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Biotechnology The North Coast Tech Prep Way The North Coast Tech Prep Way.

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1 Biotechnology The North Coast Tech Prep Way The North Coast Tech Prep Way

2 What is North Coast Tech Prep Biotechnology? A Northeast Ohio program uniting school systems, colleges and businesses, to provide high school students the opportunity to receive college credit (14 semester hours) and valuable training in an emerging field

3 North Coast Tech Prep Biotechnology Overview Evolution of Program Development of Partnerships/Pathways Targeting of Students Program Maintenance

4 The Evolution of Biotechnology in the North Coast Tech Prep Consortium 2001 - Industry, Business, Educators and North Coast Tech Prep Representatives begin exploration 2002 - Initial draft of TCP presented 2003 - First Articulation Agreement requires students to successfully complete one week summer bridge course at Cuyahoga Community College directed by Dr. Steven Leidich 2003 - First Programs Begin (Parma)

5 Program Evolution (continued) 2004 - Bedford, Medina Country Career Center (Cloverleaf), Mayfield Excel Tech 2005 - Tri Heights (Cleveland Heights, West Shore Career Technical Education District (Lakewood)) 2006 – Strongsville High School 2007 - New Articulation agreement substitutes Exit Exams for Bridge Course - under continued supervision of Dr. Steven Leidich

6 The North Coast Tech Prep Team

7 Early Developmental Activities Decision made to target atypical group for Tech Prep - High Achieving College Bound –Why should high achievers be ignored by Tech Prep Programs? –Changing job market and economy Northeast Ohio is a fast growing Biotech Center –Encourage brightest minds to consider a career in science –Avoid “brain drain” in state of Ohio

8 Early Developmental Activities Decided to have programs within each High School (Taught by High School Teachers) Required Teacher Training –Tech Prep Academy –OARDC Biotechnology Summer Workshops –Panel of Experts Interview –Biotech Industry Summer Externships –Lab Safety Seminar –State Licensure

9 Developmental Activities Teachers within the consortium: –meet at least four times after school –meet twice a year for entire day develop standard labs and lists of equipment required plan on workshops/conference attending developed Course of Study Course of Study is modified to meet standards develop common 1st and 2nd semester exams continual modification of common assessments plan recruitment strategies

10 Pathways and Partnerships Local High Schools Cuyahoga Community College Local Biotechnology Industries North Coast Tech Prep

11 Biotech Pathway - BHS Four Year Pathway (at least “B” average in all) –Freshmen Year - Honors Biology I –Sophomore Year - Honors Chemistry I –Junior Year Physics or AP Chem

12 Pathways –Senior Year - Biotechnology –Students meet for at least 80 minutes per day –Year long course –Must earn “B” average to receive any credits When entire pathway has been successfully completed then: –Student receives credit for CCC BIO 1500 (4 semester hours) –Student receives credit for CCC CHEM 1010 ( 4 semester hours) –Is eligible to take Exit Exams for a potential of 6 additional semester hours of college credit

13 Pathways Senior Year Exit Exams –Under direction of Dr. Steven Leidich CCC –Introduction to Biotechnology = Credit for BIO 1700 –Lab Ability Exit Exam = Credit for BIO 1710 –70% required in Exit Exams for credit If students passes Exit Exam for BIO 1700 but fails the Exit Exam for BIO 1710, student receives credit for BIO 1700 only and vice versa

14 Pathway Technical Requirements Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s)

15 Good Laboratory Practice (GLP’s) Aseptic Technique

16 Solution (% and Molar) and Dilution Preparation Scientific Lab Notebook

17 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

18 Laboratory Certification MicropipettesMicrocentrifuges

19 Gel Electrophoresis Protein Electrophoresis

20 SpectrophotometryChromotography

21 Polymerase Chain Reaction (thermocycler)

22 Program Maintenance Former Students Biotech Advisory Committee Refined Recruitment Procedures Career and Technical Directors Continued Support North Coast Tech Prep Financial and Curricular Support CCC Technical Support and Exit Exam Refinement

23 What Happens to Biotech Graduates? Most head to four year colleges and continue on science career pathway –Pharmacy –Medical –Undergraduate Research –Microbiology –Engineering CCC and then to four year school CCC Associate’s Degree Immediate Employment in Biotech Field

24 Student Testimonials Sarah Polly: The summer after I graduated in 2006, I had the opportunity to do a student research fellowship at the research lab at Akron General Hospital. If I had not taken the Biotechnology class, I simply would not have been qualified for the lab work involved in the fellowship. All of the other students working there were in medical school, but between my experience in the Biotech class and the week in the lab at Tri-C I was familiar enough with basic lab equipment, procedures, and terminology to quickly catch up.

25 Student Testimonials Kayleigh Pasek: the biotech program has been a huge help in most of my science classes here. When asked how many of the 273 students in my biochemistry class had used a PCR and run gels before, I was one of maybe 20 people who could say yes. Most of the equipment we used in biotech, such as the Spec20, PCR and gels, were used again in my labs. It was a real plus being able to go into it with some past experience. The experience I gained is still being used even into my third year of pharmacy school.

26 Student Testimonials Patricia Abrudan: The Biotech program has played an instrumental role in my life, even after leaving high school. It has helped me not only decide what I want to major in, but it has helped me to accomplish things that would not have occurred without it. I have been selected to receive a National Science Foundation grant and scholarship. My biotech credits gave man an advantage in showing my lab skills. The program also gave me the confidence in my abilities that carried over to labs in college. Many of my colleagues at college do not really see the long term benefits that come from lab work because they didn’t have a program like biotechnology to spark their interest.

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