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East Carolina University

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1 East Carolina University
It’s Academic! East Carolina University

2 Undergraduate Catalog
The catalog is located on a 2gb flash drive. ECU considers the catalog your contract with the university. Your catalog is valid for 5 years from date of your admission.

3 Fall 2013 Calendar Aug. 12 Schedules cancelled if not paid by 5 p.m.
Aug. 20 Classes begin Aug. 26 Last day for registration/schedule changes (drop/add) – 5 p.m. Sept. 2 State holiday – no classes Oct. 5-8 Fall Break – no classes Oct. 15 Last day to drop or withdraw without grades by 5 p.m. Oct. 18 Registration begins for Spring semester 2014 *(Fr: Oct. 25) Nov. 27-D 1 Thanksgiving Break – no classes Dec. 3 Classes end Dec. 5 Final exams begin Dec. 12 Exams for Fall semester close at 4:30 p.m.

4 The Undergraduate Catalog
Your Contract with ECU Table of Contents Mission and organization of university Student life Admission/readmission Expenses and financial assistance Academic Advisement/Progress/Support Academic Programs University Policy Faculty

5 What Is A Semester Hour (s.h.)?
Semester and credit hours are the same 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 semester hour (s.h.) courses Most common is a 3 semester hour (s.h.) course ENGL 1100 (3) MWF 10-10:50 TTh 8:00 – 9:15 M 6:00 – 9:00 You will spend less time in class in college. It is the time spent on class work outside of class that will help you be successful.

6 Undergraduate Students
Classification of Undergraduate Students Successfully completed: 1-29 semester hours credit Freshman 30-59 semester hours credit Sophomore 60 – 89 semester hours credit Junior 90+ semester hours credit Senior This includes any hours ECU accepts from another college or AP/IB credit

7 Retention GPA 1-29 semester hours credit 1.8
This includes any hours ECU accepts from another college or AP/IB credit Fall below a 2.0 but above Retention GPA: Academic Warning Fall below Retention GPA: Academic Probation Fall below Retention GPA twice (and outside of 5 quality points): Academic Suspension (semester, year, indefinitely) Summer can be helpful, but…

8 Course Load Undergraduates
Minimum course load to qualify as a full-time student: 12 s.h. (Fall/Spring semesters) Maximum course load: 18 s.h. (Fall/Spring semesters) Average course load to graduate in 4 years: 15-16 s.h.

9 Requirements For Construction Management 126 hours
**1/2 of your hours must be from a senior (4-year) institution** Foundations Curriculum – 42 s.h. Writing Across the Curriculum (WI) – 12 s.h. -Only 10 credit hours included in your curriculum Core Curriculum Cognates Concentration (Commercial, Residential, Infastructure) Minor is NOT required in BUSA, but IS recommended

10 Which Classes May I Register For?
Preparatory/Remedial/Special Freshmen Sophomore Junior Senior Senior/Graduate Students may enroll in courses which are numbered one level above their designated classification. When registering, check for any required pre-requisites for courses you are interested in.

11 Foundations Curriculum
English Composition 6 hours Natural Sciences (at least 1 lab) 8 hours Math hours Health 1000 and EXSS hours (1 course from HLTH/1 course from EXSS) Humanities and Fine Arts hours (1 course from Humanities/1 course from Fine Arts ) Social Sciences hours (1 course from at least 3 disciplines) Total: 42 hours

12 Foundations Curriculum Requirements Will Vary From Degree to Degree
BA – Physics FC – 42 s.h. MATH 1065 Foreign language Core 5 physics courses Cognates 2 math courses Minor and electives to complete requirements for graduation BS – Physics FC – 42 s.h. CHEM 1150/1151 CHEM 1160/1161 MATH 1065 Core 11 physics courses 3 s.h. of PHYS elec. above 2999 Cognates 3 math courses Electives to complete requirements for graduation

13 Writing Across The Curriculum (WI)
To graduate from East Carolina University, students must have 12 hours of writing-intensive courses. ENGL 1100 (3 s.h.) ENGL 1200 (3 s.h.) CMGT majors will also take CMGT 4300 (4 sh – WI). We recommend you chose a Humanity elective that is also WI. WI* means that only certain sections of that course are writing intensive.

