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Welcome to Campus High School Sophomore/Junior Parent Meeting August 25, 2014.

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1 Welcome to Campus High School Sophomore/Junior Parent Meeting August 25, 2014

2 Class of 2016/2017 Campus High School National Blue Ribbon School 2013 Principal Mr. Regier

3 Our Vision for Campus (what can we be?) 1.Graduation rate of 93% by 2017. 2.Make AMO (annual measurable objectives) in reading, writing and math. 3.Average score of 23 on ACT. 4.Provide a safe, nurturing environment for our students.

4 Graduation Rate

5 Math

6 Reading

7 Violent Acts

8 Junior Class Sponsor Mrs. Kline 554-2236 x-1402

9 Sophomore class sponsor To be determined In the meantime, contact Mardy Moree or Wrylie Finkle (Student Council Sponsors)

10 Driver Education Drivers education will be available in the summer, sign up begins during spring enrollment conferences held in February at enrollment conferences.

11 What is MTSS? Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) is an evidence-based system wide intervention for students below a 9 th grade reading level and deficiencies in foundational concepts in mathematics. Students are referred to MTSS courses by MAP testing. Referral is based upon an average of 3 MAP tests.

12 Is my student stuck in MTSS classes for the whole year? No, students will have the opportunity to test out of MTSS classes after each semester. Students will be then placed in an elective course. MTSS classes will count as elective credit.

13 Credits required for grade level, class of 2017 0-5Freshmen 6+ Sophomore 13+ Junior 20+ Senior Students can achieve 8 credits per year. **Students can’t get a college scholarship in the sophomore year but they can lose one- Stay focused! Quick Stat: 90% of students who make it to their Junior year on track are likely to graduate on time.

14 Graduation classification for class of 2016 Junior classification: 11 credits Senior classification: 18 credits

15 Diploma tracks We have 4 diploma tracks at Campus. Basic diploma Qualified admissions Kansas Scholars International Baccalaureate

16 Graduation requirements, Basic 4 English 3 Math 3 Science 3 Social Studies 1 Physical Education 1 Fine Art 10/12 Electives ________ 25 Class of 2016, 27 for Class of 2017

17 College qualified admission requirements 4 English( must take 11 th and 12 th College Bound English or 11 th /12 th Honors English) 3 math(Alg I, Geom, Alg II) Math ACT sub-score of 22 or take a 4 th math class in HS. 3 Science, one unit must be Chemistry or Physics. 3 Social Studies 1 Physical Education 1 Fine Art **Courses completed in middle school/junior high do not count towards qualified admissions.

18 Qualified Admissions Performance requirements Complete the pre-college or Kansas Scholars Curriculum with at least a 2.0 GPA. One of the following: ACT score of 21, SAT score of 980, graduate in top 1/3 of class, achieve a 2.0 GPA on any college qualified credit taken in HS.

19 Kansas Scholars Curriculum 4 English (11 th and 12 th College Bound ) 4 Math (Alg I, Geom, Alg II, Trigonometry) 3 Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 3 Social Studies 1 Computer technology (recommended) 1 Physical Education 1 Fine Art 2 credits of the same Foreign Language

20 International Baccalaureate Begins Junior year. The IB Diploma Program is a rigorous pre- university course of studies that meets the needs of highly motivated students between the ages of 16-19 years. The program is a “whole person” approach emphasizing helping students learn how to learn and how to analyze. Students will appreciate different cultures and attitudes in a flexible academic environment.

21 ATHLETICS and ACTIVITIES eligibility Participation and grades/attendance are related KSHSAA eligibility requirement: Student must pass 5 classes in the previous semester to participate. Eligibility this fall is dependent upon grades last semester. Mr. Elliot is the administrator in charge of activity eligibility. 554-2236 X1006 relliott

22 Assist your student athlete in tracking progress toward meeting NCAA eligibility. Activate your free membership 1: go to 2:Click “free new member account” 3:Enter school ID and School code 4: Complete registration form School ID : 173168 School Code: 783671790

23 Come to school every day 5 absences per class per semester. Absences above 5 may be made up at a time assigned by the administration. Parental authorization is required to avoid a truancy detention- call or write a note. 80% of success is showing up every day.

24 Why take AP classes AP classes provide rigor found in the collegiate environment. Students can earn college credit-Cheap! Students who take AP classes in HS are more likely to graduate college in 4 years. 31 % of colleges consider a student’s AP experience favorably for scholarship consideration, advantage for private school selection for admission.

25 What is the PSAT? The PSAT is the national test used to determine National Merit Scholars- the top 5% of juniors in the nation. The PSAT is available to 10 th graders for practice, the test is voluntary, cost is $14. Students in the top 20% of their class are encouraged to take the test. Test date is October 15 th.

26 Can my Sophomore begin taking the ACT? Yes, the ACT is offered at CHS 6 times per year. (Saturdays) National dates: 2014-2015 – September 13Due by Aug 8 – October 25Due by Sept 19 – December 13Due by Nov 7 – February 7Due by Jan 9 – April 18Due by March 13 – June 13Due by May 8 – Pick up a registration packet in the counseling office or register online at – $38 Can take ACT 12 times

27 Why take the ACT? Repetition- learn how to take the test. Much is gained from each experience. Students who begin taking the ACT before their senior year score on average 2 points better than those who wait. If college attendance is dependent upon a scholarship then it makes no sense to miss an opportunity to test-every test missed is gone forever. Students on free/reduced lunches can get 2 free ACT tests beginning junior year.

28 ACT: Power Prep, Inc. Power Prep Class November 26, 2014 Part One: 9:00am-11:30am Lunch 11:30-12:30 Part Two: 12:30pm-3:00pm Cost $25 per student Sign up in the Counseling Office—limit of 50 students

29 Common traits of successful students Successful students are empowered to problem solve and develop workable coping skills. Starts at home. Successful students are education consumers. Successful students have a routine of study- all students will have homework. Successful students review course material regularly. Successful students come to school every day. Successful students know how to ask for help. Successful students set goals. Successful students are involved in activities at school.

30 Problem checklist Things seem a little fishy? Talk to your student-at supper every night is a good time- studies indicate families that eat regular meals together have fewer problems. Call the teacher first. Consult the school handbook, check powerschool regularly. Know the late work turn in policy for each dept. Encourage your student to communicate with their teacher. Arrange for a conference with the teacher/E-mail the teacher through powerschool. Arrange for a meeting with administration/teacher.

31 When are grades available? Progress reports come out 10/10, 1/5, 3/6, 5/22 Cumulative semester grades Parent teacher conferences- October15,16,February 11,12 Parents may check a student’s progress at any time on the parent powerschool portal. Do not come to enrollment conferences without your student.

32 What is HOBY? HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Program) is a worldwide leadership program just for Sophomores. We will select 1 Campus student as a representative to attend a leadership experience (WSU/KSU) in the summer of 2015. The experience is free of charge, the student will be chosen by an essay contest. Applications are available in the counseling center. Essay deadline is September 25. Check it out at HOBY.ORG

33 Help is always available Students can get extra help in seminar. Teachers are available before and after school and by appointment. Campus High School tutoring program- available to all students Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school in room C-16. Begins Sept 2. No Appt. necessary.

34 Statements that disempower students “I was never any good at that” “They don’t teach it right” “They didn’t like me when I went there either” “The teacher doesn’t like you” “You've never understood that” “They don’t understand you” “It’s not your fault”

35 How to empower your student “Do better on the next one” “Have you talked to your teacher” “have you considered going in early for help?” “I think we need to consider some extra help” “Did you do your best?” “What can we do to help you?” “What was your understanding of the assignment?” “Are you satisfied with your effort?”

36 What can you do to help your student? Discuss proper cell phone usage. Help them keep relationships in perspective. Monitor their computer/social network usage. Discourage your student from managing a conflict by text or social network. Visit with them regularly about their conflicts. Encourage them to turn in assignments.

37 National Honor Society Open to 10 th, 11 th and 12 th graders with a teacher recommendation and 3.5 GPA. Great organization for leadership opportunities. All students with a 3.5 GPA will be invited to apply during the spring semester. Contact Mrs. Howard at 554-2240.

38 Career Experience 2015 March 10 and 11, seminar time. Career activity just for Sophomores Students will have the opportunity to visit different occupations and colleges. We had over 45 colleges here last year. Last year over 100 people from various occupations volunteered for the activity. Want to volunteer: Call Mr. Hook 554-2240 All occupations needed.

39 Campus Administration Myron Regier- Seniors Assistant Principals – Tracy Repp-Freshmen – Joe Sailors- Juniors/IB Program – Glenda Cowell- Sophomores/Activities – Richard Elliot- Athletics – Contact information 554-2236

40 Campus Guidance Department Walter Zemanick- Senior counselor, Department Director Mardy Moree- Junior Counselor Todd Hook- Sophomore Counselor Jeff Michael- Freshman Counselor Sheri Tucker- Registrar Pam Burkett- Office Manager 554-2240

41 Questions, call or email us: Mardy Moree, Todd Hook, 554-2240

42 Helpful Web Sites College info Scholarship search engine Register for ACT Financial aid NCAA eligibility College Prep FAQ Financial planning

43 Miss something? This power point is available at homepage, click on Campus High School Counselors Corner.

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