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Write Club-81Write Club-81. Critical Writing “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”-Aristotle.

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1 Write Club-81Write Club-81

2 Critical Writing “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”-Aristotle

3 What is Critical Writing?What is Critical Writing?  A write up on a topic which involves a certain amount of judgment/criticism written in a way to serve a purpose.  Involves a lot of critical thinking and analysis.  Great platform for a Critical Thinker and a good writer!!!  Can be a term used for some academic articles also!!![These are not boring!!!]  Is not necessarily serious!!!

4 Writing Styles And Writing Tips!!!Writing Styles And Writing Tips!!!  Constructive Criticism- Constructive criticisms are often suggestions for improvement – how things could be done better or more acceptably. They draw attention to how an identified problem could be solved, or how it could be solved better.  Destructive /Negative Criticism-Destructive criticism aims to destroy the target of criticism, by making the destructive criticism (e.g. "you should shut up and follow the program"). The aim is to show that the point of view of someone else has no validity at all, or lacks any merit.  Moral criticism-Moral criticism is basically concerned with the rights and wrongs of values, ethics or norms which people uphold, what is good and bad about what people do, or the rights and wrongs of the conditions which people face.  Practical criticism-Practical criticism is an objection or appraisal of the type, that something "does or does not work" in practical reality, due to some reason or cause. Often people will say, "that might be fine in theory, but in practice it does not work.

5  Positive criticism-A positive criticism draws attention to a good or positive aspect of something which is being ignored, disregarded or overlooked. People may be able to see only the negative side of something, so that it becomes necessary to highlight the positive side.  Foolish criticism-Foolish criticism is unclear about what the motive or purpose of the criticism is, or about what the consequence/effect of the criticism is. Usually it connotes lack of self-insight or a good understanding of the motives or issue involved.

6 Exercise 01  Option 01-Imagine Yourself to be a Movie Critic and write a review for a movie that everyone knows Ex-Titanic!!  Option 02-Write a Book Review Of a Famous Book!! --Involve a description of the plot, the things that appealed to you in the book, about the author’s style of writing and be creative in what you write!!!  Option 03-Play the role of a Paparazzi Journalist!! --Come up with a write up that would be fun and juicy on a celebrity,sportsperson,politician!!You can be factually incorrect as this doesn’t require Factual correctness.  Tips->Refer to one of the forms mentioned in the above slide to come up with a Write Up!! Have Clarity on what you want to convey and stick to a mood!!!

7 Eamples 01 Option 01-It didn’t take long for the film to become considered something of a corny cliché. A movie as huge (in every sense of the word) as Titanic is easy for critics to take pot-shots at, as there’s little chance of missing the target. Accused of being soppy, historically inaccurate and badly scripted, the film has been parodied more times than it is possible to count. It was also the butt of hundreds of bad jokes even immediately following its release, and those were just the tip of the iceberg (sorry). Some considered the film distasteful, its graphic depiction of the sinking making a mockery and a spectacle of those who died in a disaster that shook the nation. Still, a film that has made such a ridiculous amount of money, and that has captured and held the interest of so many fans, surely must have done something right Option 02-Book Review Of-Twilight Hmmm... ever read twilight (sorry the first page) and go 'Where the hell is the plot?' or better yet 'Yawn she'll end up with him and be a vampire' just by reading the first line? And then you have to put up the with thousands or thousands of pages describing him as a 'stone, marble god'?

8 Option 03- Birthday boy Shah Rukh too old to rule Bollywood? Actor’s birthday today brings him three years shy of 50, with many critics voicing its time the superstar retires He’s a superstar. Some call him the King. Others simply refer to him as the epitome of romance in Bollywood. But is it now time for him to gracefully retire from the limelight? That’s the question on the lips of many critics as Shah Rukh Khan turns 47 today, amidst a low-key celebration due to the recent demise of director and father figure, Yash Chopra.

9 Exercise 02 Now Call on numbers and team up into groups of 2 Come up with a 2 write ups which are radically different from each other. The main intention is to portray the fact that people tend to have extremely different opinions on the same facts. So first choose a Topic and write down facts common to both members and then try to bring in a sharp contrast in what you write. You can choose to write by bringing in contrasting moods/different ideas/different ideologies.

10 Topics 1.Sport Critic. 2.Social Commentator 3.Music Critic. 4.Art Critic. 5.Food Critic/Restaurant Critic. 6.Fashion Critic. 7.Technology Review 8.Polotical Critic. 9.Academic Topic-Some policy or any topic from science/literature/economics etc. 10.Miscellaneous-You Decide!!!!

11 Example: Topic-Should Sachin Retire Writer 01-He shouldn’t Writer 02-He should Topic-Re-mixed Music does not deserve to sell Writer 01-Disagree Writer 02-Agree Topic-PostModern Fashion Writer 01-Retarded Writer 02-Freedom Of Choice!!

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