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Beresford iPad 1-1 2011-2012 School Year

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1 Beresford iPad 1-1 2011-2012 School Year

2 Pieces of the Puzzle 260 iPad2 @ 32 gig of ram: $5790/10 260 Incase Book Jackets @ Best Buy $30 260 engraved/asset tagged at RTI @ $15 30 keyboards 2 Bretford Trays -10 slots each JAMF Casper Suite mobile device license Did purchase Rocket from Lightspeed for off site content filtering--not working the best for us

3 $$$$$$ Capital outlay and Tech budget paid for the purchases $15,000 allocated for Apps-Tech Engraving-Tech Cases-Capital outlay 2 yr payment plan / Apple 0% interest Paid 1st 7/1/ 2011, 2nd payment 7/1,2012

4 Apple MultiVolume Purchase Program is the MANAGER Person that adds money to accounts and manages purchasers is a Purchaser is a Purchaser there is a difference! NO Tax, Apps 1/2 price at 20+

5 REGISTERING DO NOT over look registering each and everyone of the school’s iPads! Starts the warranty etc registered each iPad on the “MotherShip” MotherShip: master computer where I registered each iPad, keep Apps, backups etc

6 Bretford Carts and Trays 2 trays that can charge the iPad when not hooked into a mothership via USB Can “image from a backup” 20 iPads at one time Cart--holds 30 iPads--issues when I tried to “image” all 30 iPads at one time--error New ios5 needs firmware update

7 Mothership Station

8 Bretford Cart: “imaging” from backup--found that 30 was too many would get errors that App did not install backed off to 15 at a time and had better luck Bretford Cart has a notification about Cart, Tray on IOS5 Case: Cart

9 iPad Cart

10 Imaging from Backup Create PERFECT iPad (master teacher, senior, junior, sophomore, freshman) create backup of Perfect iPad (so I have 5 current backups on my mothership: iTunes, preferences, devices is where the backups are stored) Run script to STOP the fact that Apple wants to backup your device every time you hook up the iPad instructions to run on “mothership” for terminal on Mac defaults write AutomaticDeviceBackupsDisabled -boolean true

11 Adding APPS Teacher presents app via SHARE on App Store if cost: clear funds and see if purchase available via AMVP get app downloaded via student iPad (usually update all apps) Make arrangements with teacher for class to bring in during class Student has to sign out of iTunes store, take passcode off and identify their iPad with grade and name

12 CASPER Search for mobile devices Inventory

13 Casper Details

14 Casper-Management

15 Add New profile Restriction: Disallowance of FaceTime

16 Adding APPS S Scope

17 Currently has APP store so I can add Apps and update

18 Mother Ship Preferences Devices: where backups are stored

19 ITuNES Screen Shot

20 iPhone Configurator what is it? how to get

21 Lion Server Mobile Device Management Web Dav server for saving files

22 Apps that have RISEN to the the Top iAnnotate Notability Flash Cards iResponse Pro Keynote PaperDesk

23 Elementary 40 8gb iPods (no internet access) 7 iPads 32gb for 3/4 (title funds) 30 iPads 32 gb (Beresford Foundation gift)

24 Elementary Apps McGraw Hill Apps (free for a few days) Test Maker (.99) Teacher Notes (very popular) ShopShop: using with RTI

25 Deployment 6/26 Staff issued iPads 1/2 day in-service: over view of: iPad apps, controls, home button, battery charging helped staff setup email, setup iTunes account without credit card info etc All handout material was posted in their iBook on iPad

26 July 28 Katie Morrow: Apple Distinguished Educator; O’Neill, NE District Tech Integrationist Performed 1/2 day in-service Talked about APPS needed for students

27 Student Deployment Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshmen were deployed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively Parents paid $50 per iPad (Max of $150 if more than one student) this was their “insurance” Parents signed take home Policy Booklet as well as the same forms for us to keep If iPad broken, lost or stolen they fill out a report with us and the police if needed

28 Year in Hindsight Broken screens: HS Student: 20+ Broken screens: HS Staff: 0 Broken screens: Elementary: Staff-1 Broken screens: Elementary: Student-1 Warranty Work: HS Student: 3

29 Change for Next Year Will include a $100 charge if they break their screen looking a different cases Otter Box- Defender Series Griffin Survivor Case Screen protectors Restriction passcode immediately, Casper WebDav server for saving files Pod Casts of classes, more project based learning and flipped classrooms. iTunes U iAuthor class to create apps???

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