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Tates Creek High School Class of 2016. Tates Creek High School Counselors 9 th Grade Counselor Mrs. Majors 10 th Grade A-D - Mrs. Bruce 10 th Grade E-K.

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1 Tates Creek High School Class of 2016

2 Tates Creek High School Counselors 9 th Grade Counselor Mrs. Majors 10 th Grade A-D - Mrs. Bruce 10 th Grade E-K - Mr. Waldrop 10 th Grade L-R - Mr. Schilch 10 th Grade S-Z Mrs. Oliver

3 Credits Needed to Graduate English – 4 credits Math – 3 credits (must take math all 4 years) Science – 3 credits Social Studies – 3 credits Health/P.E. – 1 credit Humanities – 1 credit Electives – 11 credits Total = 26 credits Pre-College Curr- 2 yrs of Same Foreign Language 26 credits = Diploma in May 2016!


5 A High School Semester 1 st Semester 1. English 2 =.5 2. World Civ. =.5 3. Integrated Sci. =.5 4. Math =.5 5. Health =.5 6. Elective =.5 7. Elective =.5 8. Elective =.5 4 credits 2 nd Semester 1. English 2 =.5 2. World Civ. =.5 3. Integrated Sci. =.5 4. Math =.5 5. Soph. Sem =.5 6. Elective =.5 7. Elective =.5 8. Elective =.5 4 credits

6 If you fail….. 1 st Semester 1. English 2 = X 2. World Civ. =.5 3. Integrated Sci. =.5 4. Math = X 5. Health =.5 6. Elective = X 7. Elective =.5 8. Elective =.5 2.5 credits 2 nd Semester 1. English 2 =.5 2. World Civ. =.5 3. Integrated Sci. = X 4. Math =.5 5. Soph. 101 =.5 6. Elective =.5 7. Elective = X 8. Elective =.5 3 credits

7 Graduation Plan The Four Year Package: 9 th Grade 10 th Grade11 th Grade12 th Grade English 1English 2English 3English 4 MathMathMathMath Elective Int. ScienceInt. Sci 2BiologyElective Int. SSWorld Civ.U.S.HistoryElective PE/101Health/101HumanitiesElective Elective Elective ElectiveElective

8 What is the importance of a High School Transcript? A transcript is like a report card, it shows your grades and percentages in each class. Your high school transcript is submitted to colleges, employment agencies, military personnel and technical schools. A transcript says a lot about the type of person you are (hardworking, completed assignments, present in class, etc.)


10 Grade Point Averages At the end of each semester/year you will receive a weighted and un-weighted GPA (Grade Point Average). An un-weighted GPA is based on a 4.0 scale: A = 4.0 B = 3.0 C = 2.0 D = 1.0 F = 0 A weighted GPA gives you an extra point for each advanced class that you take. For each grade that you receive in an advanced class, you get an extra point. IB/ AP Classes will award you two extra weighted GPA points

11 11 Amount based upon each qualifying year’s GPA of 2.50 or higher.

12  Students who earn at least one yearly GPA award are eligible for the ACT Bonus Award.  Award is based on highest ACT composite score or SAT reading and math score attained prior to graduation.  The minimum score to earn a bonus on ACT is 15 and on the SAT is 710.  KHEAA handles SAT conversion to ACT equivalent. Students MUST include their SSN on the exam in order for the score to be credited to their KEES account!!! 12 ACT Bonus Award

13 13 Students who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches during any year of high school can earn KEES supplemental awards by making qualifying scores on Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exams. The chart below shows the amount awarded for each score. Advanced PlacementInternational Baccalaureate Exam ScoreBonus AmountExam ScoreBonus Amount 3$2005 4$2506 5$3007

14 Zip Access at w w w w w wwww wwww.... kkkk hhhh eeee aaaa aaaa.... cccc oooo mmmmStudents can access their KEES account anytime. Get your students involved with checking their account information prior to graduation. VVVVerify the correct Social Security number VVVVerify date of birth VVVVerify yearly grades and award amounts VVVVerify the highest ACT or SAT score on file 14

15 Checking Your Grades Students can access their detailed grades and attendance information through the Student Portal. Link is located on the TC homepage, top right corner. Username: Student Number Password: First letter of your first and last name and your birth date. Ex: sb062295

16 Attendance Attendance plays an important part in being successful in high school: If you miss school due to illness, you must bring in a doctor’s note or a note from your parent / guardian in order for it to be an excused absence (parents may only write 10 excused notes) If you need to check out early for a doctor/dentist appointment, you must check out at the attendance office and provide a doctor’s note when you return. Absences without a note, will be unexcused absences. Make-up work is not accepted for unexcused absences.

17 No Pass, No Drive Law Kentucky has a state law that requires passing grades and good attendance for driving privileges. No more than 9 unexcused absences in a semester. In your last semester, must have passed 6 out of 8 classes. Once you have the permit/license if you fall below these requirements, your license/permit is revoked. For the required permit verification form, see Mrs. Gilley two days before attempting the permit test.

18 Problems with your classes If you fall behind in class, you need to talk to the teacher of that class during an appropriate time- before or afterschool. If you need more assistance, be sure to use the afterschool tutoring or ESS that is provided. Bring in material, homework, or assignments that you need help with and work with a tutor one on one.

19 What happens after High School? Everyone will need some type of training. ◦ Technical school: plumber, electrician, heating and air conditioning repairs. ◦ Cosmetology school: hair, nails, and make-up ◦ Military: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines ◦ 2 year college: nursing assistant, computer programmer, dental hygienist ◦ 4 year college: teacher, architect, engineer, physician

20 Reasons to do well in High School Graduate Driver’s License KEES Money Scholarships (look at TCHS website) Opportunity to do Upper Classmen Programs Achieve future goals

21 New Opportunities for Next Year: Vocational School Programs Southside- Carpentry, Culinary, Electricity, Electronics, Masonry, Welding, Medical Sciences (Pre-req for Senior Year Nurse’s Aide) Eastside- TV Broadcasting, Homeland Security, Internet Networking & Security, Computer Programming, Auto Mechanics, Diesel, and Collision Locust Trace- Plant and Land Science, Biotech & Environmental Science, Equine and Vet Science, Small & Large Animal Science

22 Alternative Options for Next Year: There are two Non-Traditional Settings: The Learning Center Opportunity Middle College Both options require an APPLICATION that is available in the Spring. If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please sign up to see your counselor.

23 Why come see your counselor? Academic Progress- grades Personal problems – peers, family, teachers Concern for another student Discuss future goals and career options Scheduling classes Confidentiality is practiced

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