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Solace for the soulS A presentation on By, JOY JOSEPH MUNDUKOTTACKAL CHRISTIAN FAMILY (Colo. 3:18- 23; Eph.5: 22-6: 9)vv Copy Right:


(Colo. 3:18- 23; Eph.5: 22-6: 9) TOPIC COVERS 1. WIVES 2. HUSBANDS 3. CHILDREN 4. PARENTS 5. SERVANTS (“Thou O Lord GOD, hast spoken it: and with thy blessing let the house of thy servant be blessed for ever, 2 Samuel 7: 29 ”). Copy Right:

4 to be a good wife in future.)
CHRISTIAN FAMILY WIVES I. WIVES 1. Introduction * It is good to observe the order; the Spirit of God begins instructions with “Wives” both in Ephesians and Colossians. * Every wise woman buildeth her house, (divine role given) but the foolish plucketh it down with her hand (Pro.14: 1) (You may advise your daughter to be a Doctor or a talented professional; but how many Christian parents guide them to be a good wife in future.) * Rajagopalachary, (First Governor general of India) used to quote from, Ps. 127 & 128 where ever he addressed students (to become a good wife) Copy Right:

5 CHRISTIAN FAMILY WIVES 2. What the wives are?
A. A prudent wife is from the Lord. (Pro.19: 14) B. A virtuous woman, her price is above rubies. (Pro.31: 10) C. A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband. (Pro.12: 4) D. The wife is the good favor of the Lord. (Pro.18: 22) E. The wife is a fruitful wine in his house. (Ps.128: 3) 3. Names used for wives in relation to the husband A. A help-meet (Gen.2: 20) B. Beloved (S.O.S. 2: 10) C. Spouse (S.O.S 5: 1) D. The companion and the wife of thy covenant (Mal.2: 14) Copy Right:

6 seldom heard among believers once)
. CHRISTIAN FAMILY WIVES 4. Duties of the wife to the husband A. Love their husband (Tit. 2: 4) B. Submit to them as unto the Lord. (Eph.5: 22, Col.3: 18; 1.Pet.3: 1) C. Give reverence to them. (Eph.5: 33) D. To be obedient to them (1.Cor.14: 34, Tit.2: 5) E. Faithful to them (Chastity before and fidelity after) Pro.31: 11; 12) [Every wife and husband must read and understand the magnitude of the verses (1.Cor.7: 3-5), Elderly woman must teach younger (Those having this understanding) (7 things-Tit.2: 4-5)] (Where it lacks need the pre-marital counseling; and where it fails need of post-marital, which leads to the separation or divorce; which was seldom heard among believers once) Copy Right:

. CHRISTIAN FAMILY WIVES 5. Duties in relation to the house of God A. Learn to be silent and seek instruction from Husband (1.Cor.14: 34-35) B. Not on adorning with ornaments (Not outward) (1.Tim.2: 9; 1. Pet.3: 3) C. But adorn with modesty and sobriety (1.Tim.2: 9) D. And with the spirit of meekness and quietness of the heart (1.Pet.3: 4- Inward beauty) E. Be an example in good works (1 Tim.2: 10; 5: 10) Copy Right:

8 (That the word of God be not blasphemed).
CHRISTIAN FAMILY WIVES 6. The aged woman may teach the young woman (Tit.2: 4-5) A. Young women to be sober, B. to love their husbands, C. to love their children, D. to be discreet, E. chaste, F. keepers at home, good, G. obedient to their own husbands, (That the word of God be not blasphemed). Copy Right:

A wife must be diligent, prudent and one who gives to the poor. [(Much of her duty is within the house), (Gen.18: 10; Ps.128: 3; Pro.31: 13-25)]. Bible gives admonition for us with good and wicked wives. (Few examples) A. Job’s wife was not (not good) righteous in advising to keep integrity. B. Zecharias and Elizabeth both were righteous (Job.2: 9; Luke 1: 6) C. Jezebeel tried to entice Jehu by adorning herself (2.Kings 9: 30) D. Esther did not ask anything more,… before going to the king. (Es.5: 14) E. Michal despised David in her heart, when he with the Ark. (1.Ch.15: 29) F. Sarah obeyed Abraham, who was honoring God (Gen.18: 7) Copy Right:

* Husbands love your wives, and be not bitter against them (Col.3: 19). (As Christ also loved the Church and gave himself for it. -Ep.5: 25). * Planned and instituted by God himself (Gen.2: 18-25). (Family never the plan of Adam, but God is the author of it) * When Eve was brought before Adam, he said; “The bone of my bones and the Flesh of my flesh and she shall be called a woman” (Gen.2: 23) * They had the love, the beauty of the garden, cool of the evening and companionship of God. Above all they were “One flesh” (1.Cor.6: 16). (Serpent intruded and all was upset; yet their love never failed; I think Adam preferred to be guilty knowingly to share the punishment. (Gen.3: 6) Copy Right:

11 CHRISTIAN FAMILY HUSBANDS 2. Names used for husband in the Bible
A. Lord (Ps. 45: 11) Sarah also called (1 Pet.3: 6) B. Rest place (Ruth 3: 2) C. Beloved (SOS. 6: 3; 5: 9, 10) 3. Monogamy and polygamy * Bible begins with a marriage in the Garden of Eden, ends with the marriage of the Lamb in Revelation. (Both places we see the “One wife for one husband”. In the beginning it was, but later at the patriarchal time polygamy was practiced. (May be permissive will of God; But primary plan of God “one wife to one husband”, could only work out “one flesh” or else for Adam God would have given more wives.) * Let every man have his own wife, every woman have her own husband. (1.Cor.7: 2) Copy Right:

12 CHRISTIAN FAMILY HUSBANDS A. Love the wife as Christ loved the Church
4. Duties of the husband A. Love the wife as Christ loved the Church (Eph.5: ; Col.3: 19) B. Regard them as themselves (Gen.2: 23, Mat.19: 5; Eph.5: 33) C. Dwell with them wisely giving honour (1.Pet.3: 7; Lk.6: 31) D. Must have authority over the wife (Gen.3: 16, 1.Cor.11: 3; Eph.5: 23) (Example 2.Ki.4: 13 Dwell among own people? Est.1: 22) E. To be faithful with them (Mal.2. 14; 15; Pro.5: 19) F. Nourishing them (Providing food, clothing etc) Eph.5: 9 G. Cherishing them (treating with affection and love) Eph.5: 29 Copy Right:

. CHRISTIAN FAMILY HUSBANDS H. Live wisely prayer must not be hindered (1.Pet.3: 7; 1.Cor.7: 5) I. Render unto wife the due marital rights (1.Cor.7: 3-5) J. Don’t be bitter to them (Col.3: 19) And further A. Comfort them in sorrow (1.Sam.1: 8) B. Share with them (Gen.31: 4-7) C. Do not interfere in their duties to the Lord (Lk.14: 26; Mat.19: 29) (A secret to all husbands: They will suffer any pain, but not the pain of inflicting them; if you tease or punish them in public) Copy Right:

14 Bible is with admonition from lives for us.
CHRISTIAN FAMILY HUSBANDS 5. Rewards to the husbands A. Joyful life with the wife whom thou lovest all days (Eccl. 9: 9) B. Will do him good and not evil all the days of life (Pro. 31: 12) Bible is with admonition from lives for us. (Few Examples below) Isaac was a good husband (Gen.24: 67) Elkanah (1.Sam.1: 4; 5) But Solomon was a failure (1.Ki.11: 1; Neh.13: 26) Ahasuerus (Est.1:10) Lamech. (Gen.4: 23-24) Nabaal (1.Sam.25: 3) ???? Copy Right:

* Apostle Paul instructs children to obey the parents in the Lord, * In Ephesians he reminded that “ the commandment with promise” A. It may be well with them. (For the good of them) (Deut.5: 16; 10: 13) B. They may live long in the earth (Ps.34: 11, 12; Pro.14: 27; 10: 27) 2. What children are? A. Children are the heritage of the Lord (Ps.127: 3) What to you ? B. Jacob said; God hath graciously given to thy servant (Gen.33: 5) C. Joseph said; they are my sons God hath given me (Gen.48: 8) Copy Right:

16 . CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHILDREN 3. Naming the Children
(Name with godly names; In the Bible only of meaning) A. Usually after relations (Lk.1: 59) B. After events (Gen.21: 6; 29: 32-35) C. Called by God (Is.8: 3; Hose.1: 4,6,9) 4. Duty of the Parents to the children A. Seek of the Lord how to bring them up. (Jud.13: 12) B. Bring them to Christ (Mat.10: 13-16) C. Bring them early to the house of God. (1.Sam.1: 24) D. Teach them the word of God (Deu.11: 19; 31: ; Pro.22: 6) E. Bring up in the nurture and admonition of God(Ep.6: 4) F. Provoke not them to wrath (Eph.6: 4) Copy Right:

17 . CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHILDREN A. Live in subjection to the parents
5. Duty of Children to the parents and elderly A. Live in subjection to the parents (Lk.2: 51; Heb.12: 9) B. Hear and follow their instructions (Pro.1: 8,9) C. Obey their parents “in the Lord” (Pro. 6: 20; Eph.6: 1; Lk.2: 51) D. Honour parents (Ex.20: 12; Heb.12: 9) Elderly (Lev.19: 32; 1.Pet.5: 5) E. Fear the Parents (Lev.19: 3) F. Take care of them when they become old (1.Tim.5: 4; Jn.19: 26) G. Not to follow tradition of Scribes; ”Korban” (Mat. 15: 5, Mk. 7: 11-12) Copy Right:

18 . CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHILDREN 6. Disciplining the Children
A. The need of Disciplining (Proof of love) (Heb.12: 6; 8; Pro.13: 24) B. Must not be left undisciplined (Pro.29: 15) C. The Use of Rod (Pro.20: 29-30; 22: 15; 23: 13-14; 29: 14) D. Rules under the law for rebellious (Ex.21: 15-17; Deu.21:18-21) E. Must not be reason for grief to parents (Pro.10: 1) (Moses, Samuel, Timothy all were of good examples; while Esau, Sons of Eli, Absalom were examples of evil sons) Copy Right:

7. Worthy for inheritance from parents; If Sons A. Of possessions: (Deut.21: 16, 17; Luke.12: 13,14, Gal.4: 7, Num.27: 1-8) B. Of promise (Acts. 2: 39; Deut.29: 29) 8. Duty in relation to the Lord A. Obey God (Deut.30: 2) B. Fear God (Pro.24: 21) C. Remember God (Eccl.12: 1) 9. Rewards A. It may be well with them B. Long life Copy Right:

Fathers provoke not your children to anger, lest they may be discouraged. (Col.3: 21) But bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Eph. 6: 4) What we do? We take so much care for their studies. Do we care same for their spiritual growth? What Bible teaches of the parent’s responsibilities? Children are the heritage of the Lord, (Ps.127: 3) Hannah said; this child I prayed and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him. (1. Sam.1: 27) Jacob said; The Children which God hath graciously given to thy servant. (Gen. 33: 5)

21 (Yahoo chat room says; ”Parenting is the most difficult job” )
. CHRISTIAN FAMILY PARENTS 2. Duty of the Parents a. Nurture b. Admonition (Yahoo chat room says; ”Parenting is the most difficult job” ) a. Nurture. Love the children (Tit.2: 4) Bless them. (Heb.11: 20- Isaac) Never utter curse Pity them. (Ps.103: 13) Like the father pittieth Pray for them. (1.Ch.29: 19) David prayed for Solomon Provide (1.Tim.5: 8) If not provides; worse than infidel) Be righteous; do nothing bring curse to generation (Ps.112: 2) Copy Right:

