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Carmita Pena: Q-Z & Spanish Speaking Melissa Garcia: A-P Steve Katz: RSP Students.

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2 Carmita Pena: Q-Z & Spanish Speaking Melissa Garcia: A-P Steve Katz: RSP Students

3 Course Scheduling & Academic Planning Academic Support College/Post-High School Planning Social/Emotional Support

4 Guide students towards college resources Assist students with applications and essays- through workshops & individual appointments Write letters of recommendation Connect students with College Representatives

5 Progress Reports are mailed home at the middle (9 weeks) of each semester. Students receive semester grades. Grades are mailed home approximately one week after grading period. Semester grades are the only grades that appear on the student’s official transcripts. The 2011-12 Grading Cycle: 1 st Semester Progress Report 1 st Semester Grades 2 nd Semester Progress Report 2 nd Semester Grades

6 Math – Mr. Lopez RM 4 Mon - Thurs 3:30-4:30 Science – Mrs. Frazier RM 5 Wed. 3:30-4:30 English – Mr. Hopper RM 58 Mon – Thurs 3:30-4:40

7 Credits (220 total) Required Classes (165 credits) Electives (55 credits) CAHSEE (High School Exit Exam) 85 Hrs Of Youth Service Learning Portfolio And Senior Exit Interview

8 P = College Preparatory Coursework these courses meet A-G requirements H = Honors Courses AP = Advanced Placement Courses R = Repeated Courses

9 WHS students can enroll in Honors, AP and College courses Extra Point is given to a student who earns an A, B or C in one of these classes UNWEIGHTED GPA A+, A = 4.0 A- = 3.7 B+ = 3.3 B = 3.0 B- = 2.7 C+ = 2.3 C = 2.0 C- = 1.7 D+ = 1.3 D = 1.0 D- =.7 NG, P, I, F, WF = 0 WEIGHTED GPA A+, A = 5.0 A- = 4.7 B+ = 4.3 B = 4.0 B- = 3.7 C+ = 3.3 C = 3.0 C- = 2.7 D+ = 1.3 D = 1.0 D- =.7 NG, P, I, F, WF = 0

10 Both have weighted grades for WHS Both are rigorous courses with a greater workload than a regular ed course AP courses are college level courses geared toward preparing a student for the AP examination in that subject. Students can earn college credits by passing the AP examination.

11 Cum GPA Simple: Includes all courses taken in grades 9-12 Cum GPA Weighted: Includes all courses taken in grades 9-12 with extra point in Honors & AP classes Cal Grant GPA: 10-12 Academic Courses CSU/UC GPA: Includes college prep courses (A-G) taken in 10-12 th grade with extra point in Honors & AP


13 Top Ten Graduating w/ Honors CSF AVID Honors Renaissance ( Pg. xiv & xv in course description book)

14 CA state requirement to earn high school diploma Students are tested on Math & English proficiency First opportunity to take CAHSEE is Spring of 10 th grade year – March 13 & 14, 2012. Students who do not pass on first attempt will retake test in 11 th & 12 th grade until they pass Students who do not pass are placed in support classes



17 Practice ACT exam. Given to all 10 th grade students to identify academic strengths and weaknesses. Score to determine if they are college ready: English = 22 or higher Math = 23 or higher (will not need to take the placement tests)

18 1.Know Yourself 2.Ask Advice of Others 3.Learn More About Colleges 4.Make a Preliminary List 5.Visit Colleges 6.Finalize Your List/Submit Applications 7.Make Decision


20 CSU System


22 UC System

23 Private/ Independent System

24 Community Colleges

25 Cost of College ExpensesCCCCSUUCIndependent Educational Tuition & Fees$1,500$4,230$11,927$30,000 Books & Supplies $1,200$1,500$1,661$1,500 Living Room & Board$4,000$10,500$11,400$10,500 Transportation$1,250$1,450 $1,550 Personal Expenses $2,000 Average Total Cost $9,950$19,680$28,438$35,550- $45,550

26 Financial Aid

27 Know Yourself What subjects you do well in? What are your weak areas? How do you handle test anxiety? What is your “study style” – individual, group, or a class? Know the Test Which test plays to your strengths? ACT – optional Writing Test – measures skills in planning & writing a short essay. SAT – 3 tests: Critical Reading, Math, Writing - which now includes a short essay.

28 NCAA If you want to participate in Division I or II athletics as a freshman, you must first register and be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Refer to the NCAA Academic Eligibility section to determine the initial-eligibility standards that apply to you. If you don't register you will not be eligible to play or practice during your freshman year. $65 to register NAIA The NAIA Eligibility Center is responsible for determining the NAIA eligibility of first-time student-athletes. Any student playing NAIA sports for the first time must meet the eligibility requirements. Students must have their eligibility determined by the NAIA Eligibility Center, and all NAIA schools are bound by the center's decisions. $60 to register

29 Graduation Requirements Portfolio Resources Course Description Book Student Handbook Beyond Woodlake High School Book Community Service Requirements Honors/AP Sophomore Counseling Counseling Resources & Forms STAR/CAHSEE Testing Scholarship Information

30 Powerschool website is a resource which provides access to your student’s current attendance and grades. Website: Request your password and ID from counseling.


32 All student athletes, must have a 2.0 + GPA and no “F’s in any current courses. Student must attend mandatory content tutorials in the course/s they are doing poorly in and or attend Y Tigers Homework Center. Eligibility will be Week to Week. Failure to meet academic Student Athletic Academic Expectations will result in loss of playing time, participation in sports, school events and or activities.

33 Boys Football Cross-country Baskebetball Soccer Wrestling Baseball Swimming Track Tennis Golf Girls Volleyball Cross-country Tennis Baskebetball Soccer Cheerleading Softball Swimming Track

34 Extra-Curricular Key Club Maya Club Art Club Interact Club IET Friday Night Live Club FFA Mock Trial Career Day Committee Academic Decathalon Police Explorers ASB Journalism Co-Curricular Annual Drama Choir Band Mexican Folk Dance Leadership Jazz Band Art

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