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Travel and Tourism Program, International College Dr. Hsuan Hsuan Chang Director of Travel and Tourism Program of International College Assistant Professor.

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1 Travel and Tourism Program, International College Dr. Hsuan Hsuan Chang Director of Travel and Tourism Program of International College Assistant Professor of Department of Leisure and Recreation Management Ming Chuan University

2 Contents IC Features IC Program Program History Students Faculties Program Curriculum Internship Dual degree program / overseas exchange program

3 Basic Information From 1999 to 2009 From 17 to over 700 students 1 graduate & 5 undergraduate programs

4 Graduate School of International Affairs Program of International Business & Management Program of Journalism & Mass Communication Program of Applied Computing Program of Travel & Tourism Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language International College Program Taipei Campus

5 IC Features English as the language of instruction and interaction in class  The four-year undergraduate curriculum of IC is conducted in English, which is the first such institution in Taiwan Cross-cultural interactions and global view  in an international community: IC has more than three hundred students from 60 different countries

6 IC Features Dual degree and exchange options :  IC encourages students to study abroad for one to two semesters at the universities which have cooperative agreements with Ming Chuan University

7 History The International College was established in 1999 Travel and Tourism Program started in 2001 Originally designed and operated by Tourism School  Share the same faculties  The same course design  Difference : the language

8 History Yeargraduates 20056 200620 200735 200843 200931

9 Student International students  High school graduates (K-12, IB, STPM, Form 6) holding foreign passport  TOEFL or related test: above 500 Local students  Local high school graduates passed College Entrance Examination  Transfer students from related departments within and outside MCU

10 Student 2-year Transfer students from different countries  EX, last year, Travel and Tourism Program accepted 8 Korean students, who transferred from Suwon Science College, to join junior class Short term exchange student  Foreigner students come to study in our program only for one semester or one year  EX, last year, we have four students from Hong Kong City University and lots from South Korea

11 Students 2009 DataTaiwanInternational2+2Total Senior 1375 25 Junior 16144 34 Sophomore 1711 28 Freshman 239+ 32+ 50% -admission rate Try to keep the class size between 25 to 30. Good for everyone

12 C. Walter Wang Journalism & Mass Com. Dr. L-T Wang Director of Applied Computing Dr. H-S Tu Director of Intertnaioal Business Faculties – Directors of IC Yih-Lan Ellen Chen Dean of IC Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle

13 Dr. Kevin Ho Department of Marketing, Webster University Q630 Dr. Yi-De Liu PhD in Management, Sheffield Hallam University, UK Q610 Faculties of IC Travel & Tourism Dr. Chang, Hsuan Hsuan Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources, College of Nature Resources, Michigan State University Dr. Charles Shih Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources, College of Nature Resources, Michigan State University

14 Dr. Kuo, Nien-Te Assistant Professor Barry university, USA Dr. Sung, Yung-Kun Assistant Professor Florida International University, USA Faculties from Tourism School Dr. Chiang, Wan-Erh National Central University Purdue University, USA Hsin, Chien-Wu Lecturer National ChengChi University CEO of David Travel Agency

15 Dr. Hu, Shin-Hui Assistant Professor Iowa State University, USA Faculties from Tourism School

16 Staff Debby – ext 3298  Academic Affairs  The course registration  Your class advisor Anita – ext 3195  Student affair  Student activity Annie Tai – ext 3332  Supervisor for student internship  Very helpful Yi-Han Su – ext 3341  assistant

17 Information to download IC web site  Programs  Travel & Tourism  Further Information  2009 curriculum to down Keep this with you for 4 year Number of credits to graduate – 128 credits Type of courses College / professional Required / elective Travel & Tourism curriculum

18 Type of courses credits College core required courses 33 Professional required course 66 Professional elective course 15 Other elective course 14 Language, Information Technology, PE, Service learning-16hrs You must take, if you fail, you must take it again until you pass it You can choose professional elective courses based on your interests (From Travel & Tourism) – check Learning Map Choose courses from other programs of IC such as IB, Mass Com

19 General LiteratureLanguagesHistoryInformationPE General Courses

20 College Arts & Humanity Intl’ Related Social Science Natural Science College Courses

21 Freshmen / Sophomore Introduction to Tourism / Commercial Recreation Hospitality Management / Restaurant Management Tourism Geography / Sustainable Tourism Travel Agency Management / Air Travel Management Travel and Transportation Operation Management Marketing Management for the Tourism Industry Travel & Tourism curriculum

22 Freshmen / Sophomore Accounting / Management Economics / Statistics Recreation Programming for Senior People Tourism E-commerce Travel and Tourism curriculum

23 Junior & Senior Tour Manager Practice Tourism Administration and Regulation Tourism Marketing Research Computerized Reservation System Airline Ticketing Product Strategy and Tour Design Convention and Meeting Management Financial Management in Tourism Industry Travel and Tourism curriculum

24 Junior & Senior Hospitality Services Special Topics on International Tourism Travel Industry and the Media Etiquette Travel Risk and Safety Management International Hotel Management Managerial Communication and Negotiation Skills Human Resource Management Travel and Tourism curriculum

25 Junior & Senior Gaming management Beverage Management Internship Conducted during the summer break After you finished second year, you can think about it Domestic or overseas Advanced Tourism Internship (elective course) Conducted during your 4th year 2-3 days a week in tourism related industry Travel and Tourism curriculum

26 400 hours interns in industry in Taiwan or abroad The internship regulation is located in the web site In travel agency, hotel, airline company, restaurant, B&B, museum, national park and so forth Annie – key person to take care of internship Internship

27 Each semester IC will arrange two events One field trip – visit tourism & hospitality related enterprise Transportation fee will be at your own expense The trip itinerary will be released one month ahead Dr. Liu – Key person for this activity One hour speech from professionalism of industry Dr. Ho – Key person for this activity IC special activity

28 Ming Chuan Teaching Hotel in Taoyuan and Taipei Travel Agency Center in 3rd floor of P building Travel Information Center in 3rd floor of P building Food & Beverage Laboratory in 4th floor of P building Tutoring center in 5th floor of Q building Facility

29 In the following year s Think about your future – check the learning Map Professional licenses acquired TOEFL or IELTS test (2nd) English Tour Guide/ Tour Leader (3rd) Hotel, MICE, Travel Agency, Airline related licenses Apply for graduate school aboard (4th) Exchange or Dual program (4 th ) Something you need to plan for

30 International College  Curriculum & instruction  Faculty International Education and Exchange  foreign student recruitment  academic exchanges (30 active partners)  5 th floor of Q building Service / Counseling

31 International Student Advising Office  Care for int’l students’ daily life affairs  1 st floor of Q building Mandarin Studies and Culture Center  Chinese courses for students and faculty

32 Academic performance Try to prepare and do your homework with others You will get better from time to time Your personal life Try to make some friends outside and inside of IC Try to participate in student association/club Talk to your teacher Tips for your IC life

33 Try to see / think things in different way Cross-culture difference Show you respect to others Faculty, staff, your classmates You can play hard but you must study hard Always finish your homework and study before you go out for fun Tips for your IC life

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