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U NLOCK Y OUR O WN C REATIVITY Bahareh Changizi 852194009.

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1 U NLOCK Y OUR O WN C REATIVITY Bahareh Changizi 852194009

2 A black dot A black hat A squashed bug A burnt hanberge r

3 Creative Thinking: « Discovery consist of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. » Albert Szent Gyorgyi mental locks We are more likely to respond creatively, if we have already been chipping away at the mental locks that close our minds.

4 Mental Locks ? Find the right answer. Find the right answer. Looking for a second answer will often produce the new ideas. That’s not logical. That’s not logical. Find similarities and connections among different things or situations inspite of contradictory. Follow the rules. To get an idea, you often have to break rules that no longer make sense. Be practical. To grow, ideas initially need the wide realm of posible.You can enter this realm by asking: ”What if …”

5 Mental Locks ? Don’t br foolish. Don’t br foolish. Humor can show the ambiguity of situations,revealing a 2nd & often startling answer. Let yourself play, risk being foolish & write down the ideas that then come to you. Don’t make mistakes. Don’t make mistakes. Success & failure are parts of the same process.Mistakes can simply be stepping stones in the creative process. That’s not my area. That’s not my area. Freash ideas almost invariably come from outside one’s field of specialization. Be aware what you learn in one filed might prove useful in another. I’m not creative. Self-esteem is essential to creativity because any new idea makes you a pioneer.

6 The end

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