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Electronic Career Portfolio.  1. Resume  2. Career Summary  3. Career Preparation  4. Awards and Honors  9. Community and Volunteer Activities 

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1 Electronic Career Portfolio

2  1. Resume  2. Career Summary  3. Career Preparation  4. Awards and Honors  9. Community and Volunteer Activities  10. High School Participation  12. Conference Attendance  13. List of Accomplishments  14. Creative Writing Sample  15. Report Sample  16. Self- Assessment  17. Evidence of Specific Skills  19. Work Cited

3 Stephanie Ann Herrington 1415 285 th Street, Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533 515-448-5674 Professional Experience Little Eagle Relays, Eagle Grove, Iowa May 7, 2010 Long Jump Manager Responsibilities: Record Scores Line kids up Measure the Distance Education: In Progress ( Graduate May 2012) Eagle Grove, Eagle Grove, IA Professional Experience Eagle Grove Youth Basketball Tournament Eagle Grove, IA February 19, 2011 Score Keeper Responsibilities: Keep track of team fouls Put fouls on scoreboard Put team points on the scoreboard Keep track of coaches timeouts Fill out team bracket

4  Career Choice of Study : Physician Assistant  Description of Career : Physician Assistants practice medicine under the supervision of physicians and surgeons. Physician Assistants are formally trained to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive healthcare services, as directed by a physician. Working as members of a healthcare team, they take medical histories, examine and treat patients, order and interpret laboratory tests and x rays, and make diagnoses. They also treat minor injuries by suturing, splinting, and casting.  Education Required: This field requires a minimum of four years of college to obtain your Bachelors Degree, then a minimum of two years in medical school.  Future Job Outlook : I wish to work in a challenging job field, involving helping people with problems and saving lives. With this field I can change peoples lives and make a difference to our world.

5  Classes Taken: Anatomy and Physiology Algebra I Algebra II Speech Intro to Psychology Biology

6  Academic Honor Roll (2008-2011)  Cross Country  All Conference 2008 2010  All District 2008 2010  State Participant 2008 2010

7  Varsity letter in basketball - 3 years  Varsity letter in track and field - 3 years  Varsity letter in cross country - 3 years  Track and Field  All Conference 2010  All District 2010  State Participant 2010

8  Cross Country:  Most Valuable - 2008 & 2009  Coaches Award - 2007  Dedication Award - 2007  Captain Award - 2009 & 2010  Fewest Points Award - 2010

9  Track:  Most Dedicated- 2009  Most Distance Points- 2010  Excellence in Academic Achievement Awards (IGHSAU)  President’s Award for Educational Excellence

10  Scorekeeper for youth basketball tournaments  Concession stand at youth basketball tournaments  Ref at youth basketball tournaments  Concession Stands at baseball and softball games  Volunteer with youth track meets  Sorted pop cans for the Eagle Grove Jaycees

11  Sports  Softball Freshman  Track and Field Freshman Sophomore Junior  Basketball Freshman Sophomore Junior  Cross- Country Freshman Sophomore Junior

12  Powder- puff Football  Freshman  Sophomore  FBLA  Sophomore  Junior

13 I have attended the following conferences:  FBLA State Conference  Iowa Youth Leadership Conference

14  Ran at State Cross Country in 2008  Ran at State Cross Country in 2010  Ran at State Track and Field in 2010  Qualified for State AAU Track and Field  Qualified for Regional AAU Track and Field Competition  Iowa State Fair, 4-H Exhibitor Participant  Participated in 2010 North Central Conference Art Show

15 A Turn for the Worst Cassie and her mother were driving home late on a Tuesday night, coming back from a business party. They were talking about how the party went, and Cassie was upset her mother made her sit through the long, and boring party. There were no other kids there Cassie’s age, and even if there had been, 15 year- old girls didn’t just become friends after five minutes of meeting each other. Cassie and her mom were almost home, they just had to exit off the interstate and take a left at the stoplight, but before Cassie could imagine going home, changing into comfortable cloths, and crawling into bed, her world took a turn for the worst. Out of nowhere, a semi- truck came tumbling across the road and everything went dark. Cassie screamed her mother’s name and waited for a reply back, but nothing came. The lights were bright, Cassie didn’t know what was happening. When the paramedic bent down and told Cassie to relax, she knew something was wrong. She asked the man where she was, but all he told her was that another ambulance was on its way. Slowly Cassie began to feel cold and numb. She tried keeping her eyes open, but no matter how hard she tried the blackness slowly crept in.

16 The Life of James K. Polk James Polk had only received two and a half years of schooling before being admitted to the University of North Carolina. He became interested in law and government due to his studies and membership in a debating society. After graduating with top honors in the fields of mathematics and the classics, Polk returned to Tennessee with the desire to become a lawyer. He received his legal training by working in the office of a Nashville Trial Attorney and worked as a clerk for the Tennessee Senate. Not long after his legal training, Polk established a legal office in Columbia, Tennessee. Due to his earlier success, Polk decided to go into the field of politics. He was only twenty- seven years old when he won his first seat in the Tennessee legislature. While still serving in the legislature, Polk married Sarah Childress. Sarah was an educated lady that impressed many people with her intellect and social grace. She was very active in her husband’s campaigns while running for president which, without a doubt, helped capture his victories. (not full report)

17  I feel as if throughout my entire life I’ve tried to be the best person I can be.  I am a respectful individual who enjoys helping people in the best way possible.  I know my limits and with that I continue to push them a little farther each time in everything I do.  I set high standards for myself because I know I have the confidence to achieve those standards.  I believe that if I work hard enough I can achieve anything I set my mind to.



20 “Physician Assistant Careers.” Physician Assistant Programs, Schools. 11 March 2011. 11 March 2011. “Occupational Outlook Handbook.” United States Department of Labor. 17 December 2009. 11 March 2011.

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