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Holy Cross Sophomore Parent Meeting “True Followers- #Jesus” 2014-2015 School Year.

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1 Holy Cross Sophomore Parent Meeting “True Followers- #Jesus” 2014-2015 School Year

2 Current School Initiatives O Tim Weihe O 2014-15 School Year Theme O What the teacher’s have been working on. O Late Arrivals & Early Dismissals- Never Stop Improving

3 Who to contact? O General questions, calendar items, etc.- Ms. Bickel, ext. 104 O Attendance- Ms. Moore, ext. 100 O Books, Tuition, Financial Aid- Ms. Nopper, ext. 105 O Lockers/Locks, Parking Passes, Cougar Den- Ms. Ryan, ext. 109 O Tablet Issues- Mr. Tincher, ext. 226 or Mr. Willenborg, ext. 119 O Disciplinary Issues, Guild System- Ms. Pence, ext. 219 O Student schedule, concerns about a class (after student has discussed with teacher)- Mr. Strauss, ext. 148 O Socio-emotional concerns about student- Mr. Wood, ext.128 O Christian Service Program- Ms. Cleary ext. 229

4 Tablets O Where are they? O Tech Center assistance O Tablet handbook (lessons learned)

5 Sycamore O Why the change? O Go through O Sycamore O Daily Email O Class assignments calendar O Email for grade change O Email for failure report O Email for detention (Dress Code & Tardy) O Last minute announcements

6 Sophomore Service O Sophomore Service requirements: O 16 hours of service total – 4 hours each quarter of sophomore year O 10% of total theology grade each quarter. O x2Vol website O Common pitfalls: O Turning in hours past deadline (see agenda, reminders through email & Twitter @hchsservice) O Choosing something not 501c3 (non-profit) O Leaving blanks on info in website O Reflections too short (3-5 sentences) O Using family or personal info for agency information on website.

7 Sophomores Misc. O Sophomore year  O Permit forms O Exam preparation O Sophomore Retreats & Service Exposure (Sept. 23 or 25)

8 Don’t Forget O What?- Mini-Schedule Night—Go through your child’s schedule and meet his/her teachers! O When?- August 20th O Where?- Begin in the gym O ***Another opportunity to earn a point for your child’s Guild when you attend!

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