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The North Quad Struggle Nathalie Ramirez, Peter Jebsen, Nick Wright.

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1 The North Quad Struggle Nathalie Ramirez, Peter Jebsen, Nick Wright

2 Does where you live at CMC affect your GPA? Freshman year, dorm placement is random Because assignment is random, differences in GPA will be due purely to environmental factors Sophomore year, students choose their dorm Assignment is no longer random, and students inherent abilities also become a factor

3 Hypotheses Students who live in North Quad will have a lower GPA than students who live in South or Mid Quad This will be true both freshman and sophomore year

4 Conceptions about the Quads North Quad stereotypes: -Loud -Social -Open, conducive to partying -Dirty -Residents are raging alcoholics who spend all of their time partying, and never do school work. Mid & South Quad stereotypes: -Quiet -Anti-Social -Indoor buildings, less conducive to partying -Clean (more for South Quad) -Residents are nerdy introverts who never go out, and always have their heads in a book studying Fun Fact * Out of 32 parties this year, North Quad has hosted 25, with South Quad and Mid Quad hosting only 7 combined

5 Research Design We asked a sample of 86 CMC students from all class years to fill out a survey: SAT Score Freshman fall GPA, freshman dorm Sophomore fall GPA, sophomore dorm Republican or Democrat? iPhone or Blackberry? Average number of nights drinking per week

6 Summary Statistics Mean SAT I Score2085 Mean GPA Freshman fall10.36 Mean GPA Sophomore fall10.57 Average Nights Out2.3 Percentage who are Republicans24% Percentage who own a Blackberry24% Percentage who own an iPhone24%

7 So how ‘bout those North Quadders? Average GPA for freshmen in North Quad9.99 Average GPA for sophomores in North Quad10.55

8 Regression Analysis: Freshmen Coefficientst StatP-value Intercept8.796.752.97E-09 SAT0.0008431.380.17183 North Quad Residency-0.561-2.350.0214 Nights Out0.002140.01900.985 iPhone0.1060.3890.698 Blackberry-0.159-0.5670.573 Republican-0.0571-0.2170.829 Multiple R0.313 R Square0.0981 Adjusted R Square0.024 Standard Error0.986 Observations80 F1.32 Significance F0.258 Living In North Quad your freshman year has a significant negative effect on GPA Because dorm placement is random, this effect is a pure Residence Effect Having a Blackberry produces a negative effect on GPA, while having an iPhone produces a positive effect (!)

9 Regression Analysis: Sophomores Coefficientst StatP-value Intercept7.474.861.67E-05 SAT0.001542.160.036739 North Quad Residency0.1650.5540.582 Nights Out-0.128-1.020.316 iPhone0.2190.5150.609 Blackberry0.02150.06120.952 Republican0.07120.2010.842 Multiple R0.349 R Square0.122 Adjusted R Square-0.00370 Standard Error0.995 Observations49 F0.971 Significance F0.457 The Choice Effect shows the effect on GPA of being a student who chooses to live in North Quad The Total Effect (X T ) is a combination of the Residence Effect ( X R ) and the Choice Effect (X C ), such that X R + X C = X T

10 Residence Effect (X R ) = 0.561 Total Effect (X T ) = 0.165 The Choice Effect: X T – X R = X C 0.165 – (-0.561) = 0.726 Students who choose to live in North Quad are inherently able to attain GPAs 0.726 higher than students who do not choose to live there This suggests that students choose to live in North Quad because they know they can perform well despite the detrimental environmental factors

11 So… + + = -0.78 = TOUGH LUCK (North Quad Freshmen) -0.159-0.0571 -0.561

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