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Preparing for Professional School Julian Smith III 9/15 & 9/17 2014.

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1 Preparing for Professional School Julian Smith III 9/15 & 9/17 2014

2 Overview Year-by-Year--a plan Numbers, Grades, and Scores

3 FreshmanYear Get to know your colleagues Get to know your advisor High grades expected, but excel in at least one science course each semester Meet at least one professional in your field Research your career Research your professional schools Come to Club Med meetings…..

4 Freshman Year Get to know your colleagues Most students that do well in pre-med-type courses form study groups In addition, tutoring another student is an excellent way to learn It helps to know others who’re spending their evenings studying when “everyone else” is going out……

5 Freshman Year Get to know your advisor This person will be writing letters of recommendation for you in three years. Go by and introduce yourself now (if you haven’t already) When you go to advising sessions, be organized: Handbook for biology majors (on the dept. web site) Has a course checklist for your degree program Course catalogue “Advising” sheets (see Club Med Website “Links”) Entry requirements for your professional schools

6 Freshman Year Excel in at least one of your science courses: CareerBiol 204Biol 300A&PChem I & II Organic I & II PhysicsWU GPABiol GPA MSBiol (n=19) 2.923.352.13.00 2.67 2.38 2.89 2.643.212.99 PharmD (n=2) 3.0 3.183.01 Phys Ass’t (n=2) 3.5 3 2,5 2.0 3.293.20 Phys Ther (n=4) 3.25 3.52.75 2222 3.53.423.32 Dental (n=5) 3.4 3.53.6 3.4 3.0 2.6 3.53.483.32 Vet (n=7) 3.173.432.863.57 3.0 3.29 3.753.423.27 Med (n=11) 3.633.453.53.91 3.73 3.64 3.36 3.753.673.64 PhD (n=8) 3.83.883.03.63 3.13 3.4 3.25 3.03.743.62 Data from Biology majors going on to pre-professional programs for which n=2 or greater, spring ‘01-spr’06

7 Freshman Year Meet at least one professional in your prospective field “Shadowing” or “Volunteering” Learn about the career-his/her likes/dislikes How did he/she get there? As much “patient contact” as possible

8 Freshman Year Research your career Professional societies Applications services Career Prospects

9 Freshman Year Research your professional schools In-state usually should be first choice Admissions requirements Often quite comparable nationwide Use for planning your courses Give your advisor a copy

10 Sophomore Year Continue the tasks you began last year Research your admissions test(s) Begin a systematic study plan for those tests Find a summer internship/research opportunity Research your admissions process

11 Sophomore Year Research your admissions test(s) Pre-Med – MCAT (now new in 2015) Pre-Dental – DAT Pre-VET – GRE or MCAT school-admission-101.aspx

12 Sophomore Year Begin a systematic study plan Get the review book or software for “your” test, and treat studying for it just like another class Don’t get rid of needed course notes and texts!

13 Sophomore Year Find a summer internship/research opportunity Summer internship-start with the professional you met Dr. Dimaculangan (Biology chair) coordinates internships Biology course credit is available for internships Summer research opportunity Announced in late November/ early December -- closing dates often about the same time as you return from break NIH INBRE Biomedical research at W.U.

14 Sophomore Year Research your admissions process Nationwide application service Medical School--AMCAS 2014 deadlines – Nov 3 rd for MUSC; Dec 1 st USC-SOM Dental School -- AADSAS 2014 deadline – Dec 1 st for MUSC Vet School -- VMCAS 2014 deadlines – Oct 2 nd for VMCAS Have your application in at LEAST 1 month before the deadlines!

15 Junior Year Continue the tasks…. Plan to take your professional test in the Spring or early summer Set up another summer internship/research experience Plan your admissions process Visit your schools

16 Junior Year Plan to take your professional test in the spring Take the professional test review course Test applications must on-line

17 Junior Year Set up a summer internship/research experience Can continue one from previous year, or do something new Junior year is an excellent time to get involved in on-campus undergraduate research

18 Junior Year Plan your admissions process Find out about deadlines, secondaries, interviews, etc Range from Oct. 1 to February 1, depending on program Primary/secondary in Med School and Dental School Select your admissions committee (three faculty members) Decide who’ll write your other two letters Interpersonal skills “Care and compassion” Professional experience

19 Junior Year Visit your schools Schools often have programs for visiting students (e.g. “Day in the Life of a Med. Student”) Read about the school and be prepared before you visit Schools view themselves as “distinctive”-find out what those areas are (e.g.-training family-practice physicians).

20 Senior Year Applying early is better than late… Write your application essay and have your committee read/critique it before you mail it. Meet with your committee for interview Finish your application If you are invited for an on-campus interview, prepare for it! Then wait…………….

21 Medical School Statistics Nationwide MCAT GPA Applied45,26628.33.54 Matriculated 19,51731.2* 3.68 *Three points higher than 15 years ago. Study, Study, Study

22 Does Major Matter? ½ ¼

23 Major in “Plan B” What would you do for a career if you woke up in the middle of your sophomore year CERTAIN that you didn’t want to be a Doctor (Dentist, Veterinarian)? Whatever that is should be your major

24 Resources Club Med ( Faculty—your advisor

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