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Smarty Pants - Sophomore

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1 Smarty Pants - Sophomore
Divide the class into two teams There are 3 categories for clues: Where am I? What am I? or Who am I? The teacher reads the 1st of 10 clues to Team 1. Team 1 must try to guess the answer. If they guess correctly, they earn a point and you move to the next card; if not, then play turns to Team 2 The teacher reads the next clue to Team 2 to see if they can guess the answer. If so, they earn the point and play continues with the next card. Team with the most points wins!

2 Where am I? Answer: The Sphinx I am a structure.
I am in the Middle East. I am a major tourist attraction. I am at least 4,500 years old. I am located on sand. I am near Cairo. I am near the Pyramids. I do not say much but I have a big mouth. I have the body of a lion. Where am I, with the initial S? Answer: The Sphinx

3 Who am I? Answer: Johnny Depp I am an actor
I was born in Kentucky in 1963 My last name means “idiot” in German slang. I was in the movie Platoon. I was there the day River Phoenix died. I was in television’s 21 Jump Street. I was Ed Wood and Edward Scissorhands. I played J. M. Barrie in Finding Neverland. I starred in Pirates of the Caribbean. Who am I with the initials J.D.? Answer: Johnny Depp

4 What am I? Answer: Band-Aid I am found in the medicine cabinet.
I can be of various shapes and sizes. I usually come in a box. I am associated with pain. People often take me on hikes. I’m used to help with healing. I’m used for cuts and scrapes. I have a sticky side. Sometimes it hurts when you take me off. What am I, with the initials B.A.? Answer: Band-Aid

5 Where am I? Answer: The Pentagon I am a building in North America.
Construction costing $83 million began here in 1941. I cover 29 acres. I am associated with Washington, D.C. But I am located in Virginia. I am the largest office building in the world. I suffered from a terrorist attack in 2001. I house the Department of Defense. The number five is very special to me. Where am I, with the initial P? Answer: The Pentagon

6 Who am I? Answer: Walt Disney I am a cartoonist.
I’m also a film animator. I was born in Chicago in 1901 and died in 1966. I drove an ambulance in France during WWI. My first animated film with sound was Steamboat Willie. My most famous character was originally named Mortimer. I made Bambi, Fantasia, and Snow White. I went on to win more Oscars than anyone else. My theme parks are in France, Hong Kong, and the US. Who am I, with the initials W.D.? Answer: Walt Disney

7 What am I? I am a handy little object. I can be full or empty.
I can be full of dreams. I am part of clothing. I am also part of a billiard table. Airplanes have difficulty with me. Lobbyists are often said to have politicians in theirs. I am typically home to wallets. I am a small bag or pouch. What am I, with the initial P? Answer: Pocket

8 Where am I? Answer: Sydney I am a city in the southern hemisphere.
I am in an island country. I am its biggest city. I reportedly have the best harbor in the world. Although I am a city, I am also a person’s name. My opera house in an architectural gem. My people put pineapple on hamburgers. Crocodile Dundee has visited here. You can’t come here unless you go down under. Where am I, with the initial S? Answer: Sydney

9 Who am I? Answer: Shrek I am an animated movie character.
I am a big, ugly recluse, but lovable. I am feared by all people in the land of Duloc. I have a heart of gold. DreamWorks brought me to life. Donkey is my faithful friend. I am a green ogre. I fell in love with and married Princess Fiona. Mike Myers is my voice. Who am I, with the initial S? Answer: Shrek

10 What am I? Answer: Clouds I am a visible collection of particles.
I can also be made up of smoke, steam, or dust. I am above the earth’s surface. In the sky, there are different types of me. I am fun to watch while lying on your back. Planes generally fly above me. I can be white and fluffy. My dark ones bring rain. Some people have their heads in me. What am I, with the initial C? Answer: Clouds

11 Where am I? Answer: Hoover Dam I am a man-made structure.
I am in North America. You can always hear rushing water here. I was completed in 1935. I was named after a US president. I am one of the highest of my kind in the world. I am on the Arizona-Nevada border. I am situated in the Colorado River’s Black Canyon. I provide hydroelectric power. Where am I, with the initials H.D. Answer: Hoover Dam

12 Who am I? Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr. I am a male.
I am a Nobel Prize Winner. I was born in Atlanta in 1929. I died violently in 1968. My killer was sentenced to 99 years in jail. I was the son of a preacher man. I was a civil rights leader. My birthday is now a US holiday. My most famous quote is, “I have a dream.” Who am I , with the initials M.L.K? Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr.

13 What am I? Answer: Skateboard
I am an object used for recreation and sport. I first emerged in the 1950’s. By the 1970’s, my design was well advanced. I was an offshoot of a popular water sport. I am used in extreme sports competitions. You can ride on me. You can do tricks on me. I have four small wheels. I can be used on ramps. What am I, with the initial S? Answer: Skateboard

14 Where am I? I am a famous structure.
I am one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. I was erected entirely by hand. I am a World Heritage Site. I am made of stone. I am in Asia. At 1,500 miles, I am the longest man-made structure. According to Mao, “real” men have all climbed me. I am in China. Where am I, with the initials G.W.o.C.? Answer: The Great Wall of China

15 Who am I? Answer: Judge Judy I am female. I am seen on daytime TV.
I am smart, savvy, and opinionated. My show’s title shares my name. I write books like Keep It Simple, Stupid. I am a sharp, no-nonsense lawyer. New York’s mayor appointed me Family Court Judge. I preside over real life cases. My show was nationally syndicated in 1996. Who am I, with the initials J.J.? Answer: Judge Judy

16 What am I? Answer: Umbrella I am an item used for protection.
I provide shelter. I come in various sizes. You need two hands to use me. I am used outside. I am most effective when I’m up. It’s bad luck to put me up inside. I keep people dry when it rains. Mary Poppins uses me to fly. What am I, with the initial U? Answer: Umbrella

17 Congratulations, Smarty Pants!

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