14 Course Descriptions ANTH: ENGL: GEOL:
1050:Global Understanding (3 Semester hrs) (F,S,SS-semester typically offered) (FC:SO-Foundation Curriculum) ENGL: 1200: Composition (3) (WI) (F,S,SS) (FC:EN) P: ENGL P means “pre-requisite” Must have successfully completed pre-requisite course GEOL: 1501: Dynamic Earth Lab (1) (F,S,SS) (FC:SC) C:GEOL 1500 – C means “co-requisite” Course must be taken with another course at the same time

15 Course Drops The number of semester hours you have upon entering ECU will determine how many drops you are allotted until graduation. You begin with 4 as a first semester freshman. Dropping below full time may affect financial aid as well as insurance. Always consult with your advisor prior to dropping below full time.

16 Course Drops You may drop/add without penalty until August 27 by 5:00 p.m. on Banner using your current registration pin Be wise about dropping a course. If you feel like you are having difficulty, go see your professor or meet up with a tutor. Just don’t wait until the last week of classes to do this!

17 Course Drops Beyond the previously listed date, you have until the following date to drop a course using your allotted drops: October 16 by 5:00 p.m. You will need to contact your Advisor if you wish to drop a course after August 27th and before October 16th at 5:00 p.m. Use good judgment. After these dates pass, you will not be able to drop a course and will remain in your classes for the remainder of the semester.

18 Academic Eligibility Standards
Good academic standing requires a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better. Be mindful that many majors require a 2.5 to be admitted into their program so even though ECU says 2.0 or better represents good academic standing, you need to know what your major requires.

19 Grading System A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F I (Incomplete) NR (Not Reported) Note: Professors set their own grading scale for letter grades – e.g. some are 10 point, 7 point or even 5 point.

20 Grade Replacements Maximum of four (4) times
Only and level courses in which student earned a C-, D+, D, D- or F Most recent grade replaces the last grade Cannot be used after advanced-level course has been completed Original grade stays on record but does not figure into GPA, will be included in calculation for honors Original attempt will factor in for Financial Aid’s Satisfactory Academic Progress

21 COAD 1000 Freshman Section and Transfer Section
1 semester hour course Academic Support Majors Exploration Transition to College **There may be sections taught by your major department and/or your assigned academic advisor.

22 Math Placement Exam If you have transferred in College Algebra or scored a 540 or higher on SAT, you do not need to take the math placement exam. If taking College Algebra (MATH 1065) make sure you attend class the first day!!

23 To Check Placement Scores
Math 1065 Placement In order to take MATH 1065 (College Algebra) Minimum MATH SAT score of 540 or higher Minimum MATH ACT score of 20 or higher Accuplacer Placement test score of 80 or above (Score of 0-79 means student must take remedial math) MATH 0001 is for out of state students MATH 0045 is for NC residents If your major requires additional math and if you have higher than 600 on Math SAT you may qualify to skip college algebra and start with more advanced math. Talk to advisor or math department about this option. If you are transferring in credit for “College Algebra” or “calculus” (not statistics) then you do not need the Accuplacer Placement Test THE PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE IS TO GIVE AN OVERVIEW OF MATH PLACEMENT BUT REMIND STUDENTS THAT ADVISORS WILL GO OVER THIS MORE IN DEPTH DURING THE 2:00 REGISTRATION SESSION AS IT PERTAINS TO THEIR MAJOR. To Check Placement Scores Log in to OneStop Select “Profile” Tab Select “Student Profile” View Placement Scores

24 Other Types of College Credit
Advanced Placement Credit (AP) Transfer Credit Any AP credit should be sent to ECU through CollegeBoard. Transfer credits should be sent to admissions.

