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Welcome to Timberland High School

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1 Welcome to Timberland High School

2 Choosing Your Classes Planning for Graduation and Beyond
Registration Choosing Your Classes Planning for Graduation and Beyond

3 Welcome to Timberland High School
Introductions Guidance Counseling Office offers support for Academics, College/Career Planning, and Emotional needs Jeanne Sivewright and Kristen Schneider Stay informed (Announcements/Web/Twitter/ /Newsletters) Transition – Link Crew is a high school transition program that helps increase attendance, decrease discipline referrals and improve academic performance. After School Tutoring Get Involved Envelope has all info we will be referring to.

4 What’s Different about High School?
Grades are looked at by colleges/military/employers More independence/More Responsibility/More Accountability More classes/More homework/More tests/More studying More technology! More choices and More opportunities! More sports/clubs/activities/leadership experiences! Keys to survival: staying organized, using a planning tool, taking advantage of tutoring, asking for help before it’s too late, keeping up with announcements, communicating with parents/teachers/counselors.

5 Credits and GPA Semester classes = 0.5 credit
Full year classes = 1.0 credit Students need 25 credits in order to graduate If you don’t pass a class: Don’t earn 0.5 credit Might have to retake class Summer school?! Graduation might be delayed GPA is computed: A (4.0), B (3.0), C (2.0), D (1.0), F=0 GPA foundation starts first semester of 9th grade Check transcript on Portal

6 High School Assessments
End Of Course Exams ASPIRE PSAT/NMSQT ACT Compass ASVAB AP All of this info can be found in more detail on website and are publicized prior to testing dates.

7 Graduation Requirements
English credits Social Studies 3 credits (including US History, US Government, and 1.0 Social Studies Elective) Science credits (including 1.0 Biology, 1.0 of a physical science, and 1.0 of a science elective) Math credits (4 rec) Fine Arts credit Practical Arts 1 credit Physical Ed credit Health credit Personal Fin credit Electives Career Path Elective Courses TOTAL Credits (page 6)

8 Graduating with Academic Honors
Timberland Graduation requirements PLUS: Math– need a total of 4 credits (at/above Algebra I) Additional Concentrated Core Electives – 3.0 credits of additional Math, Science, English, Social Studies, or World Language GPA of at least a 3.0 ACT Score at or above 21 1 High School activity (club/sport) Record of good citizenship (page 6)

9 Graduating with Cum Laude Honors
All three levels require first earning Academic Honors and a record of good citizenship (course guide pg. 7) Cum Laude 3. 5 minimum GPA One credits from qualifying courses Two high school activities ACT comp of 22 Magna cum Laude 3.75 minimum GPA Two credits from qualifying courses Three high school activities ACT comp of 23 Summa cum Laude 4.0 minimum GPA Three credits from qualifying courses Four high school activities ACT comp of 24

10 Planning for your Future
What are your plans after you graduate? 4-year College or University 2-year Community College Trade or Technical College Military Employment What can you do to prepare for your goals? Take challenging classes that will prepare you for your chosen career Keep track of your current grades, GPA and credits (Personal Plan of Study) Complete the A+ Program Join school activities (clubs and athletics) Communicate, ask questions, volunteer, research

11 A+ Program Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or lawfully present in the U.S. Enter into a written agreement with your high school prior to graduation. Attend a designated A+ high school for 3 consecutive years prior to graduation. Maintain a 2.5 cumulative non-weighted GPA. Maintain a 95% cumulative attendance rate. Perform at least 50 hours of unpaid tutoring or mentoring of which 25% may include job shadowing. Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid the unlawful use of drugs and/or alcohol. Achieve a score of proficient or advanced on the Algebra I, II or Geometry End of Course Exam, or a higher level DESE approved assessment in the field of mathematics. BENEFIT – currently this program is covering most tuition expenses at Missouri community colleges or state supported technical schools. Some 4 year universities also offer scholarship money for finishing the A+ Program.

12 College Admissions Requirements
Colleges and Universities each determine their own requirements for admission. Course Planning guide (pg.7) Make sure to check college websites for specific requirements. What to look for: * minimum ACT/SAT score * GPA / Class Rank requirements * High School course requirements

13 Collegiate Sports NCAA Division I or II and NAIA colleges and universities require specific course work, grade point average and ACT scores for eligibility. Communicate early with your coach and your guidance counselor to make sure you maintain eligibility. to register, check eligible courses, etc For more information, see the College/Career/A+ website See page 12 in the Course Planning Guide

14 Selecting your classes
Consider your Career Path (page 8) * Specific core courses and electives are designed for career exploration and college preparation * Use guides such as Missouri Connections Career Interest Inventory, Career Path Elective Chart Consider your post-high school plans * Taking rigorous courses prepares students for the ACT test, and for college-level course work * Think ahead (Personal Plans of Study) to all 4 years * Whatever your plans are, you need to be eligible, be prepared and be competitive!

