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Bulletim n o. 5 SONS GIVE NOTICES Ricardo was born in 1973, of extremely reasoning fast, agile, just, good son and brother, he always carried for the.

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2 Bulletim n o. 5 SONS GIVE NOTICES Ricardo was born in 1973, of extremely reasoning fast, agile, just, good son and brother, he always carried for the welfare of the family and the friends. He died when he was 29 years, in 2002, in a moto accident INTRODUCTION Due to the big number of readers of our book “Recording Beyond Voices” that requested the support of practical lessons, we’ve instituted some workshops for demonstration of the process and at the same time, to have access to the dearest deceaseds of these visitors. Thus Suely and Josefina had been in our laboratory. What both of them have in common is, besides their friendly relationship, the lose of their loved sons. Moved by the homesickness, both decided that they’d desire permanently contact these youngs and therefore participated from the first workshop, carried through in September 2006, only for them. The occurrences follow in this Bulletim, proving that both youngs were present, registering sufficiently convincent particularities. They had Taken not only emotion and joy, but the certainty of that the younglings are ALIVED and very well! A huge hug from Sonia Rinaldi IPATI Instrumental Transcommunication Advanced Research Institute Clóvis Pappotte Júnior (photo) was born in 1982, was a shining son, who showed Spriritual maturity examples. He always followed his parents in the Spirit Temple and, since it was possible, he’d studied the Gospel at Home with his Family. In 2005, when he was leaving the college, he offered to follow a friend who was going to take her nephews in the airport – afraid of the dangerous, to come back later night. When they were returning, he suffered one assault, dying with 22 years age. THE RECORD: The mothers, Suely and Josefina and Clovis’ sister, Renata were there. We began the workshop explaining how do the records occur, the ideal deep noises, the reason of this technique etc... We began the practical tests. We registered 18 answers at the beginning, more 12 transcontacts from Clovis, more 15 from Ricardo, and selected 11 for scientific analysis by the team of the physicist Cláudio Brazil. In a total of almost 50 contacts witnessed and heard in the lesson of that afternoon.

3 TRANSCONTACTS RECORDED WITH THEM: A ) TESTS e adjusts: 1. Mr Germain voice: “Telephone” (seemed to be an advice to the station fellows, we set in motion to the station). Sonia: “ Sir German, good morning...” 2.Mir Germain voice: -”The son will answer!” 3. Sonia: -”(his mother waits for contact) Suely, Clovis’ mother...” Mr. Germain voice: -”Also is ok!” 4. Sonia: - “ Is it possible talking with them now?” Mir. Germain voice: - “will be possible to get in!” 7. Sonia: -“ A kiss!” (M) – “Keep family prep!” (an orientation for me to prepare the family in order to record the contacts). 8.(M) - “Crystal clear!” (refeering to the good voice quality). 9. Sonia – “Hy, Ricardo.” 10. Sonia: - “Are you ready to talk to your mothers?” (M) -“You can trust!” 11. (F) - “We count on you.” (M) - “And love to prove it!” 12. Mr. Germain voice: - “Hello, contact” Sonia: - “Hy, Sir. Germain, good afternoon!” 13. Sonia: - Hyi Sir. Germain, did you see we have visits?” Mr. Germain voice: - “Equivalent, friendship!” (it suggests me that he feels friendship and much care of us as we have for them,he suggests that our friendships are equivalents)

4 15. Mr. Germain: - “Hearing!” Sonia: -” Both mothers are ancious, aren’t them?!” 16 Mr. Germain voice: - ”Go and take it by heart!” (Josefina explained that she had in mind she wouldn’t record alone and Mr. Germain suggests her to reread the book, so she certainly will) Sonia: - “Kisses to all of you!” Mr, Germain voice: - “I heart!” 19. (M) – “I low Afterwards, Sonia!” (The story on this audio follows in page 7, therefore he was very funny). B ) CLOVIS’ CONTACTS 1. Clovis’ voice: - “Kiss t’ya!” 2. Clovis voice: - “Sweare!” Sonia: - Hy Clovis.” 3. Sonia: “Mummy is about to be off heart.” Voz do Clovis: - “Oh hy mum!” 4. Clovis voice: - “ Rita permited!” Sonia: “ Did you see your sister is also here?” 6. Clovis’ voice: - “How nice!” Suely – “Jú, I miss you my son, we all miss you.” 7. Clovis’ voice: - “Send a kiss upwards!” (see deposition of the mother in the last page evidencing that this audio was a strong evidence of the authenticity of the recording).

5 8. Clovis’ voice: - “ I’ll send love!” Suely: – “How do you feel son? Are you happy?” 9. Clovis’ voice: - “ You search for contact!” 10. Renata (deceased sister) – “Do you know I love you?” Clovis’ voice: - “Friend Yah!” (anoter strong evidency, so he often called Renata this way) 11. Suely: – “Did you find anybody, any friend my son?” Clovis’ voice: “If you wanna find, call!” (seems to be an orientation if you want to find any decease just call for him(her)). 13. Clóvis’ voice: - “With sister!” (suggest that besides his mother, he wants to talk to his sister also at home), 14. Sonia: - “A kiss Clóvis, your mother will talk so much with you at home, all right? C) RICARDO’S CONTACTS 1. Ricardo’s voice: - “Use for both!” (suggests that he wasn’t alone but with Clovis). (F) – “ Hy Ricardo.” 2. Ricardo’s voice: - “we’re back!” 3. Ricardo’s voice: - “I frequently wrote!” Sonia: – “But this is much love, you know this, don’t you?!” Voz do Ricardo: - “Or a dream!” 4. (F) –”How are you my dear son?” Ricardo: - “For me to stay!”