FERPA guarantees to students: the right to inspect and review their educational records the right to seek to amend their educational records the right to limit the disclosure of their educational records

26 FERPA In accordance with the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) guidelines, East Carolina University and the Office of the Registrar are not able to provide confidential information pertaining to students without one of two pieces of required information. Please check with Office of the Registrar for more information on FERPA.

27 Pirate Tutoring Center Free Tutoring Services for ECU Students
Tutoring * Workshops * Study Skills Coaching * Test Reviews Last the PTC 4,785 STUDENTS 23,792 VISITS

28 Starfish Starfish is an early alert and connection tool used by ECU to support student academic success ECU professors may send academic progress notification to students throughout the semester. Through Starfish, faculty can kudos, academic difficulty, and absence related messages to students’ ECU account. If you receive an academic difficulty or absence notification, please take action: To set up your Starfish profile, log in to Blackboard, click on Starfish tab, and then click on your name in the upper right-hand corner. You will be able to access Starfish after August 12, 2013. Meet with your instructor Meet with your advisor Utilize tutoring services Improve study habits Attend all classes Take action!!!

29 Tuition Surcharge A surcharge of 50% is applied to all registered hours in excess of 140 hours. Some exceptions: Students who earn first baccalaureate degree in four years Students in Board-approved programs which may require more than 128 hours (e.g. double majors) Summer school hours

30 Hold tags prevent you from registering. Take care of it ASAP!
Hold tags various sources Admissions -waiting for information Cashier’s for non-payment Judicial Library (overdue book) Parking (tickets) Hold tags prevent you from registering. Take care of it ASAP!

31 All official ECU communications: ECU email Administration
Check Your ECU All official ECU communications: ECU Administration Professors Advisors Financial aid Cashier’s office

32 Go to the ECU Home Page Select OneStop icon
REGISTRATION Banner Registration Go to the ECU Home Page Select OneStop icon

33 Go to the ECU Home Page Select OneStop icon
Banner Registration Go to the ECU Home Page Select OneStop icon

34 Enter your Pirate ID and Passphrase

35 Select Banner Self Service

36 Step 1: Select Student and Financial Aid

37 Step 2: Select Registration to add or drop courses, look up class offerings, and see your fall 2012 schedule.

38 Step 3: Select Add or Drop Classes

39 Step 4: Select Fall 2013 term and Enter your Banner Registration PIN
082013 Hint: First Day of Fall Classes

40 Step 5: Select “Class Search” to search for classes.

41 Step 6: Select “Advanced Search” link.
*to search for class and lab together, input the first three numbers of the course

42 Step 7: Check the section of the class you want and click register
Step 7: Check the section of the class you want and click register. Repeat steps 5-7 to add additional classes. When adding science lecture/labs register for both the courses simultaneously by placing the CRN’s on the worksheet or search for the class and lab together (see step 6)

43 You will see your new schedule
You will see your new schedule! Make sure you have at least 12 hours (minimum full time). Receive an error message? Visit this link Don’t forget to always Log Out from Banner Self Service and OneStop!

44 Want to drop a class? Step 1: Select “Add or Drop Classes”.

45 Step 2: Pull down “drop box” under the course you wish to drop.

46 Step 3: Select “Submit Changes”
Always check with your academic advisor before dropping a course from your schedule.

47 Log Out! Always make sure to log out of your
Banner Self Service Session and OneStop

48 Banner is more than Registration!
Financial Aid Account Cashier Account Detailed Class Schedule Academic History Catalog Information Link to Faculty Faculty Office Hours Class Syllabus Grades Degree Audits Transcripts

49 Placement Scores OneStop
Log in to OneStop Select the Profile tab Select Student Profile

50 Placement Scores OneStop
View Placement Scores

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