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Interactive Literature Notebook

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1 Interactive Literature Notebook
6th grade

2 Table of Contents Plot Vocabulary Elements of Plot Character Traits
Plot Pyramid Theme

3 Plot Vocabulary Problems that arise as characters struggle to reach their goals. The chain of events that make up the story. The time and place of the story.

4 Plot Vocabulary The main character in a story.
The character or force in conflict with the protagonist.

5 Little Red Riding Hood Plot – While visiting her sick Granny, Little Red Riding Hood finds the Big Bad Wolf dressed as Granny and in her bed to trick Little Red so that he can eat her! Setting – In the woods, at Granny’s house, a long time ago Complications – Big Bad Wolf eats Granny and pretends to be her Protagonist – Little Red Riding Hood Antagonist – The Big Bad Wolf

6 Elements of Plot The first part of the plot
Characters, setting, and basic situation are revealed The events that sets the story in motion Makes the rest of the story possible Main part of the story Moves the plot along Where complications arise The most exciting or intense part of the story for the protagonist The OMG! Usually the turning point Events that follow the climax and lead to the resolution Conflicts begin moving towards resolution The end of the story Loose ends of the plot are tied up Remaining questions are answered Conflicts are resolved

7 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Exposition – Characters – Goldilocks, 3 bears Setting – In the woods, sometime in the past Inciting Incident – Goldilocks finds a house and decides to go in Rising Action- Goldilocks eats baby’s porridge, breaks baby’s chair, and falls asleep in baby’s bed. The bears return home and find that someone has been there. Climax- The bears discover Goldilocks asleep in baby’s bed; she wakes Falling Action- She screams and runs out of the house Resolution- Goldilocks never returns again

8 Character Traits Positive Negative
List 10 positive character traits here. List 10 negative character traits here.

9 Plot Pyramid “Just Once” Thomas J Dygard Characters: Moose, The Moose
gets the ball -Jerry’s touchdown -The Moose asks the coach for the ball and is turned down -The crowd chants for the Moose -Tacklers were after the Moose -The Moose got tackled -The Moose scored! Characters: Moose, Jerry Dixon, Coach Williams Setting: HS Football Field Event: Moose wants to carry the ball; the coach won’t let him The Moose accepts his role as the lineman.

10 Theme T H E M The truth or central idea a story reveals about life
Moral, life-lesson, message A debatable opinion Implied not stated T H E M Any theme can be considered valid  IF you can support it with text evidence!

11 “Just Once” What is the theme of “Just Once”? Use text evidence to support your answer.

12 Full House Theme Song There’s a face of somebody who needs you Themes
A light is waiting to carry you home Everywhere you look, there’s a heart There’s a hand to hold on to Family members are there for each other and help each other. Home Friends Family Being Together Themes

13 Christian the Lion Video Clip
Alternate Clip After a year apart, Christian embraces his former owners Christian became wild – head of a pride Told he would not remember his owners Introduced his wife! Love and friendship last a lifetime and endure separation. Themes Love Animals Friendship Sacrifice

14 “All Summer in a Day” “All Summer in a Day” Ray Bradbury
The rain stops and the sun comes out! Theme: Jealousy - the children are jealous that Margot has seen the sun and they haven’t The children lock Margot in the closet. The children were mean to Margot The children play outside in the sun for 2 hours The rain was slackening The rain begins 3rd person omniscient The children let Margot out of the closet They are expecting the sun to come out for the first time in 7 years. Venus Margot, teacher, classmates Margot’s withdrawal vs. the children’s lack of compassion

15 Internal & External Conflict
Conflict – a struggle between opposing forces or characters Without conflict, a story would be boring! A story can have several conflicts The main conflict is central to the plot and is usually resolved at the resolution

16 Internal & External Conflict
Takes place inside a character’s mind or heart Sometimes involves a decision Takes place between a character and something outside the character Outside forces = nature, an event/situation, or another character

17 Internal & External Conflict
Margot from “All Summer in a Day” Margot keeps to herself because she feels she does not fit in with her classmates. Margot misses Earth and the sun.

18 Point of View Second Person
Point of View – the standpoint from which a story is told Second Person Told from the viewpoint of one of the characters using pronouns “I” and “We” The narrator refers to the reader as "you", making the audience member feel as if he is a character within the story.