6 5. Ricardo’s voice: - “I loved, recording!” Josefina: – “What did you think being search by me?” 6. Josefina: – “Does it bother or harm you?” Ricardo’s voice: - “I saw, aproved!” (that’s is, they disire being called, there’s no bothering on it). 8. Josefina: – “Do you receive all my love, my affection?” Voz do Ricardo: - “Sure, mom!” (this was another evidence, see the statment of the mothers at the last page). 9. Voz do Ricardo: - “Sonia proves!” (notice that the answer came before the question). Josefina: – “Você é feliz?” 10. Paranromal voice: - “He came here!” (possible Clonvis’ contact, answering to what Ricardo does now, it was at the station). Josefina: – “What do you do now?” 11. Ricardo’s voice: - “Serve the coffee!” (in fact we’ve finished to talk that we’re going to do a coffee break). 12. Ricardo’s voice: - “Prove Mam! Kiss to Sonia!” (another evidence, so Ricardo also called his mother “mam”. 13. Josefina: –”Daddy!” (in this point his mother voice embarassed) Ricardo’s voice: -“You get it!” (and the son incentivates her to proceed, as who says, go on that you can speak). Josefina: – “ And I, we love you so much, and Frick also!” Ricardo’s voice: - “I see it!” (a nice recognizing of the son for the love of his fathers and brother Frick). 14. Clovis’ voice: “Oh Sônia... Clóvis!” Sonia: - “Ricardo, accept a kiss from all of us!” 15. Ricardo’s voice: -”Surely I wrote!” (confirming that he sent a psicography).

7 EXPERIÊNCIES IN VIDEO: At the left, we have the image of Suely before we began the records. As she was in front of the camera, she transformed herself as at the right images. This transfiguration phenomenon occured in real time, and could have seen by her daugther Renata and Josefina, who were also into the room. The video with the transformations is a few extensive to be attached. With Josefina (at left), we realized different tests, for example the use of a veil over her face (when it was possible, we saw that this big head of an ET that winkled his eyes) in video and with lamps (over) when they draw in real time, another type of Extraterrestrial. Over Josefina’s face an ET was drawn and his eyes winkled and the mouth moved.

8 Other experiences in video were realized with a Franch woman, as those bellow indicated. She kept holding the chains, and wires with little lamps then the communicants formed in real time curious sequences of draws (they generally draw themselves, who are ETs, or cats, etc). AN OCCURENCY FULL OF HUMOR: Before setting appointments to this workshop, I already had set na interview with a radio station from Criciúma, SC, for 14:00 o’clock – by this time the mothers would already be present. When they arrived, I arranged it would be a quick interview by telephone, something about 15 minutes, and in the sequence we’d be back to the workshop. And thus it happened. But the broadcaster presenter was not familiar to our theme and between many foolish, he asked: -”May any person record these contacts?” I answered yes. He asked: -”And if I wonder LOWING DOWN here now a spirit, could he record?” I couldn’t contain the laugh and I still played saying that "spirit do not low" any way, etc. Finished the interview, I still commented with Suely and Josefina and came back to the workshop. For our surprise, the son of Suely, Clovis who made us laugh a lot. He said: -”I low aftwards, Sonia!” Among the laugh, his mother explained that her son lived making jokes, and that everything indicates, he continues, so this demonstrates not only a notable humor but also that they follow us in details.

9 1. 2. 3. Trip in time? In some videos the Senders seem to make a return on the persons’ life. In this in case, we noticed something curious: Photo 1, represents Suely nowadays, with the hair adopted by her already mature. Image 2 is a transphoto of her in front of our camera, and we observed not only a rejuvenescence, but curiously she uses a page-boy hairstyle (edge turned inside). We ask for some photos of the past of Suely (3) all the photos had the same hair style - she confirmed by herself that she never used short hair when she was young. Would it have been a resource of the Senders to demonstrate that they knew her past? As this is not the first case, we are led to reflect on this hypothesis. 12 3

10 MOTHERS’ DEPOSITIONS: STRETCH FROM SUELY’S COMMENTARY BY E-MAIL: “(...) some contacts called our attention, as for example when I say to may son that we are homesickness and that we love him very much, he answers: - - “Send a kiss upwards”. For us from the family this says many things, therefore we have the habit, mostly me and my husband, when we pass through the room of my son, in a church or in any situation we place a kiss in the hand and throw it upwards. Few people do this, and almost nobody knows that we do this way. Another thing that called much our attention, was when my daughter Renata asks: "Jú you know that I love you and you understand me about the doubts related to the psycographies that I still have?” His reply was: "Friend Rê". Because she always says that beyond her brother, Jú was always her biggest friend, and even having some doubts, she is his the dear friend, besides calling her by the nickname that he used to call in life: Rê. This reply was where the voice was more perfectly equal from my son when he was alived. Júnior sent 12 contacts to us, all significants. What remains to us is to thank God for this blessing from TCI, and to Sônia for her devotion that fulfills this work lulling to sleep so many hearts... (...)“ STRECH FROM JOSEFINA’S COMMENTARY: “(...) For me it was very important passing through this experience that made me be sure that my son didn’t finish existing. I’ve heard the records tens of times and always get moved and recognize the mannersof my son by the time he said “man” and not mom, it was quite important, so this was the way he called me. Another important thing is that I thought that I could talk to my son before recording, this could be na important prove and that would make feel very well and in an answer he told me -”A little prove!”. There was so many meanings on this. And when I ask him if he is happy he answers: -”Its been proved!”. Another thing that impressived me was when I commented with Suely about how much It was difficult for me to record and that perhaps I’d need one more class. But soon in the begining Mr. Germain said: “Go on and take it by heart!” I am very glad for all that you did for me and my lovelly son (...).

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