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EVERYTHING U NEED 2 No about Middle School in ONE EASY LESSON!!!

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1 EVERYTHING U NEED 2 No about Middle School in ONE EASY LESSON!!!

2 On the Mind of a Middle School Student  Friends/ Relationships  Sports/Activities  School/grades/homework  Peer pressure/bullying/teasing/title IX  Parents/teachers

3 Tween & Teen Brain:  Experiences great changes to the parts of the brain that are responsible for:  Impulse-control, judgment, decision-making, planning, and organization.  Emotions and hormone production are at their highest levels in adolescence.  This area of the brain (prefrontal cortex) does not reach full maturity until around age 25!!

4 Stay Connected! Visit our website at LOOK FOR: Digital Backpack Powerschool Student Information Portal School Counselor & Teacher &emails Athletics, Clubs & Activities What’s going on in classes 587

5 Student Information Portal   To support and facilitate a partnership in learning,   GMMS offers a Parent and Student Portal to provide an easy access, secure communication tool connecting teachers, parents and students.   Online access to grades, homework, attendance and assignments   Parents, teachers and students can accurately monitor, identify and accelerate student progress.   ALL parents should have received their Powerschool ID & PW   If you need assistance, please call the GMMS Main Office

6 Find Powerschool: Under Quicklinks Student Information Portal :

7 If it’s HIGHLIGHTED, CLICK IT!  Click the Teacher’s Name to Email  Click the Grade to see past assignments

8 Click an Assignment for more information: Need more assistance??

9 Check the Codes:

10 Student Support Services  Period 8 (X Block or Extended Block)  Teachers  School Counselors  Administrators  School Psychologist/ School SW  HW Club  Home/School Collaboration How can we HELP?

11 Your School Counselors:

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