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2015 Tenth Grade Registration Class of 2018 To advance slides click.

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1 2015 Tenth Grade Registration Class of 2018 To advance slides click

2 Counseling Office 245-2765 (Ext) Kris Caldwell(Ext: 12516) Appointments Deb Rogers(Ext: 12514) Transcripts Aeries Accounts If you need to see your counselor or you have a question and you’re not sure who to ask, come in and see Kris. She will set an appointment for you.

3 Counselor’s Contact 245-2765 (Ext) A-E: Deitra Smith(Ext: 12511) F-L: Cindy Harris(Ext: 12579) M-R, +T: Dan Voorhees(Ext: 12580) Sa-Saz, PLUS: Michelle Saelee(Ext: 12536) Sb-Z, -T: Richard Myers(Ext: 12510) You can also contact your counselor directly by calling or emailing.

4 Transcript Review Grab your transcript so you can follow along Click

5 Each semester is listed here with credits attempted, credits completed and semester GPA. You need to earn 30 units/credits each semester.

6 The “P” next to some classes means that the class is A-G approved.

7 Below is where your cumulative GPA and class rank are listed.

8 This is where your CAHSEE results are listed. 350 to pass 380 to be proficient. You will take the CAHSEE in February of your sophomore year. The best way to prepare for the test is to come to school everyday and do well in your classes. You must pass to get an EHS diploma. You will have 6 attempts to pass it, but the first score counts towards our school’s report, so getting a 380 really helps our school.

9 You should have 30 credits completed.

10 Sophomore Required Classes Grab your BLUE registration card and find the spot to write in your email. Write in your email, then turn it over to the back so you can fill in your classes. Click when ready.

11 Sophomore Required Classes Last Name, First Name 123456 Write If you would like to bump up a level, you will need your current teacher’s signature. Click English to continue

12 English Just write the course code on your reg. card Choose the same level that you are currently in. If you are in CP English now, then select CP English for next year. 1300 Mod A English 1080 CP English II 1090 Honors English II

13 Sophomore Required Classes 1080 Click to continue

14 Social Science 1651 Mod A Social Science 1550 CP Modern World History 1566 AP European History If you want to take AP European you will need a teacher recommendation from your current Social Science teacher. You need to be a VERY strong student to take an AP class.

15 Sophomore Required Classes 1080 1550

16 Math Choose the same level that you are currently in. If you are in CP Math 1 now, then select CP Math 2 for next year. 2197 Mod A Math 2 2125 CP Math 2 2140 Honors Math 2

17 Sophomore Required Classes 1080 1550 2125

18 Science Select the Science you are currently taking Not in Science this year CP Physical Earth Science Ag CP Physical Science CP Biology Integrated Ag CP Biology

19 Science If you are not currently taking a Science class then you will take Earth Science your sophomore year. Write down one of the options below: 3063 CP Physical Earth Science or 3067 Ag CP Physical Science 6510 Ag Mechanics I (if you want to take Ag Science you need to write down 3067 for Science and 6510 as one of your electives)

20 Science If you are currently taking CP Physical Earth Science then you will take CP Biology your sophomore year. Write down one of the options below: 3020 CP Biology or 3045 Integrated Ag CP Biology 6530 Ag Mechanics II (if you want to take Ag Science you need to write down 3045 for Science and 6530 as one of your electives)

21 Science If you are currently taking CP Biology then you will take Honors Chemistry your sophomore year. 3055 Honors Chemistry (You will need a teacher recommendation to take Honors Chemistry) Your teacher may recommend that you take 3063 CP Physical/Earth Science if you are not doing well in CP Biology.

22 Sophomore Required Classes 1080 1550 2125 3020 You should have your 4 core classes selected and written down on your registration card. View the next few slides, and pick 2 electives and 2 alternate electives.

23 Physical Fitness If you don’t pass the Physical Fitness Test this year, you will have to take PE next year. Classes PE Course 2 Weight Training Basketball Athletic PE Playing Sports Next Year? 3 sports = 10 Credits of PE 2 sports = 5 Credits of PE

24 Student Government Dances Assemblies Spirit Wear River Bowl Homecoming Canned Food Drive Blood Drive Lunchtime Activities Student of the Month Talent Show Must Apply for a Position Pick up Application from Ms. Ramirez

25 25 EHS Music: Band, Choir, Guitar & Percussion

26 LOTE Language Other Than English Spanish Chinese American Sign Language 2 Years satisfies the UC/CSU requirements for entrance. You do not need LOTE to graduate only if you are going to a 4-year college right out of high school If you don’t have C’s or better in your classes, you need to talk to your counselor before taking a LOTE

27 Entry Level: ART I Intermediate Level: Art II Computer Art and Design If you are in Art, you can take Art II or Computer Art and Design next year. Computer Art and Design is a class that works with Adobe Photoshop. Visual Arts

28 ART I - Dare to Create

29 29 Computer Art Art II Art II & Computer Art & Design

30 Journalism Yearbook See Ms. Hardy

31 Ag Science & Ag Mechanics Meets Science and elective credit for graduation

32 These are just some of the benefits: Develop essential skills that provide success in college and in work force Meets requirements for Shasta College computer proficiency Earn FREE college credits Start college ahead of the game SUSHD computer proficiency Have Fun! Why Take a Business Class

33 Intro to Construction and Art of Fine Woodworking at EHS is fun and you can make great projects and learn lots of new things!

34 Academic Support: “Tools for Success” Struggling with your academics? Take a supportive class: ELL Study Skills (for students whose first language isn’t English or the primary language in the home isn’t English) CAHSEE Math CAHSEE English

35 Drafting This printer can print 3D objects – like phone cases.

36 Sophomore Required Classes 1080 1550 2125 3050 Use your course offering sheet to select 2 electives. Also write down 2 alternate classes.

37 Conflict Management Kool April Nites Show & Shine Future Farmers of America (FFA) Community Volunteer Student Recognition Clubs Drama Music Athletics Yearbook Ways to be Involved

38 Have You Failed a Class? If you have failed a class or got a D in a class you need for college, you need to get with your counselor to discuss which credit recovery option best fits you. Anytime School Summer School Other Options

39 Clubs

40 The Payoff High GPA = Higher Paying Job Higher GPA = Better College Work Permit Student of the Month

41 What comes Next? Take enrollment papers home and complete. Parent/guardian must sign all spaces. It is very important to have your email, your guardian’s email, and cell phone numbers. Please, put them on the registration card. Return completed cards by Friday the 13 th to your social science teacher. We will meet with you individually during your social science class.

42 Career Interest Hit esc (top left button on keyboard), close the presentation, go back to Naviance, click on the careers tab and do the cluster finder and career interest profiler

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