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Welcome! My office hours for individual meetings: Wednesdays, noon-2pm Fridays, noon-3pm Office: Lally 314 Come and see me this week or next week.

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1 Welcome! My office hours for individual meetings: Wednesdays, noon-2pm Fridays, noon-3pm Office: Lally 314 Come and see me this week or next week

2 Welcome! Spring Advising Session Today’s agenda is: Where you are? Fall registration-best courses to take Tips for registration Summer opportunities Entering into your sophomore year

3 What’s been going on? Please take a few minutes to think, and share your answers with a partner(s) near you. What did you like about this year? If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? What information,&/or assistance do you need?

4 Resources and tips for the remainder of the semester Visit your professor and TA office hours- they write and grade exams- Drop in Tutoring- DCC – Go to your LA’s office hours in your hall Review before lecture, go over notes, try problems- Always evaluate- do I really understand X? Test yourself- Do problems

5 Academic Policies Transfer/AP Credits- All entering first year students can bring in 32 credits of AP and/or transfer credit. If you have more credits, the Registrar will contact you. Please talk to your advisor before deciding which courses NOT to use.

6 Probation/dismissal process Probation - semester GPA below 1.5 & overall 1.8 for the end of the 2 nd term Students are reviewed for dismissal when Students who are on probation 2 consecutive terms 3 or more non-consecutive terms on probation 3 or more F’s in one semester

7 Fall Classes TYPICAL SCHEDULE CSCI 2200 Foundations of Computer Science (FoCS) CSCI 2500 Computer Organization (CompOrg) MATH, LOGIC or SCIENCE class HASS class The Fall schedule will vary widely for individual students, depending on AP credits, dual major, minor, etc. If in doubt, TALK to ME

8 HASS Requirements students must take a minimum of 6 (4 credit courses )=24 credits Requirements for HASS  No more than 3 at the 1000 level  At least 2 classes in the humanities  At least 2 classes in the social sciences  At least 2 with the same prefix, one of them needs to be above the 1000 level; WRIT 1000 & WRIT 2000, STSS 2000 & STSS 4000  At least 1 – 4 credit- 4000 level class  At least 1 must be “Communications Intensive” CAPP Report on SIS details this information for you to track. It is Your responsibility to make sure you have enough credits, and distribution of courses for your degree.

9 What courses are Humanities or Social Science? HumanitiesSocial Science Arts (music, Art)Cognitive Science (COGN) Communication (COMM)Economics (ECON) History (STSH)Interdisciplinary Hum &SS (IHSS) Literature (LITR)Psychology (PSYC) Writing (WRIT)Sociology (STSS) Philosophy (PHIL) Interdisciplinary Hum &SS (IHSS) Anthropology (STSS)

10 Communication Intensive Requirement Need to enroll & pass a “CI” class in 1. HASS 2. In your major (usually a senior capstone class) All approved classes are listed on SIS Cannot put CI class on pass/no credit Communication Intensive course is an institute requirement.

11 Course Registration Timeline Registration time tickets were sent out on March 6 th. Registration time tickets are based on credits earned. Most first year students will register on April 11 – 15 th If you don’t register by 4/15, you could be charged a $ 75 late fee. If you have any hold(s) on your account, you will not be able to register. Please go to Student Records and Financial Services Office on 2 nd floor of Academy Hall for assistance. Open Registration will begin on May 13 th..

12 Registration tools This is a program that you can use to create your schedule ml ml The course descriptions, major requirements and prerequisites.

13 Summer Experiences Take Summer Classes at RPI or at your local college or university Work in your field (Career Development Center) Apply for Internships paid/unpaid Volunteer at a professional office, hospital. Summer jobs at RPI: http://summer.rpi.edu

14 Steps to transfer a course Send the course description to school rep. Lee O’Dell (HASS) Kurt Anderson (ENGR) David Spooner(Science) Beth Macey(Management)  If approved, enroll in the class. Fill out the Transfer Approval Form (need signatures from school representative and advisor) Take form to Registrar (Academy Hall) Have Visiting College send an Official Transcript to RPI’s Registrar Must have a “C-” or better for course credits to be accepted.

15 Your Sophomore Year The 2 nd year is a time for questions: more students question their major, direction, and general life plans. Is this all there is? Why am I here? Should I transfer? It’s natural to question and explore your options. Speaking to faculty form various departments, advisor, Career Develop Center, peers, alumni, and parents will provide information to affirm or change your direction.

16 Sophomore Year academically 2000 level classes will build on 1000 classes HW problems are more complex & crucial to do well on exams 2-3 Exams during the semester & Final Projects and Papers are more in depth These are the courses that begin to focus more in your major and the skills needed to be successful in your field.

17 Professional & Personal Development Sophomore Experience: CDC coordinates presentations, discussions and networking opportunities with professionals in the field throughout year Archer Center: Annual Leadership Conference Undergraduate Research Projects NSBE&SHEP Career Fair

18 Study Abroad Programs Institute Wide Programs Semester long programs 2 week programs tied to a spring course Summer/winter opportunities Study abroad office conducts 3- 4 information sessions a year Karen Dvorak- Other programs: Management Study Abroad Programs-1 semester Architecture Study Abroad Programs- 1 semester

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