19 Point of View The narrator is an outside observer who can tell us the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters in a story The narrator reports the facts of a narrator as a seemingly neutral and impersonal outside observer The narrator is an outside observer that focuses on the thoughts and feelings of only one character

20 ACE nswer the question succinctly, restating the question.
ite text evidence that strongly supports your answer. xplain how the text evidence supports your answer. Elaborate and extend when necessary. Direct – quote Indirect - paraphrase

21 Ways to Cite Text On page 12… In paragraph 4… The author states…
According to the text… An example from the text…

22 “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
What character trait is revealed about the emperor through his actions as the story unfolds? Choose one trait and back it up with text evidence. In “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” the emperor’s actions reveal that he is gullible. On page 5, the emperor stood in front of the mirror ready to march in his parade. When the people exclaimed, “Oh, how well they look! How well they fit!” (Andersen 140) the emperor believed them, allowing his fear of looking foolish to cloud his judgment. Although the emperor saw himself naked in the mirror, he was so gullible that he was easily tricked into believing that only the hopelessly stupid would be unable to see his new clothes.

23 Strong Action Verbs are present tense when possible are very specific
help readers visualize are more interesting are clever


25 Vivid Verbs plead, implore, plop, thrust, hurl, pitch, scatter, splatter, heave, wrangle careen, glide, sail, float, soar, coast, waft, shoot, flow, skate, cruise, drift bellow, spit, bark, roar, blare, scold, berate, criticize, chasten, admonish, reprimand

26 Vivid Verbs Plop, topple, tumble, crash, collapse, stumble, buckle, dive, plummet, plunge Devour, inhale, swallow, consume, gobble, gorge, relish, feast, scarf, ravage Spurt, sprint, dart, dash, tear, fly, bolt, shoot, flee, hustle, scramble

27 Awesome Adjectives

28 (the catch-all) – bouncy, fun, boring, lazy, silly, first, polite, dainty, strong, mellow, magnificent, painful five, two-hundred, several, few, many, some, numerous, none. depressed, apprehensive, hungry, greedy, hopeful

29 fuzzy, smooth, shaggy, jagged, stingy, frigid, malleable, crusty
pungent, pleasant, bitter, salty, sweet, sour, interesting, revolting, rank, heavenly, delightful, divine Yellow, magenta, round, rectangular, enormous, miniscule, puny, humongous

30 Good Sentences The angry wolf stalks. The cheerful girl meanders.
The swift creature approaches the house. Sharp teeth devour Grandmother. The strange grandmother pleads. The evil wolf plots. The naïve girl approaches the wolf. The hungry wolf swallows the girl. The helpful woodsman murders the wolf. The relieved girl embraces her grandmother. Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale Video Clip

31 Build Action Parts

32 Day or time: yesterday, today, tomorrow, tonight, now, this morning, noon, 3:00pm (time)
Prepositions: as, before, during, after, until, since, while, when Prepositions: above, across, against, along, around, at, behind, below, by, between, down, from, in, near, off, on over, past, through, towards, under Because Since So that To + verb (infinitive) Adverb (-ly) Simile (like or as) With Without If, even if, unless, despite, in case, assuming that, regardless, in spite of, although

33 Action Parts of a Sentence
in the evening after dinner In his chair At the library so that he could be alone since it was Monday whole-heartedly as happy as a clam even if it’s late as they fell down while they were doing yard work in the pile of leaves at Grandpa’s house because they were being silly to clean up the yard like toddlers without caution in spite of the mess during recess last summer on the other side of the see-saw by the tree so that he didn’t fall because they were friends dangerously with care though they knew it was against the rules at 5 o’clock after chopping onions in front of the stove at the restaurant to prepare for the party because it was his favorite like a professional chef with anticipation unless the sauce is too salty to please the fans since everyone was watching during the tournament as the other team scored near the ceiling in the air like it was the NBA with as much force as he could muster despite trailing by 15 points

34 Better Sentences The angry wolf stalks menacingly through the forest.
The cheerful girl meanders while on her way to Grandmother’s house despite being told to hurry. The swift creature approaches the house with caution during the middle of the day. The wolf’s sharp teeth devour Grandmother quickly so that he can trick the girl. The strange grandmother pretends to sleep in bed as the girl approaches. The evil wolf plots to harm the girl as his stomach growls. The naïve girl approaches the wolf carelessly despite her suspicions. The hungry wolf swallows the girl in the bedroom when she gets too close. The friendly woodsman murders the wolf to help the girl when he hears the commotion. The relieved girl embraces her grandmother as she thanks the woodsman because she is happy that Grandmother is safe.

35 Best Sentences Menacingly, the angry wolf stalks through the forest.
Despite being told to hurry, the cheerful girl meanders on her way to Grandmother’s house.

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