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Vocabulary Unit 7 Level F.

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1 Vocabulary Unit 7 Level F

2 audio, hangman, and word search: http://www. sadlier-oxford
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3 austere severe or stern in manner; without adornment or luxury, simple, plain, SYN: forbidding, rigorous, puritanical, ascetic, unadorned ANT: mild, indulgent, luxurious, flamboyant

4 beneficent performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits, doing good SYN: humanitarian, magnanimous, charitable ANT: selfish, cruel, harmful, deleterious

5 cadaverous pale, gaunt, resembling a corpse
SYN: corpselike, wasted, haggard, emaciated ghastly ANT: robustportly, rosy, the picture of health

6 concoct to prepare by combining ingredients, make up (as a dish)
SYN: create, fashion, rustle up

7 crass How could anyone be so crass as to spoil such a place?
coarse, unfeeling, stupid SYN: crude, vulgar, tasteless, oafish, obtuse ANT: refined, elegant, tasteful, polished, brilliant

8 debase (v) to lower in character, quality or value; to degrade
SYN: cheapen, corrupt, demean, depreciate ANT: elevate, uplift, improve, enhance

9 desecrate to commit sacrilege upon, treat irreverently, to contaminate, polute SYN: profane, defile, violate ANT: revere, honor, venerate, consecrate

10 disconcert to confuse, disturb the composure of
SYN: upset, rattle, ruffle, faze, perturb ANT: relax, calm, put at ease

11 grandiose grand in an impressive or stately way; marked by pompous affectation or grandeur, absurdly exaggerated SYN: majestic, bombastic, highfalutin SYN: majestic, bombastic, highfalutin

12 inconsequential trifling, unimportant
SYN: trivial, negligible, petty, paltry ANT: important, essential, crucial, vital

13 infraction a breaking of a law or obligation
SYN: violation, transgression, breach, offense

14 mitigate to make milder or softer, to moderate in force or intensity
SYN: lessen, relieve ANT: aggravate, intensify, irritate, exacerbate

15 Pillage – Sherman’s army pillaged and burned farms on their way across Georgia.
(v.) To rob of goods by open force (as in war), plunder (n.) the act of looting SYN: ravage, sack, loot

16 Prate – Because he was so nervous, he would prate loudly before each game.
To talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless fashion SYN: chatter, prattle, blab, palaver ANT: come to the point, not waste words

17 Punctilious – She was so punctilious that the cupboards were labeled and dishes numbered.
Very careful and exact, attentive to fine points of etiquette of propriety SYN: precise, scrupulous, exacting, fussy, finicky ANT: careless, negligent, lax

18 Redoubtable – The redoubtable coach did not build the program so he moved on to a military academy.
Inspiring fear or awe; illustrious, eminent SYN: formidable, fearsome, awesome ANT: laughable, risible, contemptible

19 Reprove – He reproved the player for taking such a low percentage shot.
To find fault with, scold, rebuke SYN: chide, chastise, upbraid, reproach ANT: praise, commend, laud, pat on the back

20 Restitution – The state paid the man $100,000 as restitution for his wrongful imprisonment.
Making good on a loss or damage; the act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner or to a former state or position SYN: compensation, reimbursement, redress, restoration

21 Stalwart – My dad was my stalwart fan, cheering me on in every game.
(adj) Strong and sturdy – brave, resolute (noun) a brave, strong person, a strong supporter SYN: sturdy, stout ANT: weak, infirm

22 Vulnerable – Without my cell phone I felt vulnerable walking alone in the dark.
Open to attack: capable of being wounded or damaged; unprotected SYN: defenseless, exposed, unguarded ANT: invincible, protected, safe, secure

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