.00 Scholarships 160,000.00 - 320,000.00 Services (Contracts, Speakers) 9,262.49 1,674.99 20,199.97 Supplies (Office, Decorations, Apparel) 6,000.00 6,871.00 18,871.00 Telecom (Phones, Internet) 339.99 240.00 719.00 1,298.99 Travel (Buses, Conference) 8,750.02 6,500.01 24,000.05 Expenditures Total 413,771.36 405,571.37 166,661.00 986,003.73


48 Closing Comments & Discussion

49 Thanks to the following people who helped our students: Beth Ward Dr. Curt Erwin Amy Gray Dr. Reuban Rodriguez Dr. Tim Reed Sandrine Heeren Abby Howell Megan Rapchick Melissa Jones

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