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Sophomore Theology Introduction to Scripture Studies Chapter 19 What Jesus Did.

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1 Sophomore Theology Introduction to Scripture Studies Chapter 19 What Jesus Did

2 Begin Chapter 19 Let’s read Acts 10: 36-43 (page 340), Peter’s summary of the TRUTH about Jesus to a Gentile; a basic outline of Jesus’ mission Jesus’ mission, described in the 4 gospel accounts Are all accounts exactly the same? Why or why not? But all together reveal the TRUTH about Jesus

3 Readers Wanted! Matthew 3: 1-3 Mark 1: 2-4 Luke 3: 1-6 John 1: 19-23 What is common to all the readings?

4 John the Baptist Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand! Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Multitudes of people came to John @ Jordan River, confessed their sins, were baptized So many people, officials became worried Why worry? “kingdom of heaven” at hand???? The Messiah expected soon To do what?

5 John the Baptist Kingdom of Heaven/Messiah, the Christ Will overthrow oppressors, corrupt government Establish a peaceful, earthly kingdom So, current government officials are worried Remember “prophet”? Prophets tell some people things they do not want to hear.

6 John the Baptist Related to ?? To what tribe did he belong? Levi—the priestly tribe So, J the B was both prophet and priest Announce the coming of the kingdom Annoint the new “king” Jesus at his Baptism Read aloud quote in blue, page 343—J the B is “more than a prophet”

7 Jesus’ Baptism Each of the four gospels used Jesus’ baptism as the starting point of his ministry Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River What is its significance of the Jordan River? Symbol for Jewish freedom Point of entry into the Promised Land after 40 years in the desert

8 Jesus Is Baptized Some controversy over baptism of Jesus Early church asked – Why would Jesus (God) be baptized?

9 Jesus Is Baptized Good reasons why Jesus was baptized Jesus humbled himself To show perfect submission to the Father’s will Foreshadow the baptism of his death Serve as a model for our own baptisms

10 Jesus Is Baptized Jesus is identified through three phenomena: Opening of the sky—God comes to the people Dove is a symbol of joy—new era under influence of Holy Spirit Voice proclaiming, “You are my beloved son.”

11 With your partner Create a table that compares the 4 gospel accounts of Jesus’ baptism

12 Mark 1:9-11Matthew 3: 13-17 Luke 3:21- 22 John 1:29- 34

13 Matthew’s account of Jesus’ baptism 1.Jesus came to John for baptism 2.John attempts to prevent—’I need to be baptized by you, and yet you are coming to me 3.Jesus—it is fitting to fulfill all righteousness 4.Jesus baptized 5.Comes up from water, heavens open 6.Spirit of God descends like a dove 7.Voice from heaven—this is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased

14 Mark’s account of Jesus’ baptism 1.Jesus came from Galilee & was baptized by John 2.No dialogue between Jesus and John 3.Coming up out of the water, sees heavens being torn open & the Spirit, like a dove, descends upon him 4.Voice from heavens—you are my beloved Son

15 Luke’s account of Jesus’ baptism 1.After all people had been baptized and Jesus also had been baptized 2.Jesus was praying & the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove 3.You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased

16 John’s account of Jesus’ baptism Really, John the Baptist’s retelling I saw the spirit come down like a dove from the sky & remain upon him John the Baptist did not know him, but saw the dove come down and remain upon him God had already told John the Baptist that the person on whom the Spirit remained was the one who would baptize with the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist testifies that Jesus is the Son of God

17 The Wilderness After his baptism, what does Jesus do? Pray and fast in the desert, for how long? 40 days. What does this recall? Moses Elijah Exodus—Israelites wander 40 years in the wilderness/desert 40 days or years—a time of preparation For what does Jesus prepare?

18 Temptation Name another word for “tempted” Tested Jesus is put to the test by the devil What is the point? God is tempted by the devil? Will God sin? Jesus  perfect man  faces same temptations The New Adam; The New King of Israel—both Adam & Israel had fallen But Jesus is the Son of God

19 Temptations of Jesus - Jesus went to the desert to pray, fast, and prepare himself for the difficult mission ahead - He was tempted there by Satan Unlike us, he never gave into the temptation and never sinned Temptation to sin is not the same as sin itself

20 3 Temptations 1 st is response to human hunger  Change stones into bread More than bread needed, God’s word is necessary for life God’s plan is more important than human plans

21 3 Temptations 2 nd  throw yourself from top of temple & God will save you Jesus will not resort to trickery/magic to prove himself as Son of God 3 rd  Bow down, worship the devil, all the kingdoms of the world will belong to Jesus Worship the devil? Another term for this? Idolatry

22 3 Temptations Jesus resists Satan The New Adam, the New Israel Unlike the old Adam and the Israelites of the past, Jesus rejects Satan

23 Temptations of Jesus Cont. -Jesus’ victory in the desert foreshadows his ultimate victory -Who else went into the desert? - Jesus’ retreat in the desert helps him clarify His identity as God’s son and what his mission was to be Jesus did not take the easy way out Unlike the chosen people, Jesus remained faithful to His Father

24 Why is Jesus known as the “New Adam”? Adam & Eve tempted in the garden Satan triumphs Jesus tempted in the desert Jesus triumphs Conquers evil/devil Foreshadows paschal mystery

25 Jesus’ First Miracle? The Wedding Feast at Cana Changing water into wine is typology for ??? Changing bread & wine into Jesus’ body & blood What is so unusual about Mary’s statement— They have no wine? Mary intervenes; Jesus responds, even though he answers that his “hour has not yet come”

26 Purpose of 1 st miracle? Increase faith of Apostles Shows Mary’s role as intercessor Also, reference to the wine of the Eucharist

27 Cleansing the Temple What was happening at the Temple? Moneychangers charging high fees Empty, meaningless worship Left out the poor John’s gospel has this scene at beginning of public ministry Jesus brings a New Covenant; the spirit of the law is more important than the letter of the law.

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