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7B M U5,U6. 书 P68 知识点: 1.complete:finish, end 2.fact in fact 3.interest interested interesting 4.cover be covered with.

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1 7B M U5,U6



4 书 P68 知识点: 1.complete:finish, end 2.fact in fact 3.interest interested interesting 4.cover be covered with

5 5.drink drinkable 6.if 是否; 如果 If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we'll go to the park. 7.fill be filles with= be full of The bottle is filled with water.

6 9.instead of up 11. help sb. do sth. 12. both (反) neither famous as be famous for 14.throughout the world all over the world 15.over:more than 16.tradition traditional

7 U6 Electricity



10 书 119 页 单词 1.electricity 不可数 n 2.someone anyone everyone no one 用法:作主语,谓语用单数 有形容词修饰,放在后面

11 3.foolish: stupid;silly 反义 bright, smart the moment=at present =now a moment later 5.cook cooker ricer cooker 6.lock 反义 open 7.tidy up

12 习题 ( )1.Ben gets up early every morning ___ he can read English. A if B so that C but D and ( )2. A hose-pipe is used for ___ a fire. A putting on B putting up C putting out D putting down ( )3. Miss Guo and the children ___ a fire station now. A is visiting B are visiting C visit D will visit ( )4. Wash your hands ___ you have dinner. A before B but C when D so ( )5. He is an old man. He usually ___ something. A remembers to do B remembers doing C forgets to doing D forgets doing 1-5 B C B A D that 以便于 used for doing doing 现在进行 4.before 在... 之前 5.forgets doing 忘记做过的事情

13 ( )6. Early men found fire very ___ millions of years ago. A use B useful C useless D uses ( )7. Workers make bottles and vases by ___ hot glass. A blow B blows C blowing D blew ( )8. ___ is used to open the windows of a flat. A A long ladder B An axe C A hose-pipe reel D Breathing equipment ( )9. There ___ an English test next Monday. A is B are C will be D has ( )10. I’d ___ to wear cotton T-shirts. They are more comfortable than nylon ones. A rather B enjoy C happy D prefer 6-10 B C B C D 6.useful 有用的 7. by+doing 8. An axe 斧头 9.There will be 表将来 10.prefer to do

14 11.Do you prefer the red one ________ the black one? A. with B. to C. on D. at 12. My parents will agree _______ me ________ there. A. with, to work B. on, to work C. with, working D. on, working 13. My sister likes the coat ________ blues spots. A. have B. has C. in D. with 14. I saw the boy ______ out of the room now. A. run B. ran C. running D. to run 15. I was _______ to see so few friends coming to my birthday party. A. surprised B. surprising C. surprise D. glad 11-15 B A D C A 11. with sb. to do 13.with 表示有 14.see sb.doing sth. 看见某人正在做 15.surprised 人惊讶的

15 16. This pair of shoes _______ nice. I’d like to ________. A. look, try it on B. looks, try it on C. look, try them on D. looks, try them on 17.------Which do you like better, coffee or milk? ------I prefer coffee _______ milk. A. with, B. at C. in D. to 18. Please take turns _______ the bus. A. to wait B. waiting C. to wait for D. waiting for 19. _______ size do you want to have? A. How much B. How many C. What D. Which 20.-----___________? -----I’m looking for coat. A. What do you want B. What’s wrong C. Which coat would you like best D. Can I help you 16-20 D A C D D 16.pair 作主语,谓语用单数 。 try on 试穿 , shoes 用 them 17.with 表伴随,有 milk 18.take turns to do 轮流做某事, wait for 等待 19.Which 哪一个 20. 购物用语

16 21.------ Would you like some coffee? ------ ___________. A. Yes, please. B. Yea, I like some C. No, I don’t like it D. No, I don’t some 22.----- She’s already written her composition. ------__________. A. So am I B. So have I C. So I am D. So I have 23. He spent much money _________ his broken bike. A. in B. mending C. on mend D. to mend 24.We ________ home ________ a bus home yesterday. A. preferred walking, to take B. preferred walking, to taking C. preferred to walk, to take D. preferred to wallk, to taking 25. The students are busy ____ ready for the examination. A. to get B. get C. getting D. got 21-25 A B B B B 21. 肯定回答 Yes, please. 22.So have I 我也是 23.spend...doing..24.prefer doing to doing 25 be busy doing

17 26.Your shoes are quite different ______________. A. between me B. between mine C. from me D. from mine 27.How much _________ this pair of glasses? A. does, spend B. does, cost C. do, spend D. do, cost 28.This house is _________ big for a family of two. A. much too B. too much C. very much D. so much 29.--------Is your mother at home? --------No, she __________to the shops. She _________ out just a few minutes ago. A. went, went B. has gone, went C. has been, has gone D. goes, was going 30. There’s a hole _________ my coat. A. on B. in C. for D. at 26-30.D B A B B 26. be different from 与... 不同 27.cost 花费,物作主语 28. much too 太... 29.have done 现在完成时 30. hole 洞 ,在衣服上

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