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North High School’s Current Career Cluster Choice North High School’s Current Career Cluster Choice “A Work in Process”

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1 North High School’s Current Career Cluster Choice North High School’s Current Career Cluster Choice “A Work in Process”

2 Current Career Cluster Choice NC 4 is Sheboygan North High School’s approach to exposing all students to career development themes through the WDGM. It ensures that each year all students move through planned and progressive activities which are appropriate to age & grade level.

3 TRADITIONALLY we have asked students to indicate: 1 = college or university, 2 = technical college degree/program 3 = military, 4 = work, 5 = undecided Now we also ask students to include their: “Current Career Cluster Choice” # name of career cluster 01 Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resource 02 Architecture & Construction 03 Arts, A/V Technology & Communication 04 Business, Management & Administration 05 Education & Training 06 Finance 07 Government & Public Administration 08 Health Science 09 Hospitality & Tourism 10 Human Services 11 Information Technology 12 Law, Public Safety & Security 13 Manufacturing 14 Marketing, Sales & Service 15 Science, Technology, Engineering & Math 16 Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

4 NC 4 High school aged youth may be undecided about their future and may change their minds several times. These are positive developments. Students are encouraged to look at other jobs/ careers within a chosen cluster. Activities invite each student to identify personal strengths, interests, and aptitudes and how these fit into a group (or cluster) of work opportunities.

5 NC 4 Counselors are many times looked at as being the major providers of career information in a school setting. With NC 4, the entire school and community is involved, and given acknowledgement for what has been, and now is, in place.

6 PARTICIPATION All high school students have the opportunity to learn more about clusters of careers, and career development themes. Career speakers & assemblies will be held during the day. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the November offering of FUTURE FAIR.

7 PARTICIPATION … continued … All students meet individually and/or in small groups with their counselors yearly to address the following… –identification of current career cluster choice, - identification of the student’s training direction, & - the possible identification of the student’s training institution.

8 FRESHMEN All freshmen participate by taking the course English 1 & 2. –One of the requirements through this Language Arts Department offering is producing a career project.

9 SOPHOMORES Job ShadowingAll sophomores receive in-service to the process for Job Shadowing during meetings with School Counselors. All take the Wisconsin Career Assessment (WCA) and place the results into their WisCareers “web locker”. –This is coordinated with the Social Studies Department and Western Civilization courses during the first semester.

10 Job Shadowing “√ it out” workshops are offered to all 10th, 11th & 12th grade students –Using the NC 4 Job Shadowing Handbook, which follows the Nathan Hale H.S. model, specific steps are required: Research the career Return all permission forms “Register” the job shadow in room 104 Complete & return interview ?s, evaluations and thank you note

11 SOPHOMORES … continued … Sophomores receive an “Electronic Career Portfolio” introduction during the WCA time using Sophomores & their parents are invited to a meeting with the counselor during semester two where students will review their current career cluster choice, training options, job shadowing experiences or thoughts, work based learning opportunity ideas or plans, portfolio progress and course selection for the coming year(s).

12 Four main areas include Career Matchmaker, Explore Careers, Explore Colleges & Universities and ….. Career Cruising:

13 the Electronic Career Portfolio Organizing and documenting one’s life

14 JUNIORS & SENIORS Are encouraged to participate in the ASVAB assessment to increase their knowledge of personal aptitudes and opportunities. Have the opportunity to participate in work based learning opportunities.

15 Work Based Learning Opportunities Work Based Learning Opportunities Work Experience11&12 -for the student who is credit deficient and is employed Internship 12 only -up to two periods of time are allowed for work within a current career cluster COOP 11&12 -employment in conjunction with a NHS vocational/technical area course & teacher Apprenticeship 11&12 -must apply during sophomore year; most of the day is at LTC and/or on the job

16 JUNIORS & SENIORS … continued … NHS work based learning opportunities now carry a requirement of : Wisconsin Employability Skills Certificate Program (WESCP) involvement and completion.

17 SENIORS Present their finished Electronic Career Portfolio to their counselor and/or career mentor for review during the second semester and before May 1. »PENDING…..

18 The NC 4 Process From participation in NC 4 the process reaches beyond graduation Career development themes addressed provide young adults with confidence, skills and knowledge needed to either achieve employment within their career cluster, or adjust it and move forward. Success is not necessarily in gaining employment, but in regaining meaningful and satisfying employment if need be…..

19 ACTIVITIES & DEFINITIONS AssembliesAssemblies (for careers) – is a speaker(s) addressing a number of clusters or career development themes to assembled students. AssessmentsAssessments (for careers) – will be incorporated into the curriculum; assessments are computer based and continually updated. ASVABASVAB – the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery allows juniors & seniors an opportunity to gain information about their aptitude, interests, & potential skills.

20 ACTIVITIES & DEFINITIONS …continued… Career MentorCareer Mentor – is an individual of a student’s choice who will support their C 4. Career ProjectCareer Project – is within the course English 1, students produce a project which includes numerous career lessons. Counseling SessionsCounseling Sessions (for careers) – the continuation & enhancement of provided counseling & guidance by a School Counselor. Course EnrollmentCourse Enrollment – continuation of career development information for grades 8-11 in the form of course enrollment for NHS.

21 ACTIVITIES & DEFINITIONS …continued… Electronic Career PortfoliosElectronic Career Portfolios – encouraged of all students by completion in the senior year; development begins once a student has participated in the fall WCA/portfolio inservice during the sophomore year. Future FairFuture Fair – a continuation of excellence. Specific careers in a “fair” atmosphere. Job ShadowingJob Shadowing – Available to all students after they participate in a “√ it out” workshops during grade 10.

22 ACTIVITIES & DEFINITIONS …continued… PLANPLAN – is the American College Test’s (ACT) early version intended for the four year college bound sophomore and is also used as a career development tool. WCAWCA – the Wisconsin Career Assessment occurs within Western Civilization class time in a computer lab. WESCPWESCP – Wisconsin Employability Skills Certificate Program.

23 ACTIVITIES & DEFINITIONS …continued… Work Based Learning Opportunities – 1) COOP, 2) Work Experience, 3) Internship –Internship –Internship – seniors spend a semester, or a full year, providing direct services on a paid or volunteer basis to an agency, business, organization or industry; within their C 4 … 180 hrs/semester. –Work Experience –Work Experience – credit elective for graduation by fulfilling a contract with an employer/work based mentor … 225 hrs/semester.

24 NC 4 enhancements Grade by grade incorporation Uses home, school, and community representatives working together Promotes all career cluster areas Promotes all training opportunities Ensures all students receive career information Uses numerous career development activities for all students Encourages all teachers to integrate career units Increases student to School Counselor contacts

25 NC 4 enhancements …continued… Invites parent meetings Strengthens partnerships between education & community Uses the world wide web & other technologies Job Shadowing is available to all upper classmen Community Career Cluster & Employability Skills Speakers are available Rapport is built between employers & students Career resource area available to all Electronic Career Portfolios are possible and encourage Encourages students to have a Learning/Career Plan

26 Current Career Cluster Choice We encourage your involvement! Any ?s Thanks...

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