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FEMA Higher Education Conference June 2011 GIS in Emergency Management.

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1 FEMA Higher Education Conference June 2011 GIS in Emergency Management

2 5/5/2009MMA Emergency Management2 Massachusetts Maritime Academy Founded in 1890 One of nine Massachusetts State Colleges Originally for education of merchant mariners Marine Engineering Marine Transportation Expanded programs into Marine Environmental Protection Facilities Engineering Emergency Management International Maritime Business Technical Educational Programs Regimental Life Style

3 GIS in Emergency Management EM Curriculum components using GIS Introduction to GIS (Sophomore) Risk Management (Junior) Natural Hazards (Junior) Emergency Management Operations (Senior) IT in Emergency Management (Senior) 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management3

4 Introduction to GIS ArcGIS Minimum Essential Data Set (MEDS) map Town Base Map (projected and geographic coordinates) Town Boundary (selected from the state town map) Roadway Data Public Safety Sites Population ( blocks and 3 types of block group populations) USGS GNIS Infrastructure Aerial Photographs Hillshaded Digital Elevation Maps GPS data (electrical tansformers, buildings, gas lines, etc.) 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management4

5 County Hillshade 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management5 Introduction to GIS Maps Newburyport Massachusetts Spanish speaking Aerial Photograph Flood Data Flood Zones Income less than $10000

6 Risk Management Hazardous materials transportation spill simulation Using ALOHA and ArcGIS Creating a chemical plume Varying meteorological conditions Linking the plume to the ArcGIS MEDS Base Map Map Triage location, Incident Command Post, Decon area Investigate Population effected Investigate Road Closures Add as a component to the Risk Management Plan 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management6

7 Aloha Propane Toxic Vapor Plume

8 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management8 Aloha Propane Toxic Vapor Plume

9 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management9 Risk Management Propane Explosion Propane Toxic Plume Newburyport Massachusetts

10 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management10 Newburyport Massachusetts Population effected by vapors

11 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management11 Road Closures Newburyport Massachusetts

12 Natural Hazards ArcGIS MEDS Base Map Flooding Scenario Apportion population to census block level Attach HAZUS daytime population distribution Evaluate population vulnerability at census block level Determine evacuation criteria Locate shelter Determine evacuation routes and shelter requirements Add as a component to the Risk Management Plan 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management12

13 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management13 Newburyport Massachusetts Population effected by floods

14 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management14 HAZUS level 1 Hurricane and Earthquake scenario Probabilistic hurricane and earthquake Damage assessment Mitigation Compare with and without mitigation Develop white paper to community leaders illustrating cost/benefits of hurricane mitigation Farsite 4 GIS Wildfire Simulator Perform tutorial Wildfire simulation using spatial analysis Natural Hazards

15 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management15 Barnstable County Massachusetts Probabilistic Hurricane

16 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management16 Barnstable County Damage and Shelter Assessment

17 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management17 Barnstable County Apply 100% Mitigation Measures Rerun the Model

18 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management18 Compare tabulated data Non Mitigated Mitigated Barnstable Massachusetts Mitigation for Probabilistic Hurricane

19 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management19 FARsite 4 Simulation

20 Information Technology in Emergency Management Adding Public Safety Data to Google Earth CAMEO system Add Tier II data to CAMEO and MARPLOT Transportation accident simulation Linking a hazardous chemical transportation route ALOHA plume release linked to CAMEO/MARPLOT 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management20

21 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management21 Google Earth Connections from a server to iphones

22 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management22 Aloha plume in MARPLOT Link to CAMEO

23 ArcGIS Network Analysis Emergency Response service areas Shortest route to triage Emergency evacuation routes 3D Analysis 3D view of town center Raster Analysis Model Builder Viewsheds and Contours Population vulnerability analysis 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management23 Information Technology in Emergency Management

24 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management24 Network Analysis

25 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management25 Network Analysis Service Areas Delivery Route

26 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management26 Viewshed from 2 points Hillshade draped with a DEM at 50% transparency

27 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management27 Raster Analysis Rasterized Flood Zones Rasterized Vulnerable Population Combine

28 5/8/2009MMA Emergency Management28 Resulting flood areas of maximum vulnerability

29 Massachusetts Maritime Academy Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Department 4/21/2015MMA Emergency Management29 I will be happy to address any questions you have during this session or via email. Please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments. Professor Malcolm MacGregor

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