15 Picking your classes Course Guide Graduation requirements (Page 5)
Honors/Cum Laude (Page 6) Admissions requirements for universities (Page 7) Career Paths/Clusters (Pages 8 & 9) Personal Plan of Study (Page 10) Weighted Courses (Page 14) Course Planning Worksheet (Page 17) Course descriptions and pre-requisites (Pages 18-60)

16 Picking your classes Consider your teacher and counselor recommendations (and have a discussion with your parents) Consider your overall schedule (number of AP, PLTW, weighted courses as well as demands outside of school) Consider that there may not be an opportunity or the availability to change your schedule …choose wisely! Consider your 4 year plan….think ahead to the advanced courses (page 11)


18 Elective Classes Available to 9th grade students

19 Reasons to consider taking a World Language
World Languages Reasons to consider taking a World Language AP(level 4) is weighted, which can help raise your GPA and possibly earn you College Credit Many 4 year colleges/universities require 2 years of the same world language for admissions You may test out of college courses at the university which can save your family money Strong Communication Arts skills are required in order to be successful in 9th grade foreign language

20 Biomedical Sciences: -Interested in the medical field -Enjoy thinking “outside of the box” -Like working in groups and want a challenge -Weighted and possible college credit Engineering: -Interested in the engineering field -Enjoy hands on projects and designing -Like working in groups and problem solving Computers: -Interested in the computer field -Enjoy creativity and collaboration -App development, visual data, simulation, cybersecurity

21 Business Technology Prerequisite for other computer courses
Prepares students for high school and college computing Students will: Learn social media responsibility and cyber security Become proficient with Chromebook and Google Drive Create effective graphics Analyze data using Excel and Access Format and present information professionally Basic coding Highly recommended new course

22 Other Elective Courses
Choir, Band, General Music Art Fundamentals Theater Arts I/II (FA), Technical Theater I/II(PA) FACS (Clothing, Intro to Culinary Arts, Child Development, Career/Family Leadership) Business Technology Journalism Home Maintenance and Repair Industrial Woods Technology I Drafting and Design Technology LEAD (Leading Effectively through Academic Development)

23 Core Classes and Recommendations
General standard English, Math, Science, SS and PE will already be listed. (Accurate courses should be viewable after 1/24) Algebra Strategies/Reading Enrichment may also be recommended (Summer School PE allows for an elective) Descriptions in Course Guide and green handout 8th grade teachers will be conferencing with students regarding course recommendations. If you have a concern regarding a recommended course, please contact your 8th grade teachers. There is a process. Case managers will be recommending core courses for students with IEP’s.

24 Embracing Technology All students will be registering online via student portal (if you do not have internet access, you will be able to obtain assistance at the middle school). Core subjects as well as PE are already on there. Just choose 2 credits worth of electives. (If you have Algebra Strategies as well as Reading Enrichment or Read/Write Workshop, you will not have room for any electives unless you take PE in summer) If you plan on taking PE over summer school, delete PE (trashcan icon) and then choose 1 extra credit of an elective. Adjust the semester of courses that you need so they schedule in correct order (ex. Theater Arts I/II) Counselors may make necessary adjustments to your requests after you have submitted them due to missing prerequisites, cancelled courses, missing graduation requirements, etc.

25 Dates, Deadlines, and Directions
1/15 – 1/29 Student Portal is open/available Follow the orange instruction sheet Log into Student Portal/ Change year to Edit Requests/Find next year’s grade level drop down box Add check marks/Adjust specific semester if applicable (ex: Theater Arts I (1st sem), Theater Arts II (2nd sem) If you are definitely taking PE in summer school, select the trash can next to PE to delete. Then add 1 additional credit of electives. Make sure total equals 7 credits and save Go to THS webpage/Click on 2015/2016 Alternates/complete GOOGLE Doc listing your alternate choices (must total 2 credits) Why choose alternates? (not every schedule works perfectly)

26 Demonstration Student Portal Google Doc

27 Directions and Info on THS Website
Noteworthy Summer School forms available end of January (online and at SMS) Session 1: June 9 – June 25 Session 2: July 6 – July 23 (Mon-Thurs/THS/7:30-12:30/No bus) Adjust the semester of courses that must be taken in a specific order (ex. Theater Arts I (sem 1) and Theater Arts II (sem 2)) Concerns regarding core course recommendations go through your current 8th grade teachers. They will let us know late spring of any adjustments. Don’t forget to complete the Google Doc with alternate courses Summer information regarding Freshman Transition activities will be forthcoming Actual schedules will be available in August. Meeting for Private/Parochial Parents briefly. Directions and Info on THS Website

28 Here We Come!

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