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Sophomore Term One Lit. Exam Review. 1. What were Ancient Greek actors called?

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1 Sophomore Term One Lit. Exam Review

2 1. What were Ancient Greek actors called?

3 2. What was the name for Ancient Greek seating area in an amphitheatre?

4 3. What are the two major parts of a choral ode called?

5 4. What was the name of the character who died where three roads meet?

6 5. Whom did Jocasta give baby Oedipus to?

7 6. Who initially brings news from the oracle to King Oedipus?

8 7. What is punishing Thebes at the start of the play’s action?

9 8. What two characters does Oedipus accuse of plotting against him?

10 9. What “happy” news does the messenger initially bring to Oedipus?

11 10. Who commits suicide (in Oedipus) and how?

12 11. What advice does Oedipus give his daughters ?

13 12. Who is Antigone’s sister?

14 13. Who does Antigone bury and how many times?

15 14. What is Antigone’s punishment?

16 15. How does Haemon die?

17 16. Who else dies in the play Antigone?

18 17. A struggle against fate is a quality of a…

19 18.benefit, blessing, or elixir

20 19. What is the answer of #18 in Gilgamesh?

21 20. What archetype is Ninsun?

22 21. What archetype is Enkidu?

23 22. What archetype are the Scorpion People?

24 23. What stage of grief is Gilgamesh in when he talks to Enkidu?

25 24. Monomyth stage for: unknown abyss of physical or metaphorical darkness

26 25. Gilgamesh is King of ______

27 26. The legend of Gilgamesh was first recorded in what type of script?

28 27. The legend of Gilgamesh takes place in this modern day country

29 28. Gilgamesh lost this by his own hand…

30 29. This character wanted to marry Gilgamesh

31 30. Enkidu blamed this person for his downfall

32 31. “Only slowly did I make myself believe—or hope— they might all be swept up in their fragments together and made whole again by some compassionate hand. But my hand was too small to do the gathering.”

33 32. “You have made your choice, you can be what you want to be. But I will bury him; and if I must die, I say that this crime is holy: I shall lie down with him in death, and I shall be as dear to him as he to me”

34 33. “Lost! Ah lost! At last it’s blazing clear. Light of my days, go dark.”

35 34. “Your eyes have changed. You are crying. You never cried before. It’s not like you…[why are] You to wander on alone? Is that the way it is with friends?”

36 35. “The rotting canker in this state is you.”

37 36. “Let us then defend authority and not be ousted by a girl. If yield we must, then let it be to men, And never have it said we were worsted by a woman.”

38 37. “Come tomb, my wedding chamber, come!”

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