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VOCABULARY PARADE SIXTH GRADE 2013 EUGENE FIELD. Thank you for coming. Please vote for the following categories: - Funniest Word and Costume - Hardest.

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2 Thank you for coming. Please vote for the following categories: - Funniest Word and Costume - Hardest Word Successfully Illustrated



5 ANDREW BECK Inane : (Adjective) Silly, stupid, foolish, idiotic.

6 ZOE BRAND Gaudy: (Adjective) Extravagantly bright or showy

7 COLTON CONNORS Outrageous: (Adjective) shockingly bad or excessive: wildly exaggerated or improbable

8 STEFFON COOPER Bizarre: (Adjective) very strange or unusual, especially to cause interest or amusement

9 MCKENNA ERICH Mellow: (Adjective) Calm and relaxed use of humor

10 MELISSA GIBBS Sombre: (Adjective) someone or something dark or gloomy

11 CYLENCE GOULD Delirious: (Adjective) Really sick, high fever, you get so ill that you see hallucinations. An incoherence of thought and speech.

12 CHASE HERIE Nocturnal: (Adjective) done, occuring, or active at night

13 CHLOE HUBBARD Sage: (Adjective) showing wisdom and good judgment

14 TAYLOR HUTCHERSON Luminous: (Adjective) glowing with health

15 CURTIS JENKINS Enthusiastic: (Adjective) showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval

16 BRYCEN JONES Wily: (Adjective) cunning, sly, crafty, mischievous

17 ALEXIS KIRKPATRICK Jumbo: (Adjective) A very large person or thing

18 PAIGE KUNZLER Obnoxious: (Adjective) extremely unpleasant

19 CORBEN LIEBHART Burly: (Adjective) a big and strong person, heavily built

20 ASHLIE LIZOTTE Vicious: (Adjective) deliberately cruel or violent being rude or mean intentionally

21 KARLEE SEEK Foreigner: (Adjective) Someone from another country

22 SEBASTIAN STAINS Malicious: (Adjective) Evil minded, evilly disposed

23 BIANCA YOCAM Arrogant: (Adjective) When you think you’re better than other people.

24 LEXIE PAYNE Monstrous: (Adjective) Having the ugly or frightening appearance of a monster, unnatural in form


26 RYLIE BACON Gluttonous: (Adjective) An excessively greedy eater

27 JOSHUA BARNES Ambitious: (Adjective) Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

28 ANNA BLACHAR Hypochondriac: (Noun) A person who expresses extreme anxiety, mainly as to health matters

29 JACOB DAY Lackadaisical: (Adjective) Lacking enthusiasm and determination, carelessly lazy

30 EMMA DONALDSON Discombobulated: (Adjective) Someone who is confused and disconcerted

31 ANNABELLE GASCOIGNE Conceited: (Adjective) All about yourself, full of yourself, selfish

32 CAECE HERRING Flamboyant: (Adjective) Noticeable because brightly colored, highly patterned, or unusual in style

33 SAMSON HOLCOMB Prestigious: (Adjective) High ranked, popular, famous

34 JAKE JUDAH Machismo: (Noun) To be obsessed with your strength

35 JOMEL KELLOGG Dapper: (Adjective) Neat and trim in dress appearance or bearing

36 ELLA KIRKENDOLL Uncouth: (Adjective) Clumsy, lacking good manners, refinement or grace

37 JAMIE LAW Superstitious: (Adjective) To believe in things that may not be real

38 ELIZABETH LEPKOWSKI Slovenly: (Adjective) Untidy or unclean in appearance

39 CADEN MCCAULEY Brawny: (Adjective) Strong and athletic

40 TREVOR MEYER Zany: (Adjective) Crazy or really excited

41 JESSICA MILLER Mogul: (Noun) A person who has great power, many possessions

42 CADE SIMMONS Tenacious: (Adjective) Not letting go or giving up or separated from an object that one holds

43 PAYTON SMITH Preeminent: (Adjective) Having paramount rank, dignity or importance

44 HAILEY SPITZER Vivacious: (Adjective) Cheerful, happy, and high spirited

45 KIERSTEN STITES Tawdry: (Adjective) Showy, cheap and of poor quality

46 MADISON STITES Sumptuous: (Noun) splendid and expensive looking

47 FELIX WANG Narcissistic: (Adjective) Have a fascination with oneself and vain


49 CORBIN Muscular: (Adjective) Having a robust muscular body

50 BRENDAN ARNOLD Mythical: (Adjective) Something that someone does that is unbelievable

51 JARED BECK Infuriated: (Verb) Seething or mad

52 JENNIFER Anonymous: (Adjective) When ones identity is hiding, unknown

53 COLLIN GENTRY Stalwart: (Adjective) Strong, unyielding, valiant

54 LIZA HEELER Emaciated: (Verb) To be or become very thin

55 ISABELLA Bewildered: (Adjective) Causing someone to become perplexed and confused

56 CHASE LARSON Imaginative: (Adjective) Showing creativity and inventiveness

57 RUTH Poised: (Adjective) Balance: stability

58 EMMA PALMER Mute: (Adjective) Refraining from speech or temporarily speechless

59 AUSTIN PRAWITZ Daredevil: (Noun) Someone who takes risk and does dangerous things

60 NICK RANDLEMAN Injured: (Adjective) Hurt or to cause pain or harm

61 JEREMIAH Strapping: (Adjective) Physically active and strong

62 ASHER SMITH Enthusiastic: (Adjective) Having or showing great excitement and interest

63 EMMALEIGH STAMPER Zany: (Adjective) One who plays the clown or fool to amuse others

64 TAYLOR Terrified: (Adjective) Afraid or fearful

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