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Sophomore Grammar 2010.

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1 Sophomore Grammar 2010

2 Five Different Types of Phrases
what does a prepositional phrase not have?

3 5 Types of Phrases Prepositional phrases do not have a subject and/or verb pair. Prepositional phrases are the same as any phrase, and a phrase by definition does not contain a subject and/or verb pair.

4 Five Different Phrase Types
Prepositional Phrase See Grammar Made Easy Part I Appositive Phrase Infinitive Phrase Gerund Phrase Participial Phrase (Participle) *Note: Other phrases may not fit these five types. A group of words without a subject-verb pair, not satisfying any of the above criteria can be considered a “generic” phrase.

5 Appositives and Appositive Phrases
Appositive: (Not part of a phrase) My sister Sylvia has a pet salamander. Appositive Phrase: My brother, the one eating the meal, teaches history.

6 appositive phrase An appositive phrase contains an appositive noun that provides information about the preceding noun. They do not begin with a definite type of word like the other phrases (prepositions, infinitives, participles, and gerunds). Appositive phrases are useful in sentence combining. It allows the writer to take two simple sentences, eliminate weak verbs, and bury information from one sentence inside the other.

7 Example Most appositive phrases are set off by commas at the beginning and at the end of the phrase: John is a carpenter during the day. John spends his evenings recuperating. John, a carpenter during the day, spends his evenings recuperating.

8 Example However, an appositive should not be set off by commas if the information is deemed essential: My sister lives in Columbus, Ohio. Jenny is a doctor. My sister Jenny, a doctor, lives in Columbus, Ohio.**  **Jenny is an appositive noun, considered essential to identify which sister, so it is not set off by commas. A doctor, on the other hand, is not essential information, and is set of by commas.

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