22 . CHRISTIAN FAMILY PARENTS b. Admonition Moral Moral & Spiritual
A. Rule them. In subjection with all gravity (1.Tim.3: 4; 12) B. Correct them (Chasten them) (Heb. 12: 7) C. Restrain them (Are you like Eli to them ?) (1.Sam.3: 13) D. Provoke them not; (It may discourage and break the will) (Eph.6: 4; Col.3: 21) E. It is duty of parents to lay up for children. (2.Cor.12: 14) F. Don’t suggest unholy (marital) connections. (Gen.24: 1-6; 28: 1-2) Copy Right:

Pro.22: 6 Train up a child in the ways he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it. Deut.11: 19 And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sitteth in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way; when thy liest down, and when thou risest up. A. Bring them to Christ. (Mat.19: 13-14) B. Train them up for God. (Pro.22: 6, Eph.6: 4) C. Instruct them in the word of God (Deut.4: 9; 11: 19) D. Remind them of the judgment of God. (Joel 1: 1-3) E. Tell them the wonderful work of God. (Ex.10: 2; Ps.78: 4) F. Command them to observe (Deut.32: 46; 1.Ch.28: 9) Copy Right:

24 (What type of parents we are ?)
. CHRISTIAN FAMILY PARENTS 3. Example for good and evil parenting A. Jochebed hid the child Moses for 3 months (Ex.2: 2-3) Athaliah destroyed all the royal seeds of Judah (2.Ch.22: 10) B. Manoah intreated the Lord of the son to be born (Jud.13: 8) Manasseh caused his children to pass thru fire. (2.Ch.33: 6) C. Hannah lent her son to the Lord (1.Sam.1: 28) Herodias asked daughter to demand head (Mk.6: 24) D. Lois and Eunice could persuade Timothy to faith (2.Tim.1: 5) Mother of Micah persuade to idolatry and lie. (Jud.17: 6) E. Job did offerings lest his sons may have sinned (Job.1: 5) Eli restrained not his sons from sin (1.Sam.3: 13) (What type of parents we are ?) Copy Right:

In faith like Abraham dwelling with Isaac and Jacob the heirs of promise (Heb.11: 8-10) In Blessing like Jacob (Gen.48: : 27; Heb.11: 21) In serving God like Joshua (Jos.24: 15) In pitying like David (2.Sam.18: 5; 33) What you and me are? Are be we exemplified good or bad? When you leave this life on earth could say to your children, It is not on how much riches and wealth you could leave; but able to say to them like David the man of God; “And thou Solomon my son, know thou God of thy father” If so then your life is blessed. 4. Rewards of Parenting A. If brought up in wickedness-grief (Pro.10: 1; 17: 25) B. If in faithfulness- praises (Pro.31: 28) Copy Right:

26 (You may think what is the relevance if don’t have servants)
. CHRISTIAN FAMILY SERVANTS IV. SERVANTS 1. Introduction A study on Christian family will not be complete with out including servants. (You may think what is the relevance if don’t have servants) We have gone thru different relationship; wife, husband, children and parents. We will try to keep the relationship properly maintained, for we are household. (What about the servants; they are from outside. Do we?) It was common to have servants in a big house (Gen.12: 5 Abraham; Job.1: 2- Job; Phil.14-Philemon) Bible is not against to have male or female servants

27 . CHRISTIAN FAMILY SERVANTS Slavery Bond (love) servants
Hardly few verses we read against slavery (Is.58: 6) Onesimus was a slave; but under Grace not appreciated. Under Law it was not allowed to make their brethren a slave (Lev. 25: 39-40) Bond (love) servants In the 6th year if the love not allows his to leave he could become a love (bond) servant to his master (Ex.21: 1-6; Deut.15: 12-17) It is Christian faith led to the abolition of slavery. (J. Newton- who wrote “Amazing grace” was a slave trader before his conversion.) The word is used to show humility (Gen.18: 3; Phil. 1: 1) About a few we read “called as Servant of God” (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Moses) Copy Right:

28 . CHRISTIAN FAMILY SERVANTS 2. Types of servants 3. In relation to God
Bond servants (Purchased- Gen.17: 27) Made from war (2.Kings.5: 2) Hired servants (Daily- Mat.20: 2) Yearly (Ex.21: 2) Born in the house (Gen.14: 14; 17: 27) (Demands an earnest study of Gen.24) 3. In relation to God Lord said to Israel, “are my servants” (Lev.25: 55) But Jesus said; I call you no more servants (Jn.15: 15) He bestowed the privileges (Jn.1: 12; Eph.2: 19) In NT, by faith are sons, yet few are worthy like Paul (A higher privilege- Phil.1: 1) Copy Right:

29 (1.Tim.6: 1-2; Tit.2: 9 -when the master is a believer)
CHRISTIAN FAMILY SERVANTS 4. Duty of the servants A. Be obedient to your masters according to the flesh (Eph.6: 5) B. Serve in the singleness of the heart as unto Christ (Eph.6: 5) C. Don’t do eye services, but in the fear God (Eph.6: 6; Col.3: 22) D. With goodwill do service as unto the Lord. (Eph.6: 5; Col.3: 22) E. Subject to masters with all fear; even to forward (1.Pet.2: 18) F. Pray for the masters. (Eg. Abraham’s servant. Gen.24: 12) G. Please them in all things; Especially if they believers. (Tit.2: 9) H. Honour the masters (Mal.1: 6; 1.Tim.6: 1-2) I. Be faithful to them in all things (Tit.2: 9) J. Priority for master’s business than food (Gen.24: 33; Jn.4: 32) K. Need to make profit to masters (Lk.19: 15; Phil.1: 11) L. Not to answer rudely (Tit.2: 9) (1.Tim.6: 1-2; Tit.2: 9 -when the master is a believer) Copy Right:

30 . CHRISTIAN FAMILY SERVANTS 5. Warning: 6. Duty of the masters
To Israel: Remember that (Deut.15: 15; 16: 12; 24: 18) For us: Name of God and ….not blasphemed (1.Tim.6: 1;Tit.2: 10) (We are either servants or masters in the flesh to some one; as spiritually all are either servants to sin or servants to righteousness (Rom.6: 16) 6. Duty of the masters Never to oppress them (Deut.24: 14; Lev.19: 13) Even Sarah was hard Not to withheld wages till the next day (Deut.24: 15; Lev.19: 13; James 5: 4) Need to feed well and care (Luke.15: 17; Pro.31: 15) Avoid threatening them (Eph.6: 9) 7. Nature of bad servants Eye services; Men pleasing; Using Deceit; quarrelsome, covetousness, stealing, lying, Gluttony; unmerciful to fellow servants (Mat.18: 30) Not submitted to correction (Pro.29: 19) Copy Right:

8. Lord Jesus Christ the unique example Isaiah said; Behold my servant (Is.42: 1-2-Not like the others) He shall not cry; (Not strive- Mat.20: 28; 1.Pet.2: 23) Nor lift up, nor cause his voice to be heard in the street A bruised reed he shall not break (Literally to Israel- We also) Smoking flax he will not quench (From his life and teaching of Jesus- His meekness- Meekness is not weakness) Son of man came not be ministered (Mat.20: 28) I am in the midst of you as one serves. (Lk.22: 27) Began to wash the feet of his disciples (Jn.13: 5) Emptied himself; took the form of a servant (Phil.2: 7) (Dasaneppole sevaye cheytha daivathin eka jathane; Vasam cheyyanam ea nin vinayam ente ullilum nadhane) (In Malayalam – by V.Nagal)



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