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Welcome u sophomore spring semester, major requirements and job search techniques.

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1 welcome u sophomore spring semester, major requirements and job search techniques

2 Welcome to the Marketing Department Community! First Community Connection: Introduce yourself to the person next to you, in front of you, and in back of you Second Community Connection: Meet marketing faculty Third Community Connection: Your advisors Fourth Community Connection: Career support

3 What’s Required for the Major? Business core course: Competitive Effectiveness Two required courses: Marketing Research and Marketing Management Four marketing electives from among the following: – Advertising Management – Buyer Behavior – Interactive Marketing – Database Marketing – Data Mining – International Marketing – Marketing Analytics – Marketing of Services – Professional Selling – Sales Management – Sports Marketing – Entrepreneurial Marketing (part of the Entrepreneurship Minor) – Integrated Marketing Campaigns

4 What Can I Do in Marketing? Brand management Corporate sales Advertising management (Accounts side) Data analytics Marketing research Fashion marketing Retail Design and Development Fundraising Event planning Social media Direct marketing Search engine optimization Sports marketing

5 Advertising

6 Brand Management

7 Sales and Retail

8 Digital, Online and Social Media Marketing

9 Sports Marketing

10 Marketing for Non-Profits

11 How do I Get There from VSB? Want to be in advertising? – Advertising Management – Integrated Marketing Campaigns Maybe brand management? – Consumer Behavior – Data Mining – Advertising Management – CoOp experience How about sales? – Personal Selling – Sales Management Market Research or Analytics, anyone? – Market Research – Data Mining – Marketing Analytics

12 What’s the Internship and Job Search Process Like? Jobs in marketing can be: – Organized internship and long term job training programs – Co-op positions during the semester – Part-time positions during the semester – Individual positions by company Can be different hiring cycle from other disciplines

13 What’s the Internship and Job Search Process Like? Many corporate organized internship and full time positions recruited for in the fall

14 What’s the Internship and Job Search Process Like? Hiring also takes place in the spring, sometimes as late as March and April Hiring firms may not repeat year to year New firms show up all the time Often one or two marketing positions open at a particular company

15 Got a Job! Recent Marketing Placements 15


17 Market U Tools for Internships


19 How can I get experience? Contact: Clay Center, Undergraduate Career Center Part time internship with a local company during the semester Explore a co-op opportunity Find a summer internship Study abroad with summer internship

20 Intern During the Summer: Contact: Ceiwyn Craig-Moore, Clay Center Intern during the summer – Great chance to test drive an industry or position – You can do an internship and earn three free elctive credits, 2x – You can do an internship and get paid – You can do an internship that earns three credits, AND you get paid Hiring right now: – marketing internship, kpmg – summer intern, camden river sharks – marketing imersion summer experience, marketing edge and google

21 Part time internships during the school year – Many go unfilled – Paid and unpaid opportunities – 10-12 hours per week on average – Provides tangible experience when applying for summer internship positions Hiring right now: – marketing and communications intern, longwood gardens, thru 3/22 – communications intern, the baldwin school, thru 3/26 Intern During the Semester: Contact: Ceiwyn Craig-Moore, Clay Center

22 Explore a CoOp: Contact: Christine Della Penna, Clay Center Marketing CoOp opportunities include:Johnso – Brand Management Business Development and Corp. Sales Advantages – Paid for full time work, often $20-25,000 for semester – Can stay on track for graduation by taking summer courses (plus one class during the CoOp) – Usually local to campus, so you still live here – Can still hang out and live with your friends, even though you are working – Can be feeder programs for full time work

23 Study Abroad with Internship Business Study Abroad Internship Programs

24 Study Abroad Business Study Abroad Programs

25 How Do I Learn About Marketing Career Options?

26 Undergraduate Career Center Online Resources

27 What Else Can I Do RIGHT NOW? 1.Start your network by setting up a LinkedIn profile Official Villanova University Alumni Association Group Alumni Student Mentor Sub-group 2.Attend internships career events and marketing site visits 3.Get your resume reviewed at UCC. 4.Schedule a practice interview. 5.Get familiar with GoNOVAJobs

28 Attend a Marketing Internship and Job Search Event Spring Marketing Site Visits Careers in Sports Site Visits: MSG site visit, Eagles/Lincoln Financial Field, Citizens Bank Park NYC Ad Day: Fall Business of Sports Conference: March 23 Philly Fashion Treks – Lily Pulitzer, QVC, Urban Outfitters Spring Career Events Spring Business and Arts Career Fair: February (just happened….LOTS of opportunities for interns) NYC Big East Career Fair: March 13 Philadelphia Non-Profit and Government Career Fair: March 26

29 Market U: It’s In Your Hands The only one who can market u is YOU! WE can help you develop your brand – Marketing Faculty – Clay Center – Undergraduate Career Center You can land a terrific internship and full time position in marketing You have to start taking action NOW to get there.

30 so get your game on: market u

31 Breakout Sessions Pick three areas you are interested in: – Brand Management: 1063 – Fashion marketing: 1047 – Sports marketing: 1047 – Sales/Business Development, 1047 – Non-Profit marketing: 1047 – Digital/e-commerce: Lobby – Advertising: Lobby

32 Good stuff to know: Scheduling Contact: Bud Drago, Julie Pirsch, Greg Bonner MKT 2375, Marketing Management, is taken in the fall of your senior year VSB 3006, Managerial Accounting, must be completed before MKT 2375 – If you plan to study abroad, get this obligation done first (or over the summer) before VSB 3008, Operations Management

33 Good Stuff to Know: Studying Abroad Considering studying abroad? – Econ 3108, Global Political Economy – Marketing elective like international marketing, international advertising. Must be pre-approved. – Humanities Elective – Social Sciences Elective – Free Elective – Complete an internship for three free electives credits

34 Good Stuff to Know: CoOps CoOps take place over one full semester – Earn six credits of free electives from the CoOp – Take one class at night or distance learning during the CoOp for three credits – Take additional classes over the summer as needed – Tuition covers in-semester courses and summer courses

35 Marketing Support Mr. Bud Drago – Marketing Advisor – 3023 Bartley – – 610.519.4349 Dr. Greg Bonner – Department Chairperson – 3015 Bartley – – 610.519.4352 Dr. Julie Pirsch – Marketing Advisor – 3063 Bartley – – 610.519.5967 ANY department member can help get you started. Just ask.

36 (Awesome) Marketing Faculty Hae-Kyong Bang: Competitive Effectiveness, Advertising Management Aronte Bennett: Marketing Research Greg Bonner: Marketing Management Michael Capella: Serving as Graduate Dean Lan Chaplin: Buyer Behavior Kristy Crocker (Adjunct): Sports Marketing Bud Drago: Competitive Effectiveness Ron Hill: Philosophy of Exchange, Marketing Management Eric Karson: Interactive Marketing, Marketing Research Jeremy Kees: Competitive Effectiveness Jim Mullen: Professional Selling, Sales Management Julie Pirsch: Competitive Effectiveness, Marketing Analytics, Advertising Management Richard Scholl (Adjunct): Integrated Marketing Campaigns, Services Marketing Ray Taylor: International Marketing

37 Career Support – Walk-in hours : M – F, 11am – 3pm – Career counseling by appointment: M – F, 9am – 5pm – Website: Bartley 1054, 610.519.5532 – Professional Development team: – Christine DellaPenna, Internship/CoOp Coordinators – Michelle Galloway & Autumn Sunderlin, Assistant Directors of Professional Development (career programs & business societies) – Brenda Stover, Director of Professional Development

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