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2 ReadingWritingMathScience 2017Yes STATE TESTING REQS

3 Credits for SHS*Credits for College 20173.54.0 ENGLISH English teachers will make placement recommendations based on SRI scores and grades in May. Students may challenge for rigor at their own discretion. * For graduation, students do not have to necessarily have freshman, sophomore, and junior English. While that is ideal, a senior who is missing one of these classes, but makes it up with extra senior English electives will be alright.

4 Algebra*Geometry3 rd Year of Math ** 20171.0 MATH Math will be batch loaded by math teacher recommendation in May. *Some students who took Algebra prior to 9 th grade may not have Algebra on their transcript. In this case, if the student has taken an additional year of math beyond Algebra 2 (typically pre-calc), they will have met the state math requirement. If not, they will need to go to their previous school and request that the credit be added to their transcript. ** Algebra 2 or Money Talks will count as a 3 rd year of math. Please remind students that most 4-year universities will not accept Money Talks as math credit. Students planning on attending a 4-year college will need a 4 th credit of math.

5 Lab Science*Science 20171.0 SCIENCE *All incoming sophomores should take a year of biology to prepare them for the Biology EOC. If a student does not pass their biology class, they do not necessarily have to recover biology. The state requires a credit of lab science, but it is not biology specific. NEW – Agricultural Biology (meets state bio standards) College bound students will want to take a full year of either Chemistry or Physics.

6 Social Studies Elective World Studies 1 & 2 US Hist. 1 & 2Civics 2017.51.0.5 SOCIAL STUDIES All students must meet the Washington State History requirement. This is usually accomplished in the 7 th grade. If you have not met this requirement, you may take Pacific NW History in high school for credit. College bound students will need 3.0 credits of Social Studies.

7 HealthP.E.* 2017.51.5 PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH *In addition to typical P.E. classes, “Changes For A Healthy You” and “Sports Medicine” can count as P.E. credit.

8 Computer AppsOcc. Ed. 2017.5 OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION All CTE classes count as Occupational Education. Also, see page 7 of the course catalogue for courses that have the option to be cross-credited as Occ. Ed.

9 Art Credits Required 20171.0 FINE ART See course catalogue for cross-credit options.

10  Students need enough elective credit to fill until they reach 22 credits.  This will typically mean that a student needs 6.5 elective credits, but the number changes based on the number of waived credits in other areas and particular cohort requirements.  College bound students will need to take 2.0 consecutive credits of a foreign language. ELECTIVES

11 Culminating Project  Required to graduate!  Guidance takes part in CSI curriculum  Job shadow experience is part of this process CULMINATING PROJECT AND HS AND BEYOND HS and Beyond  Required to graduate!  Guidance takes part in CSI curriculum  Career Interest Driven  Large Group Guidance  Consultation with Counselors  Presented as a document at the end of the senior year that shares your plan

12  You can find a list of clubs and activities in the student handbook.  For clubs, talk with the advisor about joining when school starts.  Sports and Activities:  PLEASE make sure that the school has your current email address on file.  All necessary forms and info are on the school website.  Call Jolene Scott 2 nd week of August for Fall Sports questions that are not on the website. 432-2124 CLUBS, SPORTS, ACTIVITIES

13  All 10 th graders will be assigned a 12 th grade Climber Crew leader. This person will be with them starting at Sophomore Orientation through the end of their 10 th grade year.  Climber Crew leaders are here to help 10 th graders get used to our school and to be a support person throughout the year.  Incoming 10 th graders will get a call over the summer from their Climber Crew leader. CLIMBER CREW

14  Your first year of high school gives you opportunity for : SIX credits.  You deserve to continue high school caught up and making good progress.  You may need help….. Credit retrieval, summer school etc.  TALK TO YOUR ADVISOR TO CHECK YOUR CREDIT PROGRESSION!  Your are ¼, 25% through high school when you change buildings… if you wait until 10 th grade to think you are starting high school, you are… um, wrong,. CREDIT RETRIEVAL AND SUMMER SCHOOL

15  Please double check that students are on track in their progress toward graduation.  If a student is behind, please speak with them about credit retrieval or summer school.  If you see something that doesn’t look right, let us know. Sometimes, credits don’t sort properly and things can get confusing.  Students with IEPs will be scheduled in consultation with their IEP advisor.  Rhiannon Hulbert (A-G) Ext. 16015  Zach Miller(H-N) Ext. 16016  Susie Honaker Wirzbicki (O-Z) Ext. 16014 IN CONCLUSION…

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