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Welcome to College Night

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1 Welcome to College Night
Sophomore Students and Parents Class of 2016

2 Objectives for Sophomore College Night
Block Schedule and Grading Period Overview School Loop High School Graduation Requirements CAHSEE, Service Learning Hours, ROP Summer School & AP Courses College Admission Requirements Things to Consider About College Financial Aid Athletic Eligibility – High School and College Community College, Vocational Schools, & Military Naviance Big Future

3 Block Schedule Term 1 Term 2
Sept. – Nov. Nov. – Jan Feb. – April April – June Semester Semester Semester Semester 4 During Term 1, students take 4 classes During Term 2, students take 4 different classes On the Block Schedule, Kennedy Student attempt 80 credits per year, versus 60 credits in a traditional 6 period schedule. This leaves more space for additional courses; math, science, world language, ROP, and/or electives.

4 Grading Periods

School Loop School Loop is a communication tool that Fremont Unified School District implemented last year. It is a convenient way for parents and students to view: Grades Progress reports Missing assignments Upcoming assignments teachers and school staff Get school information

6 School Loop Login

7 School Loop – Parent Registration

8 School Loop – Parent View

9 Graduation Requirements
To earn a Fremont Unified School District Diploma, students must satisfy the following graduation requirements: 230 Course Credits in the following areas: English – 4 years (40 credits) Social Studies/History – 3 years (30 credits) Mathematics – 3 years (30 credits) Science – 2 years (10 credits physical science, 10 credits life science) Physical Education – 2 years (20 credits) Visual/Performing Art/World Language/Career Tech – 1 year (10 credits) Computer Ops – 5 credits Health – 5 credits Electives – 70 credits Pass the California High School Exit Exam in English and Math Complete 40 Service Learning Hours

10 Earning Credits To pass a class, and earn 5 credits, a grade of D- or better must be earned. If an F is earned, 0.0 credits are earned. Most colleges or universities require a C or above grade in classes. Even though a student can graduate with a D, it is best to strive for a C or above to keep college options available. If a student earns a D or F in a course, it is the student’s responsibility to attend summer school to raise the grade in that class.

11 What Happens When Courses are Failed
Example: If you fail English 9 Sem. 1 and Integrated Science Sem. 2 this year, you will need to attend Summer School to retake these classes. You can only take 2 semester classes in Summer School. Each class is 2.5 hours long. Summer School is usually 7:30 – 12:50 pm and you only earn 10 credits. =( Example: If you fail English 9 Sem. 1, English 9 Sem. 2, Integrated Science Sem. 2, and Health you will need to attend 2 years of Summer School to retake these classes. This means you would need to attend the Summer after 9th AND after 10th grade. =( If you fail even more classes you are looking at 3 years of Summer School and the possibility of also having to go to school at night during your senior year. For example, some seniors are going to Kennedy from 8-3pm and then on Tues and Wednesdays they are in class at Adult School from 3:40 to 6:50 pm. =( If graduation from Kennedy ever becomes mathematically impossible, Robertson will be recommended.

12 FUSD Graduation Requirement and College Subject Requirements
California State University University of California Private & Out of State Colleges English - “B” 4 Years Math – “C” 3 Years (including 1 year of algebra) 3Years Required/4 Years Rec. History/Social Studies – “A” 3 Years 2 Years Science – “D” 1 Year Life Science 1 Year Physical Science 2 Years Lab Science 3 Years Lab Science Rec. Foreign Language – “E” 1 Year (Foreign Language or Fine Art) 2 Years Required/3 Years Rec. 3 + Years Rec. Fine Art – “F” 1 Year (Fine Art or Foreign Language) 1 Year Elective – “G” 70 Credits

13 College Entrance Requirements: California State University (CSU)
There are 23 CSU Campuses State-Wide Admission is based on: A – G GPA (2.0 minimum) and College Entrance Exam: SAT or ACT

14 College Entrance Requirements: University of California (UC)
There are 10 UC Campuses; 9 have undergraduate programs, 1 (UCSF) only has post-graduate programs Admissions is based on: A-G GPA (3.0 minimum) SAT or ACT score Personal Statement(s)

15 College Entrance Requirements: Private and Out-of-State Colleges
“Core” Course Requirements (reflective of A-G) SAT or ACT Personal Statement Supplemental Application (some schools)

16 Things to Consider When Choosing a College or University
Size (Colleges range in size from 40,000 students to under 1000) Cost (in-state vs. out-of-state tuition, private vs. public) Selectivity (do you meet the admissions criteria for college/university, how competitive is admission?) Type of College (private, public, community, parochial, etc) Major/Academic Dept. Housing Location (in-state vs. out-of-state, rural vs. urban setting, weather considerations)

17 Financial Aid/Paying for College
FASFA: Free Application for Student Federal Aid Cal Grant: Application for “free” money from the state of California, to be used in California schools CSS Profile: Application for “free” money from Private Schools Scholarships **Don’t be fooled by the tuition/housing price you see on a website – often private and/or out-of-state schools can be less expensive than a California public school.

18 Athletic Eligibility: High School
Fremont Unified Requirements 2.0 GPA No F’s Academic Probation may be granted for one grading period if a student has 1 F or a GPA between 1.75 – 2.0

19 Athletic Eligibility: College
NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association Graduate from High School Be accepted to the University through the regular admissions process Complete 16 Core Courses SAT/ACT Students/Parents register NAIA – National Organization for Intercollegiate Athletics have at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale at the conclusion of junior year OR have at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale midway through senior year have met minimum test score requirement (18 ACT or 860 SAT Critical Reading and Math)

20 Community College Ohlone College classes are offered at JFKHS! For a listing of courses, see the school website or your counselor for more details. There are 112 community colleges in California and each one is unique. For a complete listing of schools, check out Placement tests in English and Math are required for all community colleges. If you do not score well on the placement tests, you will be required to take remediation classes before you are able to take transfer level courses. In order for a student to transfer to a UC or CSU, students must complete 60 units of college coursework with grades of C or higher.

21 Vocational Training & Military Service
For students not interested in traditional 2 or 4 year college, vocational or technical training and military service is an option. Contrary to popular belief, in order to enlist in any branch of the military, students MUST earn a high school diploma. A GED or proficiency exam can no longer replace the diploma requirement. If you are interested in joining the military after high school, see your counselor or College and Career Specialist Mrs. Coleman for additional information . In addition to preparing students for transferring, community colleges offer certificate programs to help prepare students for technical and service industry jobs (plumbing, electrical, mechanic, construction, culinary arts, nursing/dental assistants, etc.) and are often SIGNIFICANTLY CHEAPER than the cost of a “specialized training school” (Examples: Devry, ITT Tech, Wyotech) or other programs you might see adds for on television.

22 Mission Valley ROP Regional Occupational Program
Anatomy & Physiology Auto Body Painting & Refinishing 1&2 Automotive Technology Careers in Education Civil Engineering & Architecture Computer Animation 1&2 Construction Technology 1&2 Culinary Arts 1&2* Digital Sound Design 1&2 Digital Video Arts 1&2* Event Planning & Catering* Fire Technology 1&2 Forensic Science 1&2 Game Design Geometry in Construction* Law Enforcement Medical Assisting Motion Graphics 1&2 Nursing Assistant Pharmacy Clerk 1&2 Sports Therapy 1&2 *Classes only offered at JFKHS **Benefits: Career Training, Career Exploration, High School Credit

23 Things To Do Now Stay on top of your grades – colleges need C’s or better Talk with your counselor to ensure you are meeting all the A-G/Core Course requirements Start searching colleges; visit as many campuses as possible to get a “feel” for the different types Take the PSAT: Practice SAT Test Once the test is scored, you will receive a copy of your scores and a copy of the actual test you can use to help study and prepare for the SAT exam. Cost of the exam is $30. You can purchase the test from Ms. Facha in the main office. Tests are limited, so purchase your copy soon! Start saving: SAT: $51, ACT: $36-50 Applications: $55 – up per school AP Exams: $90/test

24 Naviance Online College and Career Planning Portfolio
Research Colleges Sign Up for College Visits Keep College Search Process Organized Create Your Own College List Personality Profile with “Do What You Are” Build resume Career Assistance Websites Log on to: or you can follow a link through the JFK website under the college and career services tab.

25 Go to the following website:
Naviance Log in What you will need: Valid address Personal Registration password (You can obtain this from your counselor) Go to the following website:











36 Naviance Tasks to Complete
Career Interest Profiler Super Match College Search National Scholarship Search

37 Big Future College Board website for general college information
National database

38 Contact Information Tifni O’Neill: A – D ext Dave Reska: E –K ext Stacey Bamford: L – Q ext Jacki Sprague: P – Z ext Janelle Coleman – College/Career Tech